Monday, September 28, 2015

Goat Love

They came!

They saw!

And they sure did conquer! 

Who knew that you could fall in love with goats?

We're in love with Rupert & Gilbert,
Nigerian Pygmy Goats.

Too bad that they don't belong to us.

We're only goat-sitting for a sweet friend,
who built a pen and playground for her babies
behind our picnic shelter.

I think we'll be asking for visitation rights when they leave.

"I love you more than I love goats, and you know how I feel about goats."

James Patterson,
The Christmas Wedding 


  1. Dewena, Too funny. Our neighbors had a couple of those little goats for a while. I could not look them in the eye...kind of spooky eyes. But their antics were crazy. Not the getting out of the pen and eating some of our plants...but the head butting and jumping around made us laugh. I feed them every thing...apples, veggie peelings, flowers....not meat or dairy. Your two black goats look so cute.T hey are curious too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Dewena,
    I love goats! How lucky you are -- you got to goat-sit! I am so jealous! I think you might be the only person I have ever heard of that has goat-sat! LOL! They are so cute, I bet you had a ball! Hope you are still doing well!!!

  3. aahh, these goats are precious. There's something about goats that get to us. They are mischievous, but innocent at the same time. And is that your sweet voice in the video? Such a cute post today, Dewena.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Oh! They are adorable! Of course, goats are the zodiac symbol for capricorns, which everyone knows is the bestest sign in the galaxy. ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE goats! I have always wanted a little white goat to name in Casper, the friendly goat. :-)

  6. Yes they are cute, Dewena! did your friend warn you that they are great escape artist? Just wondering....

  7. Dewena, I just love goats, and your photos here are lovely! They are adorable! Yes, I am from Montreal, and I still live here. (almost 59 years now)...all my life. :)

  8. That's a great quote you concluded with. Goats are so much fun to watch.

  9. You are the first goat-sitter I've even met, Dewena, and these are indeed the prettiest goats.

  10. Our former house had a pasture behind it where the neighbor kept goats. They were delightful to watch. Your young charges are cute and frisky. I loved hearing your voice on the video!

  11. Now don't you just love these goats ...
    Fun post - thank you .

    All the best Jan

  12. they are so cute!!!! how long will they be there?

  13. They are adorable! Whenever I go to the fair, it's the goats I want to see first :)

  14. Ha! My sister has two pet goats. Ginger and Oreo. They both are so funny. I laugh each time I visit at what those two girls are up too. :-))

  15. i have ALWAYS loved goats! all kinds all sizes!
    is that your voice?
    i loved the video too! it didn't last nearly long enough!
    and did i hear Otis? LOLOL!
    oh i say... MORE MORE! we want more! this is great! xoxo
    is that enough exclamation points? oh my goodness!

  16. Oh, they are so cute! I've always loved goats and wished I lived on a farmette so that I could have a couple.

  17. Awwww...they are SO cute. When I go to the county fair in Michigan I always love seeing and cuddling the goats!! :)

    Jane x

  18. Little black goats in one's much fun is that?!

    I recognize that sweet voice in the video, and I'm sure those adorable animals find it just as lovely and playful as I do!


  19. You have the most wonderful voice, Dewena! I'm so glad I finally got to hear it.

    Those goats are pretty darn cute. When I was growing up my mom bought a ranch and had some goats. I was a teen so I didn't appreciate them as much as I would have now. How fun to be their sitter for awhile :)

    love to you,

  20. Goats are truly amazing to me. They are the most nimble creatures for their size and love to climb and pose for photos!! Who knew, right? LOL Hugs!!

  21. Awww, they are adorable! But the best part was the video, and getting to hear you, Dewena!