Saturday, August 1, 2020

Somewhere in Time

On a scorching August morning I dress in my white linen Schiaparelli...

[Vogue, May 10, 1930]

Take my Agnès hat and secateurs and go to the garden...

Whistling for James Mason to follow; he snaps at a fat bee...

I snip a few flowers...

And seek shade before going inside...

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen windowsill and washed all the little vases...

And keepsakes...

Now they are ready to hold a few blooms...

To give cheer while I wash the breakfast dishes...

Spots of summer color in my small world...

When the daily news frightens and frustrates me, it is the homey things that comfort me...

When I cannot see family, cherished objects become dear...

Even a humble tea towel lifts my spirits...

James Mason understands...

Sometimes a woman's life seems temporary, fragile, unsure, her night's rest disturbed by fears, real and perceived.

So she goes about her day, one task at a time, with faith that somewhere in time, Joy will come in the morning.


  1. These days, it almost seems like we have no choice but to take pleasure in the smallest, homey things. Contact with most of the places and people we love in the outside world are off limits, so thankfully, for many of us, home is a peaceful haven to find some joy. Today I am taking comfort in the blooms of my black-eyed susans, and the birds visiting my feeders.
    PS - are you anywhere near Lebanon, TN? My niece is working in Gibbs Pharmacy, and I just wondered if that was in your area.
    Stay well, Dewena!

  2. My sunny enclosed sun porch is my refuge these days. I take a book or magazine out there and snuggle down on the sofa and look out at the plants and little gardens off the deck. The deck is a pleasant place to be when the heat and humidity aren't too bad. I feel fortunate in these uncertain times to have a home that I enjoy since I seldom leave it. Your home looks lovely and inviting, Dewena.

  3. That James Mason is a charmer. I'm glad you make a lovely home for him! Enjoy the beauty of summer!

  4. Dewena, this is a beautiful and touching post. My heart is heavy with the problems of our world and it gives me comfort to know I am not along in my feelings. Some days, I wonder if I am. However, my dear hubby, blooms in the garden and sweet blogging friends, certainly help.
    Have a lovely August, Dewena. And thank you for this post. Be well!

  5. what an absolutely gorgeous beautiful post - your photos and your words. i really love it.

  6. And may I say how lovely you look in your Schiaparelli dress - perfect for the heat! The world is so broken these days and we all long for healing. Longfellow's words "Home-keeping hearts are happiest" are never more true than now. Those of us who find joy and contentment in our homes are at an advantage these days. I can just imagine the gentle sounds of your vases and knickknacks in the sink and the soft motions of wiping them clean and dry, then placing each just so.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Beautifully Written Dewena. Oh how nice it would be to go back in time when life was softer and simpler. People were more neighborly and caring. Can you imagine though getting dressed in a dress each day to do household chores. One thing that stands the test of time are flowers. Flowers help our souls feel joy and beauty each time. Have a good weekend. Hugs,

