Saturday, August 26, 2017

August Celebrations and Ordinary Days

I know that on my last post I promised those of you who are Mitford fans a followup post after the movie aired but we all know that our mamas told us not to say anything at all if we can't say something good.

All I will say is that after I watched the Hallmark movie, At Home in Mitford, I had to reread the current last book in the Mitford series simply to get the bad taste of the television movie out of my mouth. Ah, there was the real world of Mitford where the real Father Tim and his wife Cynthia reside!

I do love the world of Mitford, North Carolina, but Nashville is an amazing town to live in too. Our weather has been lovely lately but it is the weather in Texas right now that has us all concerned. I pray that all of my blog friends from that great state will be safe and have minimal effect on property and livelihood. 

Please let us know how you are, when you can.

This picture gives me a chance to finally answer a question many have asked:

"Dewena, what did you name the big room?"

I named this area the dining room, another section the breakfast room, and the other the sitting room. Now if I could only get everyone else to remember that.

Backed up to the sofa, the dining table can hold 5 as is, 8 when we pull it away from the sofa, a few more with it extended leaves put in.

The other wall holds the large cabinet where my extensive vintage magazine collection is. The windmill picture on the wall beside it was actually a Delft tray that once held a Delftware tea set. My father always ordered tulip bulbs for the garden centers directly from Holland, and the tea set that was shattered upon opening the crate was one of the many nice gifts he received from the Holland rep over the years. 

Does anyone reading this buy cut flowers for the house during summer? I really don't. Even if there is very little pretty outside to cut, I still prefer arrangements from wild stuff that RH goes out and forages. Even a simple vase like this for the bathroom.

But RH knows I am crazy about purple gladiolas and on our last trip to the grocery store they were BOGO! 

Have you begun to decorate for fall already? I'll wait for September to do that but I have changed some linens and dishes to more late summer colors.

This pretty piece from Goodwill a few years back just seems like late summer colors to me.

And I brought out my stack of Grindley platters for it. I love this English pottery that was probably just dime store china when it was made.

I may have shown you my red cookbook bookshelf before, it was free to a good home, but I don't think I've ever told you that the oil painting of a ship done for RH by my Aunt Teenie decades ago hides a secret in our new home.

Notice the molding on the wall around the painting?

It frames a large opening in the wall where we're sure a large television once stood. I may take the painting down for Christmas and use some of my old large Dept 56 Christmas trees in the space.

I will probably begin decorating for Christmas as soon as I turn the calendar page to November this year. If you remember that last Christmas we were busy packing to move back to Tennessee from Florida and that I did absolutely no Christmas decorating, then you can understand my excitement about celebrating Christmas 2017.

We've already had one exciting family event in August--RH's 75th birthday celebration!

That's our daughter Christy with her dad and niece little Nora who is not so little anymore--five years old and started kindergarten!

As usual during busy times I failed to get photos. I did shoot video of everyone but have been unable to upload them because of their length.

Note to self: Take short videos!

But it was a weekend filled with family and good food...

Good bedtime stories...

And a great project accomplished...

That, my friends, is son Defee after helping RH install a storm door at our front door. And you wouldn't believe how exciting this long-awaited project was for me. I wanted to be able to open the front door to someone knocking and have a locked storm door between us. And the extra light in a room of knotty pine paneling that eats up the light was a very good thing. Add to that being able to pull down the screen in it for cool fresh morning air was a winner for me.

We have another exciting family celebration coming up soon, a really big one. And I've been to the beauty salon to try out Mother of the Groom hairdos for it. 

I think this one is it!

Zack and Courtney have worked so hard and been so creative to make their upcoming wedding special. I probably should say Courtney has because Zack is the first to say that she has half killed herself with hard work the past months. 

The wedding will be held at their home, The Farmhouse as it's officially known now, formerly our own Valley View.

RH has helped on some projects there to get ready for the big event . Here's the dance floor he and Zack built last weekend, Courtney has since stained it, and today RH used used pea gravel and old bricks to pretty up the surround.

It is adjacent to the picnic shelter where the band will play. Here's a photo from a few years ago of the picnic shelter.

I'll wait until after the wedding to share pics of where the ceremony will take place, but here's a picture of the back door showing the new paint colors their house recently got.

That's their dear Bentley asleep inside the door. He has been a sick boy this summer but lots of TLC and prayers have done wonders. 

Busy days are ahead for all our family who will be gathering to celebrate this happy occasion. I probably won't be posting here at the Window again until after the wedding when this beautiful woman will be Zack's bride and our new daughter-in-law.

I can't wait!

After all, I'm the one who prayed for her to be our daughter-in-law the very first time we met her!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Does this look like Cameron Mathison?

I don't think so.

But this is how I picture Father Tim from Jan Karon's first book in her Mitford series, At Home In Mitford, especially before he was diagnosed with diabetes and began to eat healthier and take long walks to view his Land of Counterpane.

Hallmark channel thinks differently and has cast Cameron Mathison as the portly priest for their upcoming movie. 

Aarrgghh!!!!!!!! [great angst here]

I love you, Cameron, but get thee back to Murder, She Baked, etc!

I must save my breath to cool my porridge and just get over it. I and the other Mitford fan base have been arguing out what actor should have been cast for the role for a month now.

We do agree that not one single person has been cast accurately for this movie, especially Father Tim and his wife Cynthia who will be played by Andie MacDowell. 

We're very afraid that Cynthia is going to take center stage in this movie, we adore Cynthia but the main role should properly belong to Father Tim, our beloved Episcopalian priest.

We're disappointed that Barnabas is going to be a large brown dog with a black head instead of a solid black dog. We can't imagine them not having Dooley being a eleven year old red head, but we're not holding our breath on that one either.

Some of us say we refuse to watch it. Others are complete Jan Karon fans and if she sold it to Hallmark, then that's good enough for us. I, by the way, am of that persuasion. 

So Sunday night August 20, 2017 at 9 p.m. central time, please don't phone me. I will be glued to the Hallmark channel to watch this perhaps very loosely adapted movie. 

I owe it to Jan Karon who has given me so many hours of pleasure and inspiration while reading her books about the portly priest of Mitford, North Carolina. And he no longer is portly after landing in two diabetic comas from eating such things as Mitford's world famous Orange Marmalade Cake.

But he still doesn't look anything at all like Cameron.

And that's just fine with Mitford fans.

Here's a link to our esteemed author, with news of her latest book to be released in September,

And my model for Father Tim, top of page, is actually Carl A. Peterson of Boston in an ad for Macmillan Oil in Life magazine, August 1948. 

A plump Michael Kitchen would have been my choice for Father Tim's role but Hallmark forgot to check with me when casting the role.

Any Mitford fans among my readers? What do you think about my Father Tim?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

AUGUST...the beginning of the end of Summer

"Yes, it's a wonderful day,
an August day,
the beginning of the end of summer."
Ann Batchelder
in Ladies' Home Journal
August 1950

August First is always a special day for me and my sisters.

This year it is even more special because it is our parents'

75th wedding anniversary.

Although our father is in his heavenly home now,

our mother is 92 years young.

And we all know that he is very real to her,

often has just stepped out of the room

or is working in his garden.

Happy Anniversary, dear Mama and Daddy!

We love you!