Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Oreos and Change of Plans

In a post about change of plans, my change of plans have been trivial compared to those whose homes lay in the path of tornadoes and others who may now be dealing with all forms of bad news.

Let's keep them in our prayers and hearts.

This is a purely trivial post on a change of our plans.

I had planned to show you one more room in our new old house, RH's bedroom.

Yep, we each have our own bedroom now--due to different sleep schedules and being too easily disturbed during the night when the other one gets up for nocturnal visits to the bathroom.

RH's bedroom is much like my writing room that you've already seen, paneled in Pickwick knotty pine on walls and ceiling. I had planned on doing spring cleaning in there and showing it to you next, and our youngest son was coming in to photograph it professionally for me.

There will be more about him in a post soon as his second season as technical director of the HGTV series "We Bought the Farm" begins later in May.

Last Monday morning RH decided to just put 4 nails in the ceiling molding in my bedroom as I'd been complaining about it being loose and debris falling down from it.

But first he decided to pull the molding loose to look.

If you notice that top right photo, there was nasty debris under the molding. Yuck, someone had not done a very good job in there many years ago.

Four days later RH and a friend had torn down a hideous old tile ceiling, stained and installed a beautiful new fir ceiling, and painted the room.

So sometime soon I'll be showing you that room and hopefully the other bedroom too. But instead of styling and photographing bedrooms for my blog this weekend, we played.

Well, my granddaughters and I did. Their parents and RH worked in the yard. But even they took time out to enjoy being outside and to play with a drone by photographing the surrounding hills.

I personally received a clover blossom necklace and tiara fashioned by gifted hands and even Otis got decorated with a blossom.

We met other family for dinner out, played Go Fish, and laughed and talked.

And of course we had a big waffle breakfast on Sunday morning.

Somebody really likes fruit better than waffles.

And Oreos. She really likes Oreos, and hopping on PawPaw's stomach at night while he's resting.

She knows he's just an old softie inside. 

Kind of like Oreos.

And while there's lots of good stuff on the inside, I have to say the outside is pretty sweet too.

I hope your weekend was a good one and that all your change of plans turned out for the best. 

And have a cookie every once in a while.


  1. What a fabulous post.
    So lovely to see your gorgeous grand-kids and all of your photographs.

    Happy Days in May ... just perfect!

    All the best Jan

  2. Well, it sounds like your change of plans wasn't too terrible. I mean look at those happy faces and who can resist waffles and a clover tiara? Fabulous! Can't wait to hear about the HGTV gig. That sounds like a neat job. Good luck on the reno. Ugh...always something with a home.

  3. Dewena, All your little ones are precious and I want a little red haired girl too. My grandson Jake when he was that little had hair just as red. Owning a home is work , work, and more work. But it will be so much nicer. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. prayers for those that lost home and loved ones due to the tornadoes and floods.

  4. Dewena, there's just nothing like a cold glass of milk and OREOS!!! Your grandkids are darling, and so glad you get to spend some time with them. Precious moments, precious memories. I will be doing the same this weekend - taking a long road trip with all of my kids!

    I look forward to seeing RH's bedroom. Your home sounds wonderful. You have so much room to roam outside, and everything looks so green! : )

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Oh my gosh your grand babies are just the cutest!! That stuff behind the molding, though? Eeek!!!

  6. What a great post! A change of plans that involves playing with the grands is a wonderful thing!

  7. Spending time with the grands - that's heaven! Bedroom, photos can all come later. You chose the best thing to do!

  8. this post is perfection! it reads like a novel and a poem. and the pictures... oh my!
    jan said it all in the very first comment!!!

  9. Couldn't script a better weekend! Full of family, love, good food and a well done project!! Look forward to seeing it!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  10. Spending time with grand children is the best time. Loved seeing your pictures and such sweet children.

  11. That was a GOOD change of plans. So glad you got rid of the yucky stuff and got your ceiling replaced to boot!
    Those kiddos are all just adorable, Dewena. Enjoy every moment of those 'little' years-they go way too fast! xo Diana

  12. What a cutie the little redhead is! Sometimes just living life is what you need to do, enjoying it. My second husband and I had separate rooms for similar reasons. I've always kind of liked my own space at night.

  13. 'Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans', coined by writer and cartoonist, Allen Saunders in Reader's Digest, January, 1957, then sung by John Lennon in his beautiful song, 'Beautiful Boy'

    This quote came to mind while I was reading your lovely post, my friend. Life, indeed, is sweet when you have those two adorable grands to sing your own songs with, play in that gorgeous patch of green, (and hop on PawPaw's tummy,too!). Top it off with Oreos and waffles and you've got one big happy family!

    LOVE your words and pics of this fun-filled post; they are the perfect respite from spring cleaning that has gone on forever!


  14. Precious grandbabies, playtime, Oreos and a waffle breakfast...perfection! I know it's common for older couples to have separate bedrooms...between different sleep schedules, tossing and turning because of body aches, snoring, loo visits, etc., I can see why! My husband has a crazy work schedule (which wakes me up) plus we both get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I snore, am a light sleeper so get up a few times and toss and turn a lot, AND get night sweats due to being menopausal. I don't know how hubby sleeps with me, but somehow he does. When I've mentioned perhaps sleeping in separate rooms someday, he totally balks. Maybe he'll change his mind someday!

  15. Love seeing your cute and sweet grands. Loved the post today. Made me smile with the oreo's. Those were Cooper's favorite treat. Begged for oreo's.

  16. Ah I just loved this post :) Aside from the ceiling I smiled the whole way through :) Good times! :)

  17. Your grandchildren are so beautiful! Let's hear it for changes in plans. And oreos!!

  18. If a change of plans involves oreos, I'm in. Throw in a glass of milk and I'm doing a happy dance.

    Beautiful words and beautiful grandchildren Dewena!


  19. How I loved this post!! Every word was wonderful. I am SO happy for you, and for your family.

  20. I'm so glad RH looked to see what was behind that old ceiling! Oh, my! You don't need to be breathing that nastiness in! And what lovely work he did!

    You have such a beautiful family, Dewena. Thanks for sharing them with us! And yes, COOKIES!

  21. I loved this post, Dewena. So sweet. Your new ceiling is gorgeous. Nicely done. The girls are adorable. Love that curly red hair! Hugs, Nancy

  22. I would have been very upset by the damage to my home, Dewena, but thankfully you have those little people in your life to make you smile through most of it.

    Oreos are something I would do (almost) anything for!

    Jane x

  23. Those kittle ones are so adorable, my friend. It sounds like a perfect day :)

    Love that new ceiling of yours!


  24. I enjoyed this post. True and from the heart.
    I loved the quotes you shared.
    And those photos of the grandkids. I love the curly red hair.
    xx oo xx oo xx oo

  25. The first photo is fabulous; just love it. Cookies are always a good idea, sometimes for breakfast. My childhood bedroom was knotty pine and I've always love knotty pine...your ceiling sounds a perfect treat...waiting for photos, Dewena, please.

  26. I use to love oreo's dipped in milk which seemed to make it so much better. the photos of the grandkids are precious....so glad you found out what was hidden under the ceiling....some times a change of plans are exactly what's needed.

  27. It sounds like this change of plans was all for the good - you are blessed to have people in the family who can do the work themselves, and make a fun event out of it. You obviously are just the kind of family for whom Mother's Day will be a joy and a time for giving thanks. God bless you all!