Thursday, August 28, 2014

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

I've been listening to a concert pianist…

I've been watching a prima ballerina...

I've been watching the ballerina turn into a tomboy…

I've been strolling through the garden
with a delightful companion…

R.H. and I loved seeing Nora have fun with her daddy…

And have sweet moments with her mommie…

All too soon it was time for them to pack and gather toys.

After bidding goodbye to our sweet granddaughter,
her Uncle Zack came home to spend a few days here
with our granddoggie Bentley
so that Mom could keep the tomato soup 
and grilled cheese sandwiches coming--
you guessed right, 
he had one of the nasty summer bugs going around.

But this afternoon we waved goodbye
and sent him home with homemade chicken soup.

Little Nora (and her parents) went home.

Then Zack went home.

Now we're alone again.
It's hard to say goodbye.
But it sure is quieter.

P.S. Here's a picture Zack sent tonight of Bentley back at home in his own bed. Isn't he an adorable granddog?

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