Friday, June 21, 2019

Supper Thyme

Did you ever put thyme in pie?

If you haven't, consider putting it in blueberry pie now that summer is here. 

Here's the link to Southern Living's Thyme-Scented Blueberry Pie.

I added a cup of frozen cranberries to the recipe because I didn't have nearly enough of the
blueberries the recipe called for.

RH said it was the best blueberry pie I'd ever made, but maybe that had something to do with the crust. The recipe calls for refrigerated crusts, which I've been known to use, but I had been wanting to make a crust with vodka so tried it.

Oh, my word, the vodka does make it so tender!

Recipe here from Cook's Illustrated.

The recipe called for the crust to be made in a food processor. I had never done this but I bet many of you have. I am directions-challenged but read the recipe over and over and finally did it.

You can't possibly know how proud of myself I was to do this instead of using my trusty old pastry blender.

I'll tell you one other thing I did last week for the first time in over a year--I drove myself to the grocery store and shopped alone, carried in the groceries alone when I got back home.

And I was so proud of myself! You see, part of what I've been doing the two months I was on my blogging break was going to physical therapy two times a week, three times a week the first month.

I've had bad knee pain since January and was diagnosed with patella femoral pain syndrome, similar to runner's knee. The therapist also discovered I had tibialis anterior tendonitis. 

Since I had felt this winter that I was soon going to need a walker to get about, I have been faithful to my PT appointments and doing the exercises at home. And next week, God willing, after almost three months, I will be finished with PT but of course must continue the exercises at home--if I know what's good for me.

So that, combined with my computer being down for three weeks, made it easy for me to almost drop out of blogging. 

But a blogger I am and so to blogging I returned in my last post. Just as once again driving gave me a renewed sense of independence, so blogging gives me that indefinable unexplainable feeling of accomplishment too.

Those of you who blog or are on Instagram, etc., do you feel this way too?

No one may really care what we had for supper except ourselves, but isn't it fun to share?

The organic vegetables above went into Jacob's Lentil Stew, recipe here. I also added a couple of turnips to it as we really like the tang they add to vegetable soups.

Thank you for reading my rambling supper post. What are you having for supper?

Here is supper. It smells good.
It looks good. It tastes good.
It is good.
All good things come from You.
Gunilla Norris in
Being Home 



  1. Vodka in the pie crust! I must try it. We had Italian turkey sausage with white beans, onions and peppers in a tomato sauce.I put zucchini in and Monsieur picks it out. One pan dinners are great. It's wonderful that your knee pain has improved. Knees are funny things. In February the doctor referred me to OASIS for osteoarthritis. After a month in Mexico, all traces of swelling disappeared. I'm swimming, walking and gardening at home now. I feel that sense of accomplishment when I blog. I feel that feedback is important to blogging too and I always try to leave a comment on any blog that I read. It is all about connection.

    1. Madame, I admire the joy you take in all your many activities and love reading about them. Your spirit of adventure wows me!

  2. Happy husband!
    I'll be right over, even if it's leftovers.

    1. I'd heat it up for you--if there was any left!

  3. oh my! just READING about your meals makes me feel healthier!
    and that pie crust must be to die for. it certainly made a beautiful pie.
    I'm so happy Dewena about your physical therapy news and how successful it has been. it's worth all the pain I'm sure because for you it must be like night and day. and you've definitely EARNED those great results Heaven knows! bless you! xoxo

    1. Thank you, dear Tam! And thank you for all the encouragement you've been to me during these months of PT. I'm a new believer in it!

  4. Everything looks so yummy. My mouth is watering now for a piece of pie.
    Happy Weekend.

    1. Thank you, Kris! Wish I could bring you a pie or cake while you're moving!

  5. Oh, Dewena, thank you so much for the recipes - they look grand. So pleased to hear good things about your knee. I can honestly relate to not being able to go to the store and shop by yourself. Just one of those little things we can take for granted - until it is gone. At least, I did. About 3 years ago I had vertigo and it really took its toll on me - but like you I am slowly recovering. I have done things recently that I had not been able to do and it is so uplifting. Wishing you continued success with your recovery and I am so happy you are continuing to post on your blog, I thoroughly enjoy every post. Enjoy these summer days!

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra! You all are such an encouragement to me! And I do hope your vertigo is not hampering you as much now. I know you want to be out in your beautiful garden!

