Sunday, April 3, 2016


A month has gone by since my last post.

I waited for words to explain why we are moving from our Tennessee valley,
but the moving process, along with this absence from blogging, 
has left words hiding from me.

Perhaps they'll come back once we've moved?



I hope so but until then the short story is that in less than two weeks
we will be living in the beautiful little beach town of
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

We'll be living very near our dear daughter Christy and son-in-law Bryan. 
R.H. and I are so excited about this new step in our life.
He plans on lots of beach time.
Even I, a NC mountain girl, look forward to ocean breezes
and sitting under an umbrella watching sun pennies sparkle on the ocean.

We're leaving Valley View without too many regrets
because this old farmhouse and the valley it sits in will be staying in the family.

Our son Zack and the love of his life -- Courtney -- are buying Valley View. 

R.H. and I have lost our hearts to this beautiful sweet woman too,
and we're leaving our home of 25 years with a happy heart
just to know that they will love Valley View too.

With 11 days left here to finish the gargantuan task of moving,
I doubt I'll be posting again for a while
but I'll be visiting my blog friends at night while resting.

Don't forget about me, please?

Dewena's Window will soon be coming from Ponte Vedra Beach!


  1. I wish I was going with you! Ocean breezes! Sea shells! Pretty birds!

  2. Dewena, Please pack up some of these hugs I send to you...just to get you settled in your new home. I won't forget you. Blessings to you and yours, be safe. xoxo,Susie

  3. Dewena,
    I have missed you! I also wish I was going with you!!! The ocean calls me and I don't get there nearly enough. I hope to relocate closer to my daughters and the ocean.

    Wishing you well on your latest journey! How wonderful to keep your farmhouse in the family! Looking forward to hearing all about your move!


  4. My husband and I made a somewhat surprise move last June. We simply found a house that we loved in a nearby town and very near Lake Michigan and purchased it the next day!! We were lucky that our old house sold in one day. Not to family but to a family that love it's old charm and location. Best wishes on your move!!


  5. Dearest Dewena,

    How exciting! It has all worked out so perfectly, hasn't it? New coastal 'views' waiting to be explored and enjoyed by you and your hubby, and old 'views' of your beloved Valley being cared for and treasured by Zack and Courtney, always there for you to visit when your heart desires. Mountains and sea...sounds pretty idyllic to me.

    Wishing you a safe journey south, Ms. Belle!


  6. Looking forward to hearing about your new home when you are moved and settled. Enjoy your new adventure!

  7. Good luck!!
    I hope that I will have better luck in following you. I have subscribed, but your posts don't arrive in my mailbox. This evening I tried to subscribe again, but received a message that I am 'already subscribed'. We'll see.........

  8. Exciting days ahead. Moves that you choose are the best. And how special that your dear home is staying in the family. You'll be able to visit and relive old times as Zach and Courtney build new memories for themselves there.

  9. Moving is a beast. Do take care of yourself. I know yo're excited about this new chapter.

  10. Dewena
    Such an exciting time, (but tiring too) as you prepare for this change.
    So pleased to hear that your present home will be staying in the family ...

    Looking forward to reading and seeing more as you settle into your new home in a few weeks time.

    Take care my blogging friend.

    All the best Jan

  11. i'd say you said it perfectly!
    oh dsm
    i'm so happy for you I could cry. they would be happy tears. like in the flower drum song. cry for happy!
    that zack found his courtney and now that they BOTH will live at beloved valley view.
    when things come into place like this... it was simply meant to be.
    i'm tagging along on this grand adventure!!!
    loving you and RH and those furries! XOXOXO♥

  12. There's no place like the beach my friend and when it comes with, you are going to love it!! I am sure you are excited to leave your home with family, too. It sounds like a lovely new adventure for all involved and I send happy wishes to everyone!! See you on the beach!! :)

  13. This is wonderful / that family will be in the 'homestead' and you'll be moving close to other family! :)

  14. Oh Dewena, how can I forget about you? You are one of my most treasured blog friends. It sounds like you and your husband are starting a new adventure. And your son and his wife too! What a beautiful couple they are. May your days be smooth during the whole moving process, and may you always remember that so many people here in blog land love you. Stop by every now and then and visit me. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  15. Forget about you? Never! In fact, I wonder if your ears were ringing yesterday, as I was telling Poppy next year we may be passing your way and perhaps a visit is in order?

    Moving is so very tiring and trying, isn't it? But you are at the beginning of what promises to be a new, exciting time in your lives, and very well deserved.

    How lovely that your home will stay in the family, and they are sure to love and care for it every bit as much as you did.


