Sunday, February 28, 2021

It's the Small Things in Life

 I keep forgetting to show you these pictures I took last fall of the valance I found on Etsy.


I was looking for something else and noticed a thumbprint of a fabric that made my heart cry out in joy. Old fabrics call my name anyway but before I even clicked on the small picture I knew I had to have it, whether I had a place for it or not.

It was described as "Set of 2 Vintage Country Kitchen Valance Horses Farmhouse Curtain 110" wide x 15/26" long. And they were only $27!


I decided that I needed a valance over the white cotton curtains over the kitchen sink that I pull only during midday when the sun is extra bright. I made them from a vintage sheet I bought almost 50 years ago at the Nashville Flea Market. 

The handmade curtain valance has scenes of quaint old world farms and homes and a church. I love all the black horses and cows and that the border on the top and bottom of the valance is of two different plaids. 

RH spent an hour getting it to hang just right. It was a good time to clean the top of the fridge also. After the valance was up he admitted that he really liked it.



Since there were two valances we hung the second one over the breakfast table, taking down the vintage red curtains that blocked too much of our view to the pond. It worked perfectly with my plan to have less red in the large breakfast/dining/sitting room and more blues and greens. But pictures of that another time.



Happy March, everyone! I don't think I've ever been more happy to welcome the month that Gladys Taber says is a patchwork quilt. I've enjoyed the touch of spring that RH's Valentine's Day tulip bulbs brought me, but just think what it will be like to see the spring bulbs blooming in the yard before too long!


We are still getting a few at a time of these sweet tiny double snowdrops.


It's the little things in life that give daily joy. Like tiny blooms from a Lilliputian world or an old valance you fall in love with.

Is there something you've fallen in love with lately that makes your heart leap in joy?



  1. That's a beautiful valance. Flowers and a rural village. A perfect way to begin March.

  2. I had to smile. I had those valances when I had our first home. It was all country and primitive back then and I had those curtains in my kitchen. Happy New Week. xoxo

  3. "It's the little things in life that give daily joy."
    my life if Full of the little things! even a dog's expression in a particular commercial sometimes does it! and right now it's the way the sun shines through the mini blinds. so many little joyfuls.
    and I LOVE your new valances! xoxo and to the right of my comment here... the faces of James Mason and BreeBree. adorable! XO

  4. Love your new valances. Great pic of RH, and of the lovely tulips he gave you. Happy March ~ FlowerLady

  5. Dewena, I like your valance, it looks charming in your kitchen. And the cows on it hit home for me, as I hear the sweet sound of the cows every now and then at my mountain home. The colors in your valance go well with the clock on the wall. Your tulips are lovely, and they always say "Spring" to me. Yes, it's the little things. That's so true, dear friend.

    Happy March days to you, Dewena.


  6. Love that valance - what a beautiful find! The valance I currently am using over the window of my kitchen sink is a open weave blue-gray cotton "scarf" from India. I found it at a place here that sells things from all over the world. I don't know what the material was originally made for...if it's a scarf to drape around your shoulders or what. But it makes a decent valance!

    I also really like your lighting fixture. Did that come with the house or did you purchase that somewhere?

    And those double snowdrops are so amazing! I have never seen double ones. Snowdrops have not shown up here yet; it will still be another couple of weeks before I spy any.

    1. Melanie, that light fixture is a favorite of mine. It was here when we moved in, hanging at the other end of the kitchen where I now have a small chandelier. In my 1930s magazines milk glass ceiling lights were very popular so it might be original to this 1935 house.

  7. I love the cherry and vanilla gingham pattern at the top of these charming curtain toppers! The rustic scene, populated with farm animals and simple stone homes, amid all the dreamy greenery is pastoral perfection! The valance looks so pretty over the white curtains, Dewena. The tulips and the snowdrops are such sweet complements to the colours in the valence, too.

    Freshly brewed coffee, sipped from a favourite mug, enjoyed in warm sunlight on a chilly morning, is a daily joy. Nowadays, I'm loving bouquets of wintry wildflowers that scent the house with sweet, fruity notes of spring!

    Happy March!!

    Poppy xo

  8. Good morning, Dewena. I do love your new valance's. I also love fabric, I refer to myself as a fabric junkie. Your tulips are gorgeous and those snow drops are so pretty. I do love them and ours are about to bloom. Dewena, it truly is the little things that make life go round. It is cool here this morning, but the sky is blue and I have the window cracked just enough to hear the birds singing. A little piece of heaven. Enjoy these days.

  9. Hello,
    I like the fabric.
    Cleaning the top of the refrigerator is a job I always forget to do. Ha Ha!
    We are thawing out and our 6 1/2 inches of new snow is slowly melting. We reached 46 degrees today, it felt good and feels like spring.

  10. Older fabrics like your valance can have such charm and be just the thing we love. My refrigerator top is often neglected, for I need a step stool to reach it! Good for RJ! Enjoy March - it's a mixed bag, for sure, but a stepping stone to full spring!

  11. Oh...I love that valance pattern. It's so charming!!

  12. Dewena, I do love your valances very much. You must be pleased as punch. You have made, and are making, your house so homey.

  13. Love your new valances, dear Dewena. And I wanted to thank you for steering me towards the Period Living magazine. I love it.