  6. This post makes me hungry, I will be having left overs tonight.

    I went to the website for the pie crust but you cannot copy and paste because of the line of shopping links that runs down the whole middle of the post. Very aggravating to say the least.

    I've tried thyme in savory pies/dishes, but not in a sweet pie.

    Jacob's lentil stew looks and sounds yummy.

    I'm so glad to read that PT has helped you so much. Do keep up with your exercises.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind and encouraging comment.

    Happy Summer ~ love, hugs and prayers for you ~ FlowerLady

    1. Oh Lorraine, I'm so sorry you had trouble with the pie crust recipe! I didn't try to copy and paste it so didn't realize. I'll print a copy of mine that came out of the magazine years ago and send it to you.

  7. I feel that "accomplishment" as well! I find that writing a blog post makes me think more clearly. And I never know exactly what is going to be said! My last post was a complete surprise to me - I had no intention of writing about Raya. Isn't that so strange. I'm very interested in what your exercises are. I have a bad knee from a high school broken femur.

    1. Nan, your heart knew you needed to write about Raya. And the loss of her would have been so close to Glady's heart also so it's understandable how your mind linked the two together.

  8. that's such good news to be able to get out and about! Good for you sticking to therapy. I had a shattered elbow several years ago and it was pretty much replaced with lots of screws, and metal. My PT, since we have moved to the mountains to a small town I decided to pretty much do at home. I had this thing I would put on my arm and crank it up as much as I could every day until I got full range of motion again but in the meantime it gave me a frozen shoulder so there was that...There's nothing like getting back to normal and living life the way you want to again. Oh hhhh that pie - Vodka makes crust tender. I have got to share this with my cook/baker/husband. I do enjoy blogging and really don't have many who come around but I mainly do it for myself and my sister - especially my photography blog. Anyway, it's great seeing you back.

    1. Sandy, your elbow injury sounds so painful. I can't imagine how long that must have taken to heal. We so appreciate our working limbs when they give us problems, don't we? I know I have.

  9. Deweena, I can comisserate. First I was in an orthopedic boot for six weeks for a torn Achilles tendon. This threw my back into a mess, and I am now going to be treated for herniated discs... hopefully, this week, as I can hardly walk. I am depending on my oldest boy to come out here and move feed sacks, etc., because I cannot, maybe not ever again. The heel (tendon) is still not fixed.... the tear is over 50%... and if surgery is indicated, I will be off it for six weeks, which is scaring me to death. I totally understand mobility problems, and I hope yours are almost over!

    1. Mary Ann, this is terrible news! I'm so sorry and I understand how a different part of our body tries to compensate when another part is hurt and so gets injured itself. But both of your injuries sound dreadfully serious. A friend of mine just had Achilles tendon repair and I know the recovery is not quick. And now your back too? I'll be praying for you, dear friend.

  10. Maybe I'm the odd one out, but I love seeing and hearing about what other people are having for supper/dinner! I guess because I'm a foodie and I also love to cook. That lentil soup-stew looks delicious and I like your idea of adding turnips to it. We both love turnips (rutabaga, too). Interesting to see that it's a Bob's Red Mill recipe. I like a lot of his products. I'm going to bookmark the recipe you posted and look through others on the site.

    Your pie looks and sounds absolutely amazing...fresh thyme added to blueberries, wow! I'm not a pie maker or baker - that would be my mom - but since this pie crust recipe you posted is made in a food processor, perhaps I'll give it a try. It sounds a bit easier than a traditional pie crust.

    I am so glad to hear you're feeling much better and that you can actually get out and about by yourself now! I know what you mean about the feeling of accomplishment after being injured and then finally healed. I've been through enough PT for various things myself to understand. In fact, I just finished up PT for my back again. It's so absolutely important to continue with the exercises at home to keep our bodies functioning and healthy. I'd hate to hear that you needed to use a walker, my dear friend! That'd be so limiting and I know you wouldn't want that.


    1. You know, Melanie, I love seeing other people's recipes too! And when I made the lentil/barley recipe I thought that it was probably something you would like. I love many of your menus!

      I have to order the Bob's Red Mill lentils and barley online, none of our local grocery stores carry it although they do carry some Bob's Red Mill products. And Bob's barley is so much better than what is sold in the grocery stores here under store names. It even looks better, large and a beautiful golden color.

      Yes, I dearly hope a walker is a long way off for me so I must keep up the exercises!

