Friday, March 10, 2017

The _______________ Room

We don't know what to call this room.

It's our breakfast room....

It's our dining room....

It holds my cookbook collection and RH's Bible Commentary books....

My extensive collection of vintage women's magazines resides in this cabinet....

This room is where we play checkers and keep an eye on the new bluebird house outside the window that has already been claimed...

We watch television and read and talk here....

It's a breakfast room and dining room and living room and more.

But we don't know what to call it. It's more of a Gathering Room than anything else but I can't see myself asking RH to "please carry this to the Gathering Room." Great Room doesn't seem to fit either.

I don't know what the previous owners called it but I do know they must have eaten their meals here too because there is not room for that in the kitchen.

Here are two photos from the real estate listing that I studied for two months before we moved, mentally furnishing it over and over....

I knew that it was a large enough room that I could fit a lot of our furniture in different areas for different activities. And I knew instinctively that our stuff would look right at home here, maybe even better than in any house we'd ever lived in before.

I knew that the red sofa we had made at Ethan Allen in 2004, waiting six months for it, would be perfect here, and that the green dining table we'd had since 1965 could back up to the sofa and be pulled out for company all around it, and even extra leaves put in. 

I knew that the green china cabinet that RH "antiqued" when we were newlyweds, my parents' old china cabinet, would have the perfect niche.

And I knew that the bronze Basset hound that I had to have from my sister's shop (HERE) would sit in the front window of this house where five Basset hounds had previously lived. A fact I adored as it reminded me of our beloved Betsy. 

And I knew that my mother's old wristwatch needed to go around her neck...

I knew that the old sunburst clock I ordered from England years ago would look amazing on these knotty pine walls...

And I knew that the two ugly ceiling lights needed to vamoosh, soon...

I knew they both needed to be simple ones that matched--RH has already put one up and I have hopes of getting the other one put up this weekend....

I knew these would look perfect with our silver arc floor lamp that adds a contemporary touch to this 1935 knotty pine room....

I also knew that the brass ceiling fan would have to go but that may take a while. RH LOVES ceiling fans--is it a guy thing? But he's been so cooperative with my honey-do list for me to push that idea, yet.

What I don't know, what neither of us know, is what to call this everything room. Maybe you can think of something?

I hope to do a post soon of our kitchen. Don't be expecting granite countertops and stainless steel appliances in it, my friends. It is a galley kitchen that was a little bit on the plain side, but it has a huge window over the sink that made my heart go pitter-pat. 

My goal in the kitchen has been to make it pretty, without the expense and bother of a renovation. And obviously to have it be an efficient place to cook.

RH and his brother spent three weekends and other odd hours building and installing a pretty and practical piece that transformed the kitchen for me. I smile every time I look at it. I hope you will too!

Here's a tiny piece of it to pique your curiosity...

"Our private house should be a reflection of ourselves,
our way of being in the world,
what makes us distinctly different from one another."

Rose Tarlow

Those of you who know me well, as I believe so many of you do, probably understand why I keep telling you how much I love this house.

For this time of my life, it is so very much me, so very much us.

I hope you don't get tired of me telling you how much I love this house here on Dewena's Window because I don't think I can help myself. I am foolishly head-over-heels in love with a house.

Isn't that a sublime feeling to have?


  1. I love the red table and chairs. Great!!! Looks like a cool room.

  2. The great room or the keeping room, maybe? It's lovely-I understand why you love your new home!

  3. I have no idea what to call that room except home. It is lovely and filled with so many special treasures...and as someone who is as smitten with my home today as I was the day we moved in, I say keep sharing. So glad you love it! :)

  4. I can see why you love it so much! There is a great deal of warmth and character emanating from those knotty pine walls and all of your cherished belongings arranged so homey-like in comfortable settings!

    Maybe you could think of all those areas in your large space as Rooms, or at least call them rooms. To call them "areas" might sound too impersonal. The Breakfast Nook, The Dining Room (or Refectory?), The TV Room (or Snuggle Place?), The Library, The Bird or Game Corner.... If you're talking about putting something somewhere or meeting somewhere, you'll have to be more specific anyway, than to say, "Put this ____ in the Big Room."

  5. I am so happy for you!! It looks so warm and welcoming and truly comfortable! Its also so BIG!!--- lots of room to put everything!!

  6. So much HOME in every detail, Dewena. Would NEVER get tired of you telling us how much you love this house. Your joy jumps off the screen.

    I'm crazy when it comes to naming things...rooms and furniture. ;) If you listen, they practically name themselves. We have the imaginatory (art room), the great heron room (living room), miss maple (china hutch), and in our previous home the luminarium (sunroom). :) And yes, I prefer words that aren't found in dictionaries. And no, I don't always refer to these rooms by these names out loud, but when I blog it's a must. :)

    I'd call this room the HOMEROOM. <3 Speaks for itself.

  7. You have made this house the perfect home for you and your family. Every detail screams Dewena. It is so personally yours and you are so happy. I have no idea what to call it but how about the loving room?

