Sunday, April 3, 2016


A month has gone by since my last post.

I waited for words to try to explain why we are moving from our Tennessee valley,
but the moving process, along with this absence from blogging, 
has left words hiding from me.
Perhaps because I often sometimes wonder why we are moving?

Perhaps they'll come back once we've moved?



I hope so but until then the short story is that in less than two weeks
we will be living in the beautiful little beach town of
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

We'll be living very near our dear daughter Christy and son-in-law Bryan. 
R.H. and I are excited about this new step in our life, R.H. especially.
He plans on lots of beach time.
Even I, a NC mountain girl, look forward to ocean breezes
and sitting under an umbrella watching sun pennies sparkle on the ocean.

We're leaving Valley View without too many regrets
because this old farmhouse and the valley it sits in will be staying in the family.

Our son Zack and the love of his life -- Courtney -- are buying Valley View. 

R.H. and I have lost our hearts to this beautiful sweet woman too,
and we're leaving our home of 25 years happy
just to know that they will love Valley View too.

With 11 days left here to finish the gargantuan task of moving,
I doubt I'll be posting again for a while
but I'll be visiting my blog friends at night while resting.

Don't forget about me, please?

Dewena's Window will soon be coming from Ponte Vedra Beach!