Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pure Bliss

I can't remember if I finally grew into that snowsuit,
but I do remember that snow was always pure bliss.

You might have noticed that it is always snowing
in the banner picture at Dewena's Window.

And it will remain snowing,
even in the dog days of summer.

The frontispiece in Faith Baldwin's book 
is more than a picture to me,
it is a recognition of having reached a stage in life
where this is pure bliss--
to stay home and view life through my own window.

"I have grown to enjoy a bad day, even with thick snow and zero temperatures,
if I am indoors.

It is satisfying to sit by a window, nursing a cup of tea,
hearing the fire snap on the hearth,
and watching the wild-white world outside,
kept at bay by good walls and insulation...

The winter weather is conducive to hard work;
I don't want to go anywhere,
and seldom can.

The cupboard is stocked, and the freezer.

So I stay home and work."

Faith Baldwin

I hope February days have held pure bliss for you. If you're hankering for Spring, I promise you that it will come. Next July when it's 100 degrees in the shade, you can always come look through Dewena's Window and see a blanket of snow.


  1. Love this! Yes, I too love to look at life through my light-filled windows.

  2. We have had little snow in our part of Iowa this winter, and I miss it. The view from your window is beautiful, and the Faith Baldwin quote perfectly expresses my feelings in the dead of winter.

  3. alas.
    no snow here. a bitter wind blowing 50 mph and more.
    but... to change soon.
    i love your window. and when it's HOT here i love it all the more!
    and when you quote faith... i think of gladys and jill.
    remember when she came to visit them... always what a lovely time it was.
    i feel as though i'm right by that fire and we five are chatting away... and you three who cook are sharing recipes and jill and i are smiling... knowing we'll never fix it... but loving it all the same!!! LOLOL!

  4. What an appropriate quote...may I borrow it for my blog? It says exactly how I am feeling today.

  5. I love that quote from the book - that's exactly how I would feel if I were able to just sit at home and watch the snow out my window! Of course, shoveling isn't much fun....:)

  6. I do enjoy the snow we get - but this last little storm gave us an inch and it took more than a week to melt the ice in it. Beautiful post and I can appreciate it too until I long for warmth.

  7. Some days like that are fine for me....but at times I have to be out and about. :) I love you snowsuit. We are a bit of on and off snow here. Slick in spots. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. stay warm

  8. I have that very same view outside my window right now!

  9. Great quote and neat pics of you in your youth.

    Keep enjoying your winter and looking forward to spring.

    Happy Valentine's week ~ FlowerLady

  10. Snow is indeed beautiful! Of course, shoveling, not so much. Truly, the seasons are a wonderful thing. They all have innate beauty just waiting to be discovered.


  11. I love your windows, both illustrated and real. A metaphor---looking at life. Contemplating what awaits us. Writing our thoughts, goals, plans and memories.

    Your pictures are wonderful---love that snowsuit. Was it passed down perhaps? I'm from a family of 6 girls (and one well loved brother), and as the middle one I received a lot of clothes that didn't always fit properly!!

    Hope you are having a great week, Dewena!

    Jane x

  12. Ah, your post fits my mood perfectly, Dewena. I've enjoyed this winter very much. We've had more snow than anyone can remember in recent years. Some complain, but Dennis and I have enjoyed every day for all the reasons you mentioned. Even now, having returned home from appointments, we're enjoying a cup of tea by the fire and enjoying the wintry scene outside our window. Spring will soon arrive and with it all the work of grooming our landscape. For now I'm content to snuggle inside and rest. Hugs, Nancy

  13. I've never lived in a snowy place and always felt romantic about the possibility of being able to sit in front of a roaring fire with hot cocoa and a book. Isn't that what everyone does who lives north of Birmingham?

    Right . . . and I sprawl on the beach all summer long. Sigh . . .

  14. No snow here, although I've longed for it. There's still a chance. But I love the change of seasons and the rhythm of the year.

  15. We have a thin blanket here and it's pretty :)

    Love that frosty window :)

  16. I just love this post and I love the quote too.
    There are so many aspects I agree and can relate to!

    You just can't beat a cup of tea when you are warm and cosy indoors ... be there snow, rain, wind or even sunshine.

    With a cuppa in my hand all is well with the world LOL!