  8. The floor to ceiling window with the two sweet little chairs is my favorite nook. Such a lovely room! I'm terrible about naming rooms. Thankfully, our current house has one common room, so we just call it the living room. In the past, when there were two areas, I called them the living room (and my husband called it the front room) and the family room (and my husband called that the living room) hahah! Yes, it was confusing. Whatever you decide to call your room, it's home.

  9. Great Room is a bit too grand for such a cozy burrow, isn't it? I would just start calling it The Snug and let everyone else catch up.

  10. that is totally a sublime feeling to have. never apologize for it or feel we would tire of it!
    this post is a literal GIFT! I love every picture... and especially the everything room.

    'the great room' is a name for the mc mansions of the world. it seems that all the modern new homes that are so huge all have them. and they usually leave me cold.

    your room is cozy and inviting and is full of lots of small rooms because of how you've placed all your wonderful pieces!
    just to sit at the little dinette and have coffee and breakfast looking out those sunlit windows!
    oh dewena! it's all so wonderful. it's as warm and unique as YOU are!

    why couldn't the darling little dinette and that area be called 'the diner?' (who doesn't have loving memories of a perfect little diner in their past!!!)
    and the gorgeous red sofa with ottoman and tv could simply be called 'the living room?' LOL!
    and that beautiful long one~of~a~kind table for family feasts be called 'the dining room?'
    you've made it all work that way! and it's wonderful!
    that's what I would do. there's no reason they can't be their own individual rooms. it's just that they're areas!
    but you will find what works for you.
    I'm just beyond happy for you! XOXOXO♥

  11. I am so happy for you!! It looks so warm and welcoming and truly comfortable! Its also so BIG!!--- lots of room to put everything!!

  12. I'm so glad you found the perfect room for you! I kind of wish I'd gotten a red couch. Maybe next time. That clock is so unusual!

  13. It does seem to fit you so soon as i saw the first picture of it it called your name. I am so happy you love your home...I love the name Gathering Room which just a warm and comforting feel to it which you are...

  14. I can't help but notice the difference between the bland, brown/beige real estate snaps and your beautiful photos, which beam with charm and COLOUR!

    Your custom, cherry red sofa, your adorable breakfast nook, which, as Tammy described so well, is reminiscent of 1950s diners, your solid farmhouse dining table, and all the wonderful patterned accents throughout are pretty AND practical. Your intense studying of the space paid off! I bet I could pick out your signature styling in any designer exhibition: your placed objects, (big or small) are so spatially succinct that it almost seems like they were pieces of a puzzle!

    I second Tammy's suggestion about calling each area according to its use, i.e., the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, even though they are all in the same space. I have done exactly this, myself, and no one has got lost, yet!

    Whatever you call it, Dewena, this beautiful room has your name written all over it!

    ENJOY it, my friend!

  15. Dewena, I am thrilled you love your new house. As for that room. Could you call it the front room or back room...depending on where it sits in the house layout? It seems like a lodge type of room. I really like that. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  16. Thank you so much for a glimpse into your new house that you have turned into your home. It is your 'haven'. That's how I think of our little place here on 1/4 of an acre.

    The love and joy you have for this home definitely comes through your post. I look forward to seeing more.

    Enjoy and have a lovely Saturday evening and Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  17. I can feel the warmth and coziness in this room that your furnishings and treasures have brought alive. Your writing is always so thoughtful and well done.

    When you have a large room that is divided up into smaller areas such as you have done, you have all the license in the world to give it your own special name. At the lakehouse, we have a large room which was previously called the Great room. Furniture is placed in front of the fireplace, we have a conversation area in a corner where we can look out at the bay, and we have a long harvest table for meal. I'm okay calling it a Great room because the ceiling is 19 feet high. I like the name Keeping Room...not sure of the origin of that word but it sounds simple, cozy and happy.

    Keep those pictures coming. The way you write gives us glimpses into YOU! I love the quote at the end...I always feel the need to make rooms 'my own'.

    Happy Weekend, Dewena!

    Jane x

  18. I think it should be the "big room" because it holds lots of big love and fun! It's all coming together so nicely. I know you already feel right at home!

  19. How about calling it 'the perfect room', because that's what it is. And I'm pretty sure if walls could talk they would let out a sigh of relief and call you and R.H. 'perfect' owners. Your love for this home is inspiring!

  20. Well, as the proud owner of a small cottage that is basically one room (kitchen/dining/living combined), I can say I don't have a word for it in toto. As an architect Dennis always called the living room the "lingering room", and maybe that's how I would refer to our space, as we certainly do linger there. :) Whatever you choose to call yours, it's charming and homey, and I love it that you're so happy there. And don't ever worry about sharing it too much, or saying you love it too much. That's just not possible! Hugs, Nancy

  21. Great Room seems to be appropriate. I think it is a "great" one just because you find it so. Moving so far and finding a house you already seem to deeply appreciate and enjoy is really good.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting--just in case you check back and see this! I wasn't sure how to contact you but I certainly appreciate your nice comment!

