Saturday, January 5, 2019

Fair Warning--A Deluge of Christmas 2018 Photos

We decorated, we baked, we tried a new idea of buying Christmas gifts for our large family, we cooked, we had a party and welcomed family AND a blog friend, we had a fashion show.

We decorated.

We baked.

We tried a new idea of buying Christmas gifts by going to the ultimate recycling place--local antique malls--and picking out containers in which we would serve the food for our family Christmas party...and then give the containers away as gifts to the ladies! RH took care of the gifts for the men.

[a mid-century ice bucket; a Christmasy set of cream & pitcher, napkin holder, S & P; an Italian plate with a tie-died blue linen mat; a small iron skillet, tin brownie pan, tea towel and stack of Spode plates from my collection...

[Pottery Barn Paris dessert plates and a fleur-de-lis Christmas ornament and Nashvillian Reese Witherspoon's Whiskey in a Teacup (from Amazon)...

[a Fiesta covered casserole and a David Douglas pine cone coffee carafe...

[2 Banana Republic Italian soup bowls with two soupspoons and two red and white cotton napkins]

We cooked and had a party.

We welcomed sweet blog friend Doreen who brought us some of her delicious home-baked cookies...

We welcomed our dear family including three of our four children and their spouses (one set home due to sickness), four grandsons and their sweethearts, two granddaughters, and two great-grandchildren and my sister and brother-in-law!

We had a fashion show! I cleaned the antique malls out of vintage aprons and grandsons Alex and Luke modeled, along with their little cousin...

And then the ladies decided which apron should belong to which lady...

Our party was over with lots of good memories left.

"Christmas wouldn't be Christmas
without at least one all-generation party."
Mary Moon in "Notes for the Hostess"
House and Garden 
December 1968

Christmas Eve was quiet with just us and our daughter and son-in-law who had never seen "It's A Wonderful Life." We fixed that and he loved it. So did we.

On Christmas Day we went to another family party. Remember our old Valley View? That is now Zack and Courtney's The Farmhouse? 

At Christmas it truly is like living on Candy Lane.

Again, family gathered...

And friends...

And then we went home to BreeBree and James Mason. She's not really growling, but she sure does look like it here. It's so difficult to get decent pictures of two dachshunds at the same time, even if they are the sweetest babies ever. January 3rd marked our one year anniversary with them! And tomorrow is our two year anniversary of moving here to Home Hill.

A big thank you to Defee who took most of the good photos here, but obviously not this last one!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful too! Did you take a ton of photos too? Did I hear someone say that at least you didn't bore everyone with a deluge of them? Nah, surely not!

One more photo, please! I almost forgot to show a picture of Zack and Courtney's new fur boy, he's a Big Lug. Really, that's his name, Big Lug! Big Lug is just a baby and went in his crate until they were sure he would calm down around the children. He's such a sweetheart!