Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Love That's Lasted 29 Years

[Country Home magazine, January/February 1985]

Rarely does a decorating love last 29 years but this one has.

It was the January/February 1985 issue of Country Home Magazine. 

No, it was not this decorating style, which was in the same issue…

This seemed to be the most popular genre of decor in 

Country Home magazine in those early years.

I wonder if the owner stuck with this over the decades?

 I bet they gave it an updated look,

made it less museum like.

No, the following pictures show the rooms that I fell head over heels for in 1985,

and that I remain enchanted by now.

This farmhouse belonged to Gretchen Mann.
I later saw where she sold everything.
I would have loved to have been at that sale.
I still love that old green cabinet hung on the wall.
I love the white Staffordshire spaniels.
The old farm table.

I love the green damask slipcovered sofa
and the table in front of it.
I love the rug and the oil paintings on the walls.
I even love the green walls but would probably go a shade or two lighter.

And there, above, is the love seat that captured me forever--
covered in that amazing purple and white stripe satiny looking material!
How I would love to own that!
And the pillows on it.
And another green cabinet standing beside the sofa.
How could Gretchen have sold that love seat?

Now for her tiny but pretty kitchen. 
I do have the green Fenton tumblers
and this breakfast nook still charms me.

And if I ever have to move into a tiny kitchen someday
I want to remember her beautiful compact storage system here…

How darling is that! 
Even 29 years later I admire it.

How many people can say they still love the pages of a magazine after 29 years?

Gretchen Mann is now Gretchen Mann Design.
I have a Pinterest board under her name showing some of her current work.
I will add these pictures of her house in 1985.
 How could she have gotten rid of that purple and white love seat?

I can't end this post without also saying that I miss 
Country Home magazine.
I will keep the last Christmas issue they published.

Some loves last forever.