Friday, June 10, 2016

Let's Visit Christy & Bryan

Would you like a peek into our daughter
and son-in-law's new house?

Christy and Zoe will welcome you at the door.

Hope you brought your swimsuit with you!

Have you met our grandson Luke?
Here he is with his mom,
and he'll put some red snapper and flounder
he caught on the grill for our supper.

I haven't taken pictures of the guest room yet,
but the master bedroom is a dreamy retreat.

Barn wood from our old home in TN
will become a part of this bedroom 
when Bryan has it made into a barn slider door
leading into the bathroom.

I'll show you that when it's finished
but here's another piece from Valley View
that Christy asked for when her father and I moved to Florida.

It's a 12 foot bench R.H. and I bought decades ago
that we used by our dining table for a long time
and now will be used for Christy and Bryan's.

It was made by a Mennonite carpenter and had been
in our barn for over 10 years after we stopped using it.

The small entrance courtyard outside the window above
will soon become a small garden full of herbs.

Before we step further into the house we should pop
back outside for a moment and let R.H. show 
you a date palm tree that is in bloom.

Back inside, just a quick look at one wall of the kitchen.

The kitchen will be remodeled in Phase II;
meanwhile we'll just look at this piece
that holds her Fiesta collection.

Time to go to the pool party but you might want 
to stop by the dramatic new powder room first.

I couldn't resist getting a closeup shot for you.

Ready for a swim now?

Bryan, Christy, and R.H. have been so busy landscaping
the area around the terrace that I need to get a new 
picture out here as it has changed dramatically
since I took this picture.

Next time I go visit, I'll do just that
and will keep you updated as they move into
Phase II and III, and beyond.

An outdoor kitchen is next on the list as
Christy is one of the best grill cooks ever,
but here's how we'll end our visit.

Let's gather around the new linear fire pit between
the pool and the lake beyond.


So glad you came along with us on a visit to our
daughter and son-in-law's new house.

Y'all drive home safely now!


  1. This was fun, Dewena, thank you for taking us along! What a beautiful house. It's so airy, but homey and cozy. I would live out by the pool if given the opportunity.

  2. Dewena, Such a cute couple. Their home is beautiful. I love that they want to use a bench that your family has owned for some time. Plus to use some old wood to make a door. I just absolutely love that kind of thing. Blessings too all of you. xoxo, Susie

    1. Hi Susie, I know Christy would be flattered to know you think they are a cute couple, but that's her son with her in the picture! I went back and changed to wording to make that a little clearer. Somehow I missed getting a picture of Christy and Bryan together that night as he was busy with other guests out by the pool. I'll get one of them together soon.

  3. Dewena, thanks for giving us a peek into your daughter's house. I really like the dresser against the wall and the pretty blue vase. How nice that they now have the bench from your old home. The kitchen is so charming with the fiesta look. I just love bits of red in the kitchen. So glad you live close to your daughter now, Dewena. You will have many more get-togethers with the family.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Dewena, such a lovely share. You have such talent in your phamily. I am happy to see these lovely photos of their beautiful home. Thank you for sharing. HPS and enjoy your weekend too. xo

  5. This was such fun, Dewena! The house is just lovely, and I am drooling over the pool and lake view. It's so special that that Christy and Bryan have brought some of Valley View into their home!

  6. sure enjoyed my visit with y'all! Such a pretty home and i do love the nice pool area!

  7. What a nice place, inside and out. Love the bathroom. I look forward to seeing what all they do with this new home of theirs.

    Love the photo of you in the mirror. :-)

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  8. I spy you taking a pic of the sink with your cell phone ;). I love that sink, especially for a powder room. The freestanding furniture piece in the kitchen area is lovely. I would love to have individual pieces in a kitchen instead of standard cabinets. So much more interesting. And I love that their next project is an outdoor kitchen. So practical in warm climates!


  9. Oh, that POOL, and the night light! Very enchanting, and I just know that the memories of these times will burn bright for years to come. I can still remember summers past that remain for me so special.Thank you so much for coming by to visit my post! ANita

  10. What a beautiful house! I'd love to take a swim in that pool, especially today when it is so darn hot here and no pool in sight. Love that buffet with the collection of Fiesta Ware. Your daughter is beautiful and your grandson very handsome. :-)

  11. Oh boy! Your daughter's house, pool, etc. look like a little piece of paradise. It's beautiful.

  12. Wow Dewena your daughter's home is beautiful. Love the pool area. That bench being passed on is fabulous. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  13. So modern and fun! I love the powder room and can't wait until you show us more. The kitchen piece holding the Fiesta Ware is fabulous!

  14. Such a great couple and Christy's son is very handsome! I love what they've done with their home. It's very stylish but also exemplifies true personality and creativity on Christy and Bryan's part. I simply love everything!


  15. Wow, this is just beautiful. I love everything.
    I love the outdoor space they have created. I enjoy outside so much, this would be perfect for me. ;-)

  16. Wow Dewena, what a nice home! I love that bathroom sink! So modern and clean looking!!! The pool looks amazing, hope you got in a good swim!! thanks for the tour! I enjoyed it!

  17. Good Afternoon Dewena,
    I would say that by the looks of life, you are thriving and I would imagine that you are thankful that you moved. It was such a huge undertaking wasn't it? But look at you all now, surrounded by the family that you love and who love you. Living in a tropical paradise. What a lovely home and beautiful family.
    I am so happy for you!

  18. I really like the photo of you in the mirror.
    The bathroom sink looks amazing.

    You've shared a lovely selection of photo's with us. It was so nice seeing the lovely home and meeting everyone.

    All the best Jan

  19. wow, looks great and i love that fiesta ware - so colorful and the pool area - and everything about it. thanks for the tour.

  20. Gorgeous!!!!

    And so lovely, to have incorporated things from your old home! So nice, that.

    And having lived in FL, they know, to avoid that lake!!! Even I know, that alligators are in all (not pool) water, in FL. Sad that those visitors to Disney, didn't seem to know that. Duhhhhh...


  21. Such a lovely home and what a collection of fiesta ware! It seen like you are happier since you moved? Congrats on your daughter's engagement!

  22. I love visiting. Your beautiful family has a beautiful home, Dewena, you must be proud.

  23. Re: Your latest post. "Sorry about not blogging"... Where I seem not to be able to comment. :-)

    Please remember "Blogging Without Obligation."



  24. Wonderful that you are closer to them!