Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Christmas Nightmare

[British Homes & Gardens December 2014]

No, not the Christmas tree above.
I actually loved this "tree" when I saw it last year in the
December issue of British Homes & Gardens.

My Christmas nightmare is dreaming that it is
Christmas morning and NOTHING has been done.

Do you ever feel like that?

We haven't even had Thanksgiving Day yet,
those of us in the USA,
and I'm feeling panicked that I can't possibly be ready
for Christmas.

Am I the only one who is having a Christmas nightmare--



  1. I have been thinking about Christmas, too, and wondering if I will ever have things done in time. We also have a family wedding on Jan 2nd!!! so there is all of that, too. Just crazy.
    I am hosting Thanksgiving here this year so no chance of getting an early start on Christmas either. xo Diana

  2. I'm excited to get started decorating my new home for Christmas!! I've been trying to hold off until after's tough!

  3. I've had that dream before, but not this year. Not yet, anyway. And I've learned to let things go. What gets done, gets done. The most important thing is being with the people you love. Sing the song from Frozen...."Let it go, let it go...."

  4. There are times when it pays to be a little (or a lot depending on who you ask) OCD. I used to start my Christmas shopping for the following year in January. Well, I am a sucker for sales. These days, I try not to begin until September but always have it as my goal to be mostly done by Thanksgiving. I have parcels to mail and it sneaks up on you unless you sneak up on it.

    I have a schedule I faithfully follow for decorating and have finally, after all these years, learned to simplify and put my energy toward doing the things I love most. It isn't stress free, but there are no nightmares or melt downs. And I am still looking for ways to improve.

    That is why, even though I love the idea of the bricolage tree made of tins, I will ignore the temptation to make one this year (maybe next July:).

  5. The 'worry', be it in dreams or reality, that the presents under the tree, didn't "look like enough."

    Now remember! This was years ago! When we did not spend ooodles of money on Christmas. Nothing like today's parents and children.

    But I could still get that weird feeling. And I hated it.

    I am so glad that that time in my life, is over. I know. How can I say that? Well, I can. :-)))) Now is so much more restful. :-)))


  6. Yes, that feeling can start this time of year. Each year it seems harder and harder to find the right gifts for everyone. And I always overdo thinking that what I bought isn't enough. And I make so many cookies which end up not even eaten. Each year I claim that I won't do that but the recipes make so many. I've learned to simplify a little but I have a ways to go.

  7. Dewena, I have to tell you sister Brenda gave me a Christmas gift today...she has her tree up and gifts under it and she's addressing her cards. She's been doing this all rushing the holidays..I am beginning to wonder about her. I know I am adopted. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. I don't decorate for Christmas until the Friday after Thanksgiving and I am hosting both holidays this year. I am usually done with my shopping by now though and I honestly haven't even started yet. I'll get it done, but yes, I would prefer it if I were further along!

  9. i am truly NOT a scrooge! but i don't celebrate like that.
    so i have nothing to worry about. i don't know if it's good or bad. it just is.
    i put up the tree on thanksgiving day. it's a little ritual i've had since bob died.
    i used to do it on our anniversary which was december 7th. he would do the lights for me and i'd do the rest while he sat watching and smiling and giving the odd direction. what would we do without supervisors! LOLOL
    mikey's in the middle east this year. reve's parents will go to georgia where they're stationed for christmas. the marine is going out there on thanksgiving.
    so both of my holidays will be very quiet and simple here at the wren house.
    i got a tall tree this year ... pre lit... and i'll put all my little bird ornaments on it.
    then i'll put little lights on the balcony... a wreath on the door... and i'm done.
    a monk's christmas i guess! but a happy one.
    so... i can't relate to your christmas. but i feel your pain. take care dsm.
    ... they only want YOU! safe and well! XOXOXO♥

  10. Finally - someone who feels the way I do! I don't even want to THINK about Christmas yet, but then everywhere I go, Christmas decorations and music abound. Drives me nuts! There's bloggers already writing post about Christmas decorations. Can't go there just yet. I firmly believe in celebrating one holiday at a time. It seems Thanksgiving barely gets a passing glance.

  11. As fabulous as it would be to have a large family, there's something to be said for not. We are also most likely not going to be home for Christmas, so for sure no decorating will take place. Sounds depressing, I'm sure, but when there are no kids at home and the grands live a couple of hours away, it's no biggie.

