Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gladys Taber Says It Best

"The winter sun burns her white fire along
the snow-deep meadows."

"Ice glitters on the cold side of the branches,
melts and falls with soft sound."

"Deep winter,
dark winter wind,
heavy blowing snow."

"But snug warmth within,
and in early mornings,
the pale apricot tinge on the snow,
more beautiful than one could dream of."

"Dark comes early these days.
It changes the whole rhythm of life
in the country.
Supper is early, by the applewood fire."

"The white night outside is beautiful
and vast as the ocean."

[All words above by my beloved Gladys Taber,
Connecticut countrywoman, in the January 1954
issue of Ladies Home Journal.]


  1. Beautiful...simply beautiful.

    Snow looks wonderful when it's not here! Ha!

  2. Dewena, It a lot of snow. It can have beauty in spite of the dangers. Please be safe. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Beautiful photos to accompany her poem. xoxo Su

  4. Love this! I need to check out this author. Great photos. Keep warm and safe!

  5. Hundreds of readers agree that Gladys Taber says it best - they are members of The Friends of Gladys Taber. I am one. If you appreciate and enjoy the writings of Taber please join the group at New members are always welcome. The 40 page quarterly journal is more than worth the $20.00 dues. Please check us out!

  6. She's one of my absolute favorites and, for years, have been collecting her books. One time, someone gave me the great honor of comparing my (best) writing with Mrs. Tabor's. It's a compliment I, obviously, still cherish. Next post I write, I'm pointing people at this post for both the beautiful photos and the quote. Many thanks, Dewena.

    1. oops...I've been called to task over incorrectly spelling Mrs. TabEr's last name but not by Dewena. She is more gracious and kind than to get her panties in a twist over a simple mistake. Also, I feel quite sure Mrs. TabEr, IF she corrected me at all, would have done so in good humor and grace.
      Apologies to Dewena, Mrs. TabEr and Cyndy.

  7. So beautiful, Dewena, both words and images. I hope that you're keeping warm!

  8. I don't have a lot of experience reading poetry, and so your pictures really bring the writing to life. What a beautiful composition combining the two.

  9. Beautiful snow and words. I am glad we were down there last weekend instead of this weekend. The snow is lovely but no fun on the highways.

  10. What beautiful words to accompany your lovely pictures. I especially love the last one. As I looked out last night at the full moon I was thinking how perfect the night was. Stay warm , dear friend.

  11. you know how I feel about this post without my even saying.
    "supper is early by the apple wood fire" indeed.
    and the beloved ghosts of gladys and jill and jonquil and honey and the rascal red irish and all the wonderful furries...
    pure love and enchantment here.
    thank you darling sister mine. XO♥

  12. A beautiful poem I'm glad you introduced me to. Lovely photos too...You seem to have more snow that us...winter is gorgeous time of year to reflect and regroup.

  13. These are beautiful photos that make the words ring so true! I've heard a lot about Gladys Taber but I've yet to read one of her books. Can you recommend one?


  14. I love Gladys Taber. :-) Your photos are beautiful.

  15. I love Gladys Taber...such lovely sayings. Did you get a lot of snow in your area?

  16. Oh, you have so much snow, Dewena! How I wish it would snow here. We will have sunny days early in the week and more rain this weekend. These pictures are so pretty, and that last one is cool. It must be nice to look out your front window and see a blanket of snow. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  17. White and cold and sparkly and beautiful!!

  18. Lovely prose, Dewena, and lovely images to go with them. This winter I'm strangely enjoying the long nights. By 8:00 PM I'm ready to crawl under the covers and dream. And sometimes I sleep until 7:00 AM, when the morning light is finally showing itself in our bedroom. This is luxury. Hugs, Nancy

  19. Beautiful words, beautiful pictures... taken by a beautiful soul :)


  20. Love the poem and your beautiful photos! This snow we just had was one of the prettiest I've seen! Glad your power was restored and hope you are safe and warm! Love and hugs to you!!

  21. Hi Dewena! I enjoyed that pretty winter poem and the pictures you shared complimented the words so perfectly. Stay warm, my friend... :)

  22. I love Gladys Taber, too, and you picked the perfect pictures to go along with her writing.

  23. Such beautiful words can't help but make me see winter in a kinder light. Lovely pictures, too!

  24. What a very beautiful description this lady has written and your pictures are a perfect complement. I enjoy winter too for it brings it's own blessings to my soul.