  16. I would never forget about you, no worries about that! What an exciting move for you and your hubby, but I'm sure it's a little bittersweet, too after 25 years in your home. I love that your son and his GF are buying it and keeping it in the family. I know moving is very hard and stressful, so I'm wishing you ease of move and lots of rest.

  17. Bingo! This post just showed up in my inbox in the past few minutes. I am pleased to know I will get your posts after all.

  18. Thinking of you as you move from one life to the other....moving is tough, as I can attest to, but it must be much more rewarding when you know family is going to keep the home fires burning. Wishing you strength and much peace in your move, my friend. xo

  19. Enjoy your new home. May your move be smooth. It's nice that your old home is staying in the family.

    That area you are moving to is pretty I'm sure. Being near St. Augustine will be a real treat!

    Enjoy each day ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  20. Good luck on your new journey to a new home and State. It is good to hear that a loved one will be taking over your beloved home. Cannot wait to hear of your new home.
    I know moving is hard, but remember to take your time and unpack.

  21. I wish you well as you make this move. Sounds like an adventure for you and your son who is buying your old place. Look forward to your next post.

    1. Hi Wendy, thank you so much for visiting! I tried to follow you home to visit but couldn't find a way too. I hope you visit again. Thank you so much for your well wishes for our move!

  22. Dewena, I could never forget about you. You're one of the finest women (and bloggers) I know. Your new adventure sounds so exciting and fun. Living near the beach, new areas to explore and share with us. I'm looking forward to watching this new chapter in your life unfold whenever you are ready and able to share. Zack and Courtney are a beautiful couple. How neat that they're going to carry on the family tradition at Valley View. Congratulations to all of you. Hugs, Nancy
    Comment as:

  23. I am so happy for you starting a new adventure. And you can visit your old home anytime you wish. It's so nice to know that it stays in the family and will be loved by them as much as it was loved by you. I remember a few years ago you talked about making the move to Florida. It's a big step. I will never forget you dear friend. I look forward to many blog posts about the ocean.

  24. Dewena,
    I am very excited for you. To have your home stay in the family is a true blessing. I love that.
    And a new adventure for you. :-) Looking forward to learning more about your new town and home.

  25. Dewena,

    This is a win, win. You are moving closer to family and the homestead stays in the family.
    Once the move is behind you, then you will rest and relax in the comfort of your family and soothing ocean breezes.
    Thinking of you during this time and sending many well wishes for safety and peace of mind during this duration.

  26. Ocean breezes sounds like a good way to spend happy your son and DIL will be buying the home keeping it in the family. Moving is a highly stressful work not to mention how much work is involved. Be safe and hope everything goes smoothly.

  27. I wish you and your husband all the best, Dewena. Change is hard but it can also be seen as a new chapter in your life. I'm really looking forward to hearing all about your new place once you are settled in. I think it's wonderful that Valley View is staying in the can always visit!

    Love and hugs,


  28. Oh! Oh! Tom and I have been talking about moving to Florida and here you are actually doing so! I wish you all the very best and please do tell us about your warm, sunny adventures. We here in the East (where it's cloudy and taking forever to turn green) need to hear sunny, warm stories! So happy for you, Dewena.... Debra

  29. New adventures ahead - Sounds wonderful!!

  30. So glad to see a post! I am pretty much 100% sure yall will NOT REGRET this move!! New adventures and new scenery and a whole new place to decorate! Youre gonna love it my friend! It takes longer to pack up and then to unpack and settle when were older but it is so worth it... Just pace yourself and go slow

  31. What an exciting adventure for you! You'll love Florida, and on top of that, like you said, your beautiful Tennessee home is in good hands. Congratulations on the big move, but I understand your pain in the overwhelming feeling of packing, unpacking . . . it's a chore! Hang in there!

  32. How exciting! And what a beautiful young couple!!

  33. Good luck with the move, dear Dewena. I look forward to following all your adventures in your new home, I know it will be wonderful.

  34. We could never forget about you, Dewena! I think it is wonderful that Valley View will stay in your family, so it's not really goodbye. It is a dream of ours to live near a beach someday, at least part of the year, anyway! Looking forward to having a peak at this new adventure of yours! Good luck with your move!

  35. Happy trails Dewena, until we talk again. ;) Lori

  36. Almost a year since our move. Just now feeling human again. Miss none of the 23 loads taken in my van to goodwill. It had been a concern, but zero desire for a single thing back.

    Some moments of reflection, missing my adored 30 year home/garden. Not many. Still getting to know my new home/garden. That will take a few years !

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  37. Can you tell I'm going new to old postings?! That is just great that they will live in the house. That makes leaving so much easier. I love it that they wanted to do so.