    Hope your week is going well

    All the best Jan

  17. I consider my life a success because I stay home and work; no cubicle office for me...unless it's of my own making. I am blessed! I'd also like a little cheese with my whine...looking out my window at pouring snow and still have to prep to head to the barn. At least the Ranger is parked next to the house so I can ride to work -grin-.

  18. I love, love, love this!! Thank you for sharing.
    xx oo

  19. Dewena, the picture on your Header is what drew me here to your blog in the first place. It's a delightful picture, and I'm glad to hear it's snowing there and you are enjoying every minute of it. Send some my way please.

    Have a good day at home doing all things Faith Baldwin says in her splendid.

    love, ~Sheri

  20. Yes, I'm definitely hankering for spring! I'm a warm weather person; don't like the cold or snow. But you are right...when it's too hot come July and August and I'm sweating and complaining about the heat, I'll have to come and look at your header to see some snow. :-)

  21. Such a pretty post! And i always enjoy seeing the old family pictures! How cold is it there where you are?

  22. I wish our "winter" was longer, though our winter is no winter. I like how Shakespeare uses winter in his sonnets. It does convey other meanings and symbolism. That's nice you keep that up, and I love the photo of you in the snowsuit. xoxo Su

  23. ...faith...and gladys...always knew what to say...and see...blessings laney

    1. Hi Laney, I wasn't able to find how to visit you back so hope that sometime you might see this. Just had to say yes, absolutely, Faith and Gladys were such lovely kind women who always said the right thing.
      Blessings to you also!

  24. I love the view from your window, Dewena. If I am able to stay at home and snuggle up with a good book and a cup of cocoa, then I don't mind snow at all. If I have to scoop sidewalks, drive on the darn stuff, and then face disappointed junior high kiddos that didn't get a snow day, then I mind it greatly! Ha!

    I'm a Spring and Fall gal myself...I love it when it's not too hot and not too cold.

  25. I love winter and never wish it away because I hate hot weather. I'd rather put on a jacket than sweat outside. Some of my best views are out the windows into the garden. I never heard of Faith and Gladys so thanks for the intro.

  26. Love your posts Dewena.... I am counting the days til Spring.

  27. We don't get snow, and not much winter most years, but I do love the cold weather, as our summers are so brutal.

    I find there's no place like home.

  28. I wish we had some snow around here. It always looks so white and promising, like it is covering a wonderful secret.

  29. During all the years that my children were young, and I was at home, we lived in some very wintery places. I loved winter then, when going out was by my choice, when a storm meant staying inside to enjoy the cosy house. It wasn't until I began to work outside the house that winter became something less welcome.

  30. I used to hate winter, but now it's my favorite season, for all the reasons you mention. I'm not familiar with Faith Baldwin; will need to look her up. If she's like Gladys, I'm sure I'll like her.

  31. p.s. just found one of her books online for free at gutenberg.org. May settle down and read it, as it is a cold, snowy afternoon! :)

  32. With views like yours, a collection of bare, brittle branches still strong enough to host little bundles of snow, in real life, and adorable deer keeping you company at your window, while you write, in your fictional one, well, I would guess you are never at a loss for words, and writer's block is never an issue!

    Faith Baldwin sure makes winter storms sound irresistibly romantic!

    Happy Valentine's Day, my Southern Belle!


  33. That picture made me love your blog before I ever read a word. It said so much and I hoped it wouldn't disappoint. It didn't and I've been a fan ever since.

    That quote describes me to a T as well :)

    And you my friend were adorable in that snowsuit.

    hugs to you,

  34. Enjoyed your post...very contemplative....positive outlook....beautiful.

  35. Wonderful thoughts and photos, and that quote is one to really ponder upon. Keep smiling always. Warm greetings!

  36. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  37. Hi Dewena, I was just thinking the other day that I loved when the kids were little and a big snowstorm cancelled school. I would run to the grocery store and get sprinkles and such to make gingerbread men. Miss those days. Still love snowstorms that force us to stay inside. Loved the quote and I love watching the snow through your window! Happy Valentine's Day!

  38. I usually complain when snow is predicted, but I can't help but enjoying it's beauty from within a warm house. I even love the excuse to have to stay in. I'd like it to vanish the next day, however!