Saturday, June 18, 2016


My apologies,

I'll be away from Dewena's Window for a while.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Let's Visit Christy & Bryan

Would you like a peek into our daughter
and son-in-law's new house?

Christy and Zoe will welcome you at the door.

Hope you brought your swimsuit with you.

Have you met our grandson Luke?
Here he is with his mom,
and he'll put some red snapper and flounder
he caught on the grill for supper.

I haven't taken pictures of the guest room yet,
but the master bedroom is a dreamy retreat.

Barn wood from our old home in TN
will become a part of this bedroom 
when Bryan has it made into a barn slider door
leading into the bathroom.

I'll show you that when it's finished
but here's another piece from Valley View
that Christy asked for when her father and I moved to Florida.

It's a 12 foot bench R.H. and I bought decades ago
that we used by our dining table for a long time
and now will be used for Christy and Bryan's.

It was made by a Mennonite carpenter and had been
in our barn for over 10 years after we stopped using it.

The small entrance courtyard outside the window above
will soon become a small garden full of herbs.

Before we step further into the house we should pop
back outside for a moment and let R.H. show 
you a date palm tree that is in bloom.

Back inside, just a quick look at one wall of the kitchen.

The kitchen will be remodeled in Phase II;
meanwhile we'll just look at this piece
that holds her Fiesta collection.

Time to go to the pool party but you might want 
to stop by the dramatic new powder room first.

I couldn't resist getting a closeup shot for you.

Ready for a swim now?

Bryan, Christy, and R.H. have been so busy landscaping
the area around the terrace that I need to get a new 
picture out here as it has changed dramatically
since I took this picture.

Next time I go visit, I'll do just that
and will keep you updated as they move into
Phase II and III, and beyond.

An outdoor kitchen is next on the list as
Christy is one of the best grill cooks ever,
but here's how we'll end our visit.

Let's gather around the new linear fire pit between
the pool and the lake beyond.


So glad you came along with us on a visit to our
daughter and son-in-law's new house.

Y'all drive home safely now!

Monday, June 6, 2016

They're Engaged!

R.H. and I were so happy to get a phone call recently
announcing that Zack had proposed to Courtney.

And even happier to know that she said yes!

Guess what Courtney's dream car was?

Yes, an El Camino and this 1977 beauty was
waiting for her in the driveway one day.

Inside was a beautiful ring hanging from the rearview mirror.

R.H. and I are thrilled that Courtney is joining our family,
and I'll let you in on a little secret--
the first time Zack brought Courtney home to meet us
I started praying for this day to come.

As you can see, Zack is very happy.

And you must also meet Courtney's sweet baby--

True is a gentle greyhound that Courtney
adopted through a rescue group.

Welcome to the family,
Courtney and True!

And congratulations, Zack!