  22. I can tell you're in love with this house by the way you so lovingly talk about it. I am just thrilled for you (and your husband)! I love the charm of your house...your furniture, the placement, all the special things that make your house a home. That sunburst wall clock is awesome! I also love your red leather sofa. The combination of the more modern lighting fixtures with the knotty pine and antiques is fantastic. I love mixing decor like that. I'm at a loss what to call your open room - though I have to say, I do like Gathering Room! Can't wait to see your kitchen. I certainly wouldn't expect granite countertops and stainless steel appliances in that house - that modern look just wouldn't go with that house, would it? And personally, I'm not too fond of either. ;-)

  23. I love this room. You know I love the basset!!! So sweet. I think Living room is a great description of this space. It is the perfect space where you do most of your living in this home. Love your red couch. That is totally awesome.
    Happy Weekend.

  24. I love that room and the way you have furnished it. The red leather couch is perfection! I can't think of a better term for this space that Living Room, as this is where you truly live.

  25. SUBLIME indeed!! Maybe, "the Envy Room". LOL! It is just so perfect! It IS your living room. I am just so very, very happy for you, Deweena. I know what loving your home means. blessings and big hugs ~ tanna

  26. Hi,
    I think the room is wonderful. A perfect way to have family and friends around you.
    Looking forward to seeing the kitchen.

  27. Dewena, thank you so much for sharing those photos!! I love it when you describe your home and the all of the treasured pieces that it holds. I can almost see you lovingly touching each piece and telling me about it. What a wonderful home and wonderful room! Looking forward to many more photos of all of your treasured pieces. That room is so perfect, you could call it the perfect room! :-) Love and hugs to you sweet friend!!

  28. I love this room! It looks so comfortable and home-y. Love the red couch and retro breakfast table! And a cabinet of vintage women's magazines?! How much fun! I could cozy up on the couch and spend a whole winter perusing them! I'm so happy for you that you're so at home there, esp. after the experience in Florida. It just makes it all the sweeter.
    Living room and family room seem kind of dull, but when you think of the meaning, either one would fit.
    xo Deborah

  29. I love your little breakfast's so cozy and I love the breakfast table. The red couch looks very nice as well. :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  30. Yes, it is, my dear friend. I understand full well what it's like to love a home ;)

    I'd call it a great room, but if you're going to call it a gathering room, you need to say in your best haughty British accent.... " Come into the gaaaathering room, dahhhhling ;)

    I love your new home too.


  31. Gathering is too many syllables to say all of the time ; I like 'keeping room' " The name for these rooms originated in colonial times, before homes were 5,000 plus square feet. They were a multi-use room attached to the kitchen or open to it" Oftentimes they had a fireplace.

    As for me looking at it I just love everything about it...all your various areas. I myself have named it The Freaking Awesome Room" ! :)

  32. Dewena, I really like this great room. Your collection of vintage women's magazines is delightful. Oh, I love checkers, and used to play all the time. Haven't in quite awhile though. Your red couch looks so comfy, and the bronze basset hound is a treasure, especially with your mother's old watch gracing its neck. This is going to be a wonderful room for you, Dewena, when you have people over to visit.

    Here where I live, this room would be called a "family room" if that helps any. Thanks for sharing with us pictures of your sweet room. There's so much to look at. It sounds like you found a beloved house.


  33. It is a good thing to love one's home and be content in it, for from it we gather strength to face the world beyond. Your room, whatever you decide to call it, is truly lived in, and looks cozy and welcoming.

  34. Dewena, it's the Keeping Room because it keeps you, your memories, you meals, your reading, It's almost all contained in that one room...the Keeping Room. I know how you feel about your home because I love mine as well. I hope to love the next one, when ever and where ever, as much.

  35. Hi Dewena, thanks so much for the compliments on my recent post about the big old pink house-- I am so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, it's alot of research but I absolutely LOVE DOING IT. I can (and do!) immerse myself in history for many hours at a time and I love it. It was a shame to see the big house torn down but I guess it had to be done, sigh. Such a shame, that house was so full of amazing history. Hows your weather your way? Looking pretty bad and blizzards way up north! We are getting lots of rain here and it's chilly for us! Thanks again---so nice to have readers like you! I love your blog as well!

  36. It is so lovely to read the pure joy and delight that completely shines through in your post.

    This room sounds perfect, it is indeed the everything room, the home room ... your perfect room!

    Keep enjoying your most special home

    All the best Jan

  37. It is so evident that you absolutely love this house! That is great! Everything looks wonderful.


  38. I'm in agreement with those who say "great room." Or how about family room? One could also argue for Living Room, since you are doing a lot of that in this lovely, cozy space!

  39. I love the bronze that reminds of your Betsy. It's precious with the watch for a collar. It is big warm room. I love all the wood and the colors of your furniture suit it perfectly. It reminds me a bit of my porch with so much happening, but larger. That's exactly how I placed the couch and a gray table behind it. It also reminds me of a cabin. Just big and cozy and could sleep people if it had to. Such a big beautiful space. xoxo Su


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