Sunday, February 1, 2015

Love At First Sight

My grandfather met my grandmother at music class.

She was the teacher, he the student.

It was love at first sight for him.

She took a little wooing before saying yes.

They were married until death did they part.

Added on February 4th: 
I've just returned from visiting Nancy at Created for a Journey. Nancy is the latest guest writer at Jemma's Passion, Purpose and Productivity Project. It is clear to me that Nancy not only knows what her purpose is but is comfortable with it and excited about it. Please visit her and see for yourself. And her latest passion, photography, beautifully illustrates the other passions in her life. 

It has been such fun being a part of this project. To review, the other bloggers taking part in this have been:

My own post as part of this project is at this link.


  1. Sweet love story, Dewena. A perfect Valentine. =) blessings ~ tanna

  2. What a sweet beginning to a romantic story!

  3. Dewena,
    Such an endearing love story and your photos are lovely!

  4. precious...

    and oh, I love that room, in which your lovely photo, was taken. more pics of it, please?

    1. Tessa, I wonder if I can link in a comment to a post where I showed more of the living room? Here goes a try-- [here

      Does that work?

    2. Obviously not! But it was December 20, 2014 if you ever want to look at it in my archives. Thank you, Tessa!

  5. Just found your blog tonight and have so much enjoyed your posts. Brought warm comfort to me.

  6. A sweet love story to begin the month of February.

  7. i totally believe in love at first sight.
    the thunderboldt that goes straight to the heart and stays.
    and that you have those beautifully silver framed pictures of them on your beautiful red walls in valley view ... well. perfection.
    and i always follow your archival links! to just cozy~visit that living room again...
    so dec 20th here i come.
    and then maybe further visit to across the way.... XOXO♥

  8. Love at first sight. Yes, I'm a believer, even though I've never experienced this phenomenon, myself, I have a feeling it happens exactly as Tammy describes, like a 'thunderbolt that goes straight to the heart and stays', or singing a beautiful song for the first time, and suddenly feeling revitalized, your senses amplifying all the stimuli around them, everything seems animated, lighter, sweeter!

    It was love at first sight for that young man who became your grandfather, and I'm not surprised that the object of his desire mirrored that adoring look in his eyes, for such a sentiment is contagious, isn't it? When one is loved so strongly, truly, completely, loving back is unconditional, is it not?

    I'm sure you are reminded of your grandparents' love story each time you gaze upon their photos, matted so exquisitely in those pearly frames, as you do when you look at yourself, and recognize that your very own existence is evidence enough, for this theory of the eyes and heart.


  9. Such a sweet post, Dewena! I love that you have these wonderful pictures of your family on your do I. :-) This could be the ultimate testament to love that we so casually celebrate on Feb 14th...the real meaning of love! The red flower adds to the beauty of the post.

  10. There's nothing quite like love at first sight, and I'm happy to say I've experienced it. It's a feeling unlike any other, and only a fortunate few, like your grandparents, can attest to that.

    When I think about my ancestors, I often wonder what their lives were like. Our family has been fortunate in that my cousin got first hand information from our grandfather (I believe you may have read the story on my blog), but there is still so very much that we don't know, and never will.

    Your pictures are a true reminder of your family's love and history, and so fitting to post this during the month of love :).


  11. A beautiful love story, enhanced by the red walls in your photos, evoking passion!