Thursday, December 26, 2019

Oh, no! The Big Christmas Let Down has arrived!

For one special night RH and I had all four children together at one time! And their spouses, minus one daughter-in-law. 

And two of our four grandsons--only one in the picture above as the other took his wife and their two toddlers home before the picture was taken.

And our two granddaughters, front and center.

But the whole holiday period was filled with special family activities and lots of laughter and late night talks and days of cooking and dish washing.

It was so much fun!

And then the out of towners went home and the in towners went back to work today.

Guess who's left with the Big Christmas Let Down? 

That's right, I am. And yes, I know this picture is out of focus but then, so am I.

Anyone else out there feeling the Big Christmas Let Down?

What helps you get over it?

Do you take down all your Christmas decor rapidly?

I'm not that person, can't bear to say goodbye to it yet. I'm too much of a little girl playing house to pack it away yet.

RH and I just have to keep watching Christmas movies until we see all we missed. That is, when I can get him away from the Military Channel--what is it with that? Anyone else out there have a guy who's addicted to that channel?

I'm going to keep using the Christmas china at least through New Year's Eve.

[See how a platter lover stores platters in a small house? She doesn't!]

And there are at least a dozen holiday recipes I never got around to that I want to make between now and Twelfth Night. 

And as soon as I rest up I want to get out with my sister for some retail-on-sale therapy. We tried to the other day but only got as far as lunch out--don't worry, sis, I'll never tell why!

And there's always housework, which for some strange reason is unusually appealing to me now. Do you find that true after Christmas, too?

And then there is the siren call of early bedtimes and good books to read. So appealing!

It's not that Christmas itself was a let down, unlike Marcy in the quote below from Nelia Gardner White's The Thorn Tree.

Marcy sat alone with the tree, all the sound gone, everything gone but the tree. When David came in much later she still sat there, alone, quiet. David sat down with his coat still on. "Christmas," he said flatly. "I don't know what we expected of it," Marcy said.

I remember experiencing a couple of Christmases like Marcy has and I'm so grateful my let down is of a different kind. To anyone who did experience that, I'm so sorry. My piddling complaint must seem ridiculous to you. I hope that things get better soon for you.

To those of you who leave the holidays behind with a big smile on your face, what is your secret, you lucky dog, you?

But for anyone else just not ready to say goodbye to the wonderful cozy happy festive season of goodwill, what do you do to cheer yourself up? I am so very interested in your ideas!