Monday, January 27, 2014

Crossing a Little Bridge

"Almost every day of our lives we cross a little bridge
(and sometimes…we burn it behind us),
a bridge usually of adjustment from
one situation to another."
Faith Baldwin

What's a former blogger to do?

The first week or so of burning my blogging bridge 

at Across the Way [here] behind me, 

my freedom was heady.

All those hours freed up to do other things.

The days sped by and then, strangely enough, they began to creep.

January blahs set in, but was January at fault?

Days passed and I became bluer and bluer.

Had I built my new bridge too narrow?

I thought about blogging again but on a simpler basis.

Creating for my own personal interest. 

Out of the blogging loop.

Could it be done?

Dewena's Window is my attempt to try.

We'll see.

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