Sunday, September 26, 2021

I don't know what to title this.

 After six months blankness at Dewena's Window, here's my attempt to turn the light back on.

 I've rewritten this post six times over the past months. Each time I was ready to hit publish there would be another major heartbreaking news story on television, making my post too trivial to bear. 

Or a family worry would crop up, the latest being when our son and daughter-in-law contracted Covid, evidently brought home from school by one child whose cold must not have been a cold since she later tested positive for antibodies. (And she was one of the few in her class who wore a mask, so there you go.)



Thankfully, our son and his wife had been double vaccinated and are young and healthy so only felt really miserable for a few days, with all the usual symptoms. But the fatigue does linger.


Speaking of fatigue, how would you like to be reading a four typewritten pages post here and have to scroll through 26 pictures of my bedroom art gallery? Because that's what my rough draft grew to.



 I didn't think so and decided to tear up my umpteenth rough draft and just say this--

  •  Hi there! It's been rough, hasn't it?
  •  There have been blessings anyway, haven't there?
  •  Some things help, don't they? 



My home--my friend--has helped me, thus 6 pictures of my bedroom sanctuary, but not 26. 

Please share what's helped you if you care to.

How are you doing?