  11. PS - I don't know if you're familiar with either blog, but check out the recipes at and

  12. That pie looks amazing! I really want to try this recipe. Thyme is such a great herb and I love using it in different recipes. The hubster always puts a little in his cornbread and it adds such a great flavor! Love and hugs sweet friend!

  13. Oh my, your blueberry pie looks amazing, Dewena. I wish I had a piece to go with my coffee this morning. I smiled when I saw your rolling pin. Those are the old ones, and I have one just like it that belonged to my mother-in-law. It's the one thing of hers I have never parted with. Your lentil soup looks wonderful too. You are such a good cook. I'm so sorry you're having bad knee pain. I pulled a muscle and have been having a lot of pain in my neck as well. These are the days to be more slow-paced and baked pies. ; )

    love, ~Sheri

  14. Hi,
    Oh my, you make the perfect pie crusts.
    Your soup looks so good as well. I think I need to get to Tennessee ASAP. LOL
    I have been making infused water with my herbs. I love playing with flavors. I have strawberry - chocolate mint right now.

  15. I love the title of this post! Dewena, your pretty pics, (especially love all the ones with the rolling pin, so creative/culinary cute!) illustrate all the care you put into preparing the delicious fare you feed your family - I'm sure pieces of that pie went off in care packages to sons who live close by!

    I can feel the joy in your writing re: your recent solo supermarket run, after such a challenging bout with your knees. You are doing so well; so happy that you are feeling stronger. Prevention is key, which means that keeping up with the exercises at home will prove very beneficial.

    For the past year, Instagram has been my creative outlet, mostly because it doesn't demand the time and effort of a blog post. But I do miss blogging, and hope that I will be able to get back to it, soon.

    Happy Wednesday, my friend.

    Poppy xoxo

  16. So glad to see you post Dewena, and love seeing the things you cook and bake. I like to cook, but I have never been much of a baker. I could not do up awesome pies like you do. I'm so glad to hear your physical therapy is helping you! And that you're getting out and about, even some by yourself. That's got to be a HUGE SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT and yes, you can be proud of yourself. Hope your summer is coming along nicely. It's hot hot here here in Charleston, LOL! But the gardens are doing great and we're also gettin almost daily summer thunderstorms, which blow swiftly through and leave us sticky and muggy. Still, I love summer. Enjoy some pie for me okay? And do you also like to make cream pies? I love chocolate pie and chocolate cream pie too. And coconut cream pie......oh so good!

  17. The pie and the soup look delicious! I've never heard of vodka in a pie crust or thyme with blueberries, but I'll bet it was good. so sorry to hear of all your physical difficulties. Good for you for completing PT and your determination to continue at home. My dad had a shoulder replacement and never did the PT. It's frozen now, and worse than it was before! Glad you were able to go shopping and cook and do a blog post. I hadn't blogged for two months either, and it feels good to get connected again. xo Deborah

  18. Wait! Am I to understand you made homemade soup AND a pie on the same day for supper, Dewena? You are industrious, my friend. I'd have to take a nap before suppertime if I tried that. The pie looks amazing. What a gorgeous crust, and I'm sure it was yummy. Soup looks great, too. Is there anything better tasting or healthier than homemade soup? I'm so happy to hear the good news about your PT, and I applaud you for your discipline in following through. Hugs, Nancy P.S. I understand about the blogging. When I've been away too long I start to feel like I've checked out of life.

  19. Wow, you've sure been busy in the kitchen, Dewena!! I never heard of putting thyme in a pie, nor vodka in a pie crust, but I'm intrigued! Glad you're feeling better, that's a huge relief for you, I'm sure!

  20. I make pie crust on the food processor or by hand. I've never tried adding thyme but I like the sound of it with berries. We don't get fresh berries around here, our winters are not cold enough, and I use frozen ones for baking, they work out fine. So thanks for the tip and the recipe, I'm giving them a try.
    And well done on sticking with the knee exercise and seeing good results! Nothing beats being able to take care of yourself. And a little shopping.

  21. Oh my, that pie doth make my mouth water. And to think that it has vodka in the crust. I have never heard of that, but I'd be willing to try, since you say it makes it very tender.

    And your soup, what a perfect tasty looking bowlful. Christine said in an earlier comment she'd be right over, I'll be hanging onto her pockets.

    I hope your knee starts to feel better real soon. I'm so grateful for those physio therapists who do work wonders on the various aching parts of our bodies.

    Wishing you a happy day...
    Brenda xox


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