Friday, September 22, 2017

Morning Mist

"It comes on a morning with a clear sky
and a clean horizon,
a brilliant morning full of blue and green
and the long shadows of sunrise.
It is not a gray mist;
it is white, white as daisy petals,
whiter than cumulus clouds,
shimmery white and so thin it shimmers
of silver as the sun strikes through it."
Hal Borland

A walk around our yard in the morning mist:

Thank you for taking this walk with me on
the day that my favorite nature writer, Hal Borland,
says that "another equinox is tallied off and
officially another Summer ends."

Our 2.4 acre wedge-shaped yard has over 500 ft.
road frontage along curving pavement
so few drivers dare speed on it. 

RH has a lot of grass to cut but I asked him
to leave a long section of it wild
along a thick hedgerow that gives us road
privacy and gives the wildlife shelter.

Happy first day of Autumn to all of you!

I'm so excited to see this day come!

Are you?

"This [a morning mist] is the blown breath of Autumn long before there is even a hint of frost in the air."
Hal Borland

The "blown breath of Autumn"....I feel it coming! Do you?


  1. I would love your property. We use to have just an acre and I loved taking care of it and especially in mist it was beautiful as is yours. i love Hal Borland's writings. Have a wonderful autumn. I will save off some of these quotes, they are beautiful.

  2. It looks like a foggy morning around your neck of the woods. I love the fog, Dewena, and your pictures show the lovely morning you had while taking a walk around your yard. That's a good idea to leave some grass growing wild for privacy. It would be so nice to have all this area to wander. Your pictures are so pretty, Dewena, especially that last one.

    Happy Autumn!

    love, ~Sheri

  3. I SO envy you your beautiful views!

  4. Your new place is so beautiful, especially in the morning mist.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. Ahhhhh just so pretty. Love that morning mist. Gorgeous.
    Happy Friday.

  6. What a beautiful property and so calm in the early morning. You are so happy in your new home. I'll be put your husband doesn't mind that mowing at all. I love that time in the morning before the fog burns off. It's like a different world.

  7. I love that you left a little thicket of grass for the critters! Very nature-y of you. Hope it attracts lots of cute and beautiful things. Your photos are beautiful, but they make me think of frizzy hair days! I'll try to focus on your positive outlook now and just pull my hair up!

  8. Lovely views dewena, and your photos are worthy of a poetry book. ❤️

  9. I always find fog absolutely magical.
    it was my favorite time to walk with zeke. he must have thought so too. he loved to stop and sniff every blade of grass! as if the fog lent it some mystical difference.
    one of my favorite poems is by carl sandburg...
    "The fog comes. on little cat feet. It sits looking. over harbor and city. on silent haunches. and then moves on."
    the pictures of the lawn in your wonderful cottage vistas in fog are just beautiful. worthy of zeke's nose!

  10. Your place looks so pretty and I love the mist too.

  11. My heart gave a sigh at the quotes from Hal Borland. As a young boy, he lived on the eastern plains of Colorado, and one of my favorite books is "High, Wide and Lonesome." Another, "Country Editor's Boy" is a wonderful story of that area.

  12. How I love mornings like this. Such a pretty sight when the sun breaks through it. You have a lovely property to enjoy and I like the scent of fresh mown grass.


  13. What beautiful pictures of your property! You have such gorgeous views. We are surrounded by neighbors - front, back, both sides. I hate it; it's like living in a fish bowl. That's a lot of property to mow. I hope you have a riding mower!

  14. Just lovely. I'm rarely up early enough to see the morning mist, haha! Now I'm off to look up Hal Borland. xo

  15. Mr. Borland surely would have selected your mystical images of morning mist to illustrate his written words describing Mother Nature's whispering breath.

    Thank you for introducing me to yet another gifted writer. The last quote has taken my own breath away.

    Happy Autumn, my friend!


  16. I love foggy / misty mornings like this! :) Captured beautifully :)

  17. I've not heard of Hal Borland, but I really enjoy the words you've shared. Autumn mist is the prettiest thing.

  18. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my post! I am so glad you enjoy the pictures of my beloved city--I surely do enjoy photographing her in her many seasons and elements, old and new! Maybe that is what you see in my photos---my love for this place maybe? Anyway--so glad you enjoy them, sometimes I do post crazy pictures, ha ha LOL I do love this post of yours--such beautiful mist! Very misty, mysterious, peaceful pictures and I'm so glad you shared them. Love the poem as well. Happy Fall my friend!


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