  12. I do think most of us 'panic' from time to time or 'worry' that we will not have everything done in time ... but we do.

    I've only purchased Christmas Cards so far this year, so quite a bit more to do!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  13. Dewena, I try to do the Christmas shopping, wrap presents, send out cards, all of this early, so I can enjoy the season and focus on the true meaning. Don't worry, things will get done. And I really like this stack of boxes that make up a beautiful Christmas tree. I always have red and silver at Christmas, but whenever I see blue and silver, I admire it so much.

    love, ~Sheri

  14. Oh Dewena, I have been having that nightmare for days! I am so behind the eight ball this year it's crazy. My overseas friends count on a handmade gift arriving on their doorstep from me. Usually I've finished making them all by now - this year I don't even have a plan. Yikes!

  15. I've never had the nightmare, Dewena, but I do stress out about around this time even though I tell myself every December 26th---all went well, don't stress out next year. But I always!! I used to get irritated that the preparations for Christmas started SO soon for so many, like in October, and the stores made it so commercialized by starting sales and displays before Halloween came! Now I'm grateful that i have that extra incentive and time to shop and I do decorate some of our home early. I can then focus on the baking and taking time savoring traditional movies and thought in gift wrapping. What I used to think was 'jumping the gun' is now a quite effective strategy! :) I'm watching Holiday Inn as I type and loving it even though it's mid November!!

    Happy Weekend!

    Jane x

  16. I'm starting to get really nervous that I won't finish the photo book that I want to give me son for Chanukah - it's really early this year! LOVE that tree in your photo!

  17. What a fabulous, one of a kind tree; LOVE IT! As to Christmas...almost finished shopping and, for the first time in 4 years, thinking about getting a tree. Probably not what with all the cats, kittens and dogs...someone is sure to try and climb it, urinate on it or pull it down. No joy there.
    I'm finished gift shopping, still need to stuff in bags with tissue paper or wrap with kraft paper and baler twine...low tech here. I want to do a lot of baking and take to folks who help me throughout the year...those men who work on my vehicles, library staff (even the woman with NO sense of humor! lol), boys who sell me firewood and a few others. I want them to know they are appreciated.

  18. Oh yes, I end up feeling that way. :-)
    I try to stay balanced, but it is hard.
    I do think our culture pushes us along way to fast, we are not able to enjoy one holiday at a time.

  19. Im excited to decorate.....and trying to hold off til after thanksgiving!!

  20. Dewena ... I'm sure I commented on this post earlier, but my comment doesn't appear to be here ...yet!

    So I'll comment again and hope it comes through ok!

    I love Christmas, it's such a lovely time ... especially so to see the enjoyment and magic on a young child's face.
    We used to put up a lot of decorations but now as family have flown the nest we keep it miminal ... BUT I always enjoy visiting and seeing all the decorations, presents etc the younger family members have.

    It is a most special time of year.
    I have bought some Christmas cards, so have made a start ... still more to do though.

    All the best Jan

  21. It is because it not only needs to be done, it needs to be perfect :-)

  22. I understand your feelings. Thanksgiving gets pushed off to the side, because Christmas is in our face for a long time. I love Christmas, however sometimes I feel like taking a vacation so I get the season off. xo

  23. It does come fast - I usually dread this time of year. But family is spread out now so I don't have very much to do.

  24. I actually like the tree, and our home is so small it's hard to get a full tree inside. I do stress out, but because so many great loves of my life are gone, Mom, Dad, Sister and child that it makes me just want it to be over so the pain can fade again.

  25. The holidays have changed drastically for me over the years. After my late husband's death everything changed. Now that I'm remarried and we have children and grands scattered all over the country -- none of whom live in the same state we do -- we really don't have much to get ready for. Our kids don't come home for Christmas or Thanksgiving, for that matter, and we don't travel to them. I'm not sure what we'll do this year, but it will be simple.

  26. Historically Thanksgiving should be on December 4th BUT I'd absolutely FREAK if that period between the two major holidays was diminished in any way! I've always wished Lincoln had decided on the SECOND Thursday in November, and give us an extra week! :-)

  27. I've told my family that my epithet should be "She didn't get through. She just quit". That is how it is with Christmas. I never stop adjusting and sometimes adding to my tree. Little vignettes may lose a major player to another room. I even, traditionally, shop on Christmas Eve. When the big day arrives, I stop and look forward to next year.