Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life Is So Rich

"Well, I garden. That's just utter joy to me...

And then there's the herb book…I have high hopes for it.

And the boys; they're not special, Lord knows,
but they're funny and nice, and I enjoy them…

And I study things: I've studied astronomy,
and ornithology;

I help with the Christmas Bird Count for Audubon,
and I volunteer with the Massachusetts Conservancy.

I belong to three different reading clubs;
I read constantly…

And I rent millions of videos,
and I watch the Arts and Entertainment Channel…

And I have friends, and I sew,
and I have three absolutely 
worthless and eccentric cats.

And other things.

It really pisses me off when people assume my mind and soul
are impoverished just because my pocketbook is."

Anne Rivers Siddon's Cecie
in Outter Banks