Saturday, May 30, 2015

Porch Settin' and No Frettin'

Sitting on our front porch is a fine thing to do when the Kousa dogwood is in bloom.

I call it my bridal bouquet because I left my own on my bed when R.H. and I were married. I was so flustered that I didn't hear a word the preacher said. I just said I do when he paused and looked at me.

Do you think we're really married? I guess I won't fret about that, not after 5 decades.

I've stopped fretting about my unkempt garden too and have decided to just enjoy it.

Not going to worry about the concrete floor needing painting and patching.

Just going to enjoy it and clip the herbs grown in pots now that I can't weed anymore.

Yes, those are weeds there but I'm hoping the hostas on either side will keep spreading and crowd those weeds out.

Not going to fret about the house needing painting again either.

I'm going to rest on my laurels as well as the black and white stripe rocking chair cushions and just direct readers back to the years when I did garden.

If you have time on your hands, which you most likely don't, you can go back to my former blog Across the Way and read the 3 posts about our Dooryard Cottage Garden.

Part One here

Part Two here

Part Three here

As for me, I'm gonna sit on my front porch and not fret.

I'm gonna take Ray Bradbury's advice:

"Go sit on your porch with a glass of vodka lemonade,
a pad and pencil,
and truly think."


  1. Your garden looks lovely and perfect to me. I see no weeds, just lush green goodness.

  2. Thank you, Brenda! That's my story too, and I'm sticking to it!

  3. Amen, girl. You earned the right to sit back and relax. Enjoy. It looks lovely.

  4. I might just do what he said, but I'll be wearing a shirt ;)

    I think your home and garden are lovely. Enjoy it, my friend.


    1. Thank you, Rue. I'll especially enjoy it after reading your own post of weekend wishes to your readers!

  5. Excellent advice. Just rest... and enjoy. Life is way too short to fret about things that constantly need caring for.

  6. As always, your garden is beautiful. I rather like sprawling, cottagey, slightly unkempt gardens. And weeding? My back doesn't like weeding and I can't keep up with it, besides!

  7. It's beautiful... Simply beautiful... Old fashioned looking, which is the best-kind-of-looking, in my book.

    You are so lucky to have a porch and this cottage garden, to look at. Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Enjoy it.

    And your subject line is one of the most delightful subject lines, I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Oh... But...

    You _are_ wearing a bit-more-on-top, than Ray though, aren't you???????? -giggggles-

    But actually, you are quite private, rocking on your porch. If you want to go top-less, who's going to see you anyway?

    -more gigggles- I know. I am *awful*!!! But I just couldn't resist it. >,-)

    *Naughty Tessa*

  9. You're going to have a wonderful summer with that porch and this attitude :-)

  10. It's not unkempt, it's cottage-y :) And it's lovely. I loved Across the Way...will go down memory lane and visit those posts next :)

  11. I especially like the bit about resting on your laurels. I am beginning to do that with holidays.

  12. Dewena,
    Your home feels like home! Your photos beckoned to me, calmed me, soothed me. There is not one thing you need to alter-it is beautiful.
    You know my very first science fiction author was Ray Bradbury in my very first literature class in college and my very first paper for a college class:)
    Warm Hugs,

  13. Looks like you have a beautiful, cozy, and very comfortable spot to sit and think and dream. I love the comment about doing the same, but with a shirt on!!

  14. Dewena,
    Is this your house, it's so charming? Jess would love that big front porch - she's always wanted a house like this. It's nice to hear that you won't worry about all the things that need fixing and that you'll just enjoy every day that comes your way. What a wonderful quote this is, I love it.

    Here's to drinking lemonade all summer, my friend!

    love, ~Sheri

  15. ...there is absolutely nothing better to rest upon...than your laurels...a front porch...and a beautiful view mixed with such sweet memories...blessings laney

  16. Very wise words indeed. We always seem to be caught up with making things perfect, and in the process, lose sight of what's truly beautiful and important.

  17. Hi Dewena,,you're right........dont fret about all that stuff.......just enjoy the beauty you now have. OH MY GOSH THAT FERN OF YOURS IS AMAZING!! Its huge!! what do you do to that thing!!?? LOL So pretty!

  18. Well, I certainly would not be frettin' in your pretty garden settin', especially with that gorgeous dogwood and that giant, healthy fern for a big serving of scrumptious eye candy! The world around you, my dear friend, is pure inspiration for hungry souls, and I hope that you are truly enjoying its plump pickins'! Oh, to be able to sit a spell, and watch the birds and bees busily brush by, going about their daily chores, as you ignore any pressing ones, yourself, if only to soak in the fresh and picturesque views around you.


  19. Ohmygoodness! I went and read your door garden story, all 3 posts, and I am in AWE, Dewena! What a beautiful place your family created! I would so enjoy your gardens! Lovelylovelylovely, even with the weeds!

  20. Dewena, just before you mentioned your "unkempt garden," I was drooling over your pictures thinking how absolutely stunning it is! I like Ray Bradbury's advice - any advice than involves vodka sounds good to me!

  21. Dewena,
    I wasn't aware of your other blog....Well I read all three parts and I am totally impressed with the progression of your gardening skills. Your gardens are so beautiful! That is a real talent that I wish I had.... Your dogwood tree is gorgeous....and I want my back deck and yard to look like your patio....where to begin? I noticed that your sweet corgi looked so much like our corgi did....miss that little bundle of energy! When I get caught up with your current blog, I will have to go back and read some posts from your previous blog. Enjoy the rest of the week Dewena!