Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blogging Freedom

It's not for everyone, my new way of blogging, but it's brought me freedom.

At Across the Way, I would never have dared post a family
waffle breakfast like this….

At Across the Way a waffle breakfast meant working hours the day before
setting the table, cleaning everything in lens view of the camera,
getting up early to "stage" the breakfast,
cooking and urging everyone to look as if they were having fun, dammit.

It was a pretty post--see here--I was proud of it.

But the family waffle breakfasts now, when the kids come home to visit,
are so much more fun.

"Zack, finish that waffle! Smile for me, Gurn!"

We only remembered to get out the camera at the end this morning
and kind of had to "stage" the breakfast again for Mom to get pictures.

"Bryan, come sit down again with Christy and pretend like you're eating bacon."

"Oops, the telephone's on the table, the whipped cream can is too.

Countertops are messy, makeup not on.

The pictures would have been so much better if R.H. had taken them. Oh, well.

"Why didn't we get pictures last night when we were all dolled up
 and headed uptown for a steak dinner?"

Actually, I wish we had taken those pictures, but guess what?

Zoe couldn't care less…

Neither could Maddie….

Because they didn't get left behind at this family breakfast.
Neither did Otis & Milo but do you know how hard it is to get good pictures of four dogs?

No, my new way of blogging here at Dewena's Window is not for everyone,
but it has brought me so much blogging freedom. 

I enjoy my semi-retired way of blogging,
but I do wish you could have seen us all dressed up last night.