Friday, April 17, 2015

A Visit to Mimi and PawPaw's

Nora gathered eggs…

Thank you, Ladies…

The last time Nora visited us,
she didn't know whether she was going to have
a baby brother or a baby sister…

As most of you know,
Defee and Wallace were blessed 
with a second baby girl...

We had a few happy days holding
darling CC…

And watching Nora play…

The first thing Nora said,
on being told they were going to visit
Mimi and PawPaw was:

"I need my helmet!"

Brown Eyes was so very glad to see Nora…

And Uncle Zack was happy to see both
of his sweet nieces…

Nora's cousins visited…

We miss these precious girls so much,
and their dear parents.

We even miss Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!

Added on 4/20/15:

Look what Nora found at the library today…


  1. Pure sunshine! Nora and CC light up Valley View with sheer happiness! That helmet sure came in handy, just as Nora predicted. CC could easily be the next 'Gerber' baby - how adorable is she?!! Notice how she's looking straight at the camera in that last photo?!

    Oh Dewena, I'm so glad that you and R.H. got a chance to soak up all the sunshine of your sweet girls and everyone who basked in their radiance!

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos; they made me smile!:))

    Enjoy your weekend, my dear friend!


    1. Poppy, now Wallace and Defee will understand why I call CC a Gerber baby! Do they still have Gerber babies? I grew up seeing their faces in advertisements and am glad to know someone else did too!

      Of course, Tammy has always called Nora a Precious Moment baby from the very first!

      It was a wonderful weekend with them all, Poppy, thank you!

      And a beautiful weekend there to you in Crete, dear friend,

  2. oh dewena....
    such beautiful pictures of happy times.
    her little hand on zack's chest... compared to his big hand holding her...
    and the one of you with cc! oh i loved them ALL.
    nora just grows more beautiful. but she is still tiny. such a precious little moment.
    thank you for these. they're simply wonderful.
    isn't wallace beautiful? and your boys. so handsome. oh my.
    i'm gushing here. LOL. can't help it! XOXOXOXO♥

    1. Tammy, I didn't hit the right button in replying to your comment above. It's there below Tara's and my reply to her, all for you, just not in the right place! I'm such a tech klutz!

  3. With the dog, too much.

    Best memories of my life, remain, those with my grandmother.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    1. Wasn't her face adorable all scrunched up with Brown Eyes wanting a kiss so badly, Tara?

      I too remember times with my grandmothers and their unconditional love!

    2. Simply had to try linking here to Tara's current post:

      Please, readers, treat yourself to a visit to this beautiful post, written only as Tara Dillard does.

  4. Thank you, Tammy! I'm so glad you enjoyed these. It was hard to stop from including many more pictures of these sweethearts.

    And yes, Wallace is such a classic beauty! She is an amazing mother and Defee a terrific father. Our granddaughters are lucky little girls.

    Thank you for sharing in our love of these dear ones, Tammy, my friend,

    1. My comment above this should have been included as a reply to Tammy's comment.

      I didn't really mean to comment on my own post!!

    2. i'm so glad when you tekkie mess up! it gives me hope that i'm not alone! LOLOLOL.
      and gives me a chance to add... that picture of brown eyes trying to kiss nora... oh good grief! TWO loves in one!!! I adore that picture!!!

  5. Oh what a joy! Love your photos of this wonderful visit. As you said, they grow up so fast...time just gets away from you!

    1. It does, Marie! We also have 4 grown grandsons and it only seems yesterday that they were this age too, running around here playing and bringing me wildflowers clutched in their hands.

  6. You have two darling, beautiful, precious granddaughters! So sweet. I am happy for you that you had time to spend with them and create memories that will live on for years to come. I can remember gathering eggs at my grandparents' farm home, but mainly I remember being very afraid of chickens pecking my little hands. Ha.

    1. Thank you, Brenda! They are sweethearts. And Nora's a brave little thing. She really is not crazy about Brown Eyes but she puts up with him wanting to be friends!

  7. Oh Dewena, I loved these pictures, especially the one Nora in the leaves. It reminds me of a favorite picture of Jess and Nel playing in the Fall leaves. How funny that Nora remembers that she needs her helmet when visiting. It's a sign that she has fun and love waiting at her grandma's house. The picture of her and Brown Eyes is darling, and the baby is just precious. Thank you for sharing a bit of your world, Dewena.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Thank you, Sheri! I admit that the photo of them in the fall leaves is one I borrowed that a professional photographer took of them shortly before the baby was born. I do love it so.

      I must tell you about the helmet. They don't let Nora know ahead of time that they're coming to see us. You know children, they'd be asking every moment if it was time to go yet. So when they woke her up that morning they told her and she was so excited. She put her hands on her head and that was truly the first thing she said. She loves riding on her uncle's "tractor" (he lives right next door to us). Today he had his real, big orange, tractor out working with it and I wished Nora could be here to watch, and maybe ride a little bit!

  8. I love every photo but oh that one of her and the dog is absolutely priceless! :)

  9. Maybe it's because I'm a huge dog lover, but that picture of Nora with brown eyes is too precious for words. You were obviously in the right place at the right time, as I'm sure that moment was fleeting.

    Nora and her beautiful baby sister look so very much alike, and I agree that either Precious Moments or Gerber Baby would be a fitting description for both of them.

    The joy that you felt that day is palpable Dewena. It's obvious in your writing and your face as you're holding CC. Grandmothers, if they 'do it right', are so very special. Something tells me CC and Nora will agree.


  10. Oh, Dewena, what sweet granddaughters you have! Such a lovely family!

  11. Such beautiful little girls. What a joy to have them visit.

  12. Dewena,
    Families are everything-so when you share the delights of your life, it warms my heart so very much. The sweet smiles, warm hugs and genuine thrills over being with grandparents and grandparents being with their grandchildren is heaven sent.
    Beautiful, beautiful girls and precious memories being created!

  13. Such ADORABLE little girls, Dewena!!

  14. I know just how empty a house... and a heart can be when they all go home. Oh, you are blessed with such precious grandbabies, Dewena! Time with them is all too short... but so very, very special. =) blessings ~ tanna

  15. You have a beautiful family and life. Your photography shows it.

  16. How wonderful to have a house filled with your family! The pictures are precious - I just love the one with Nora and the dog! Glad you had a wonderful visit, Dewena!

  17. What sweet little girls! That photo of brown eyes with Nora is really cute :)


  18. Adorable children! So neat about the book. And I'm pretty fond of Daniel Tiger myself. Mr. Rogers words coming through. My granddaughter loves watching it.

  19. Beautiful little girls! What a special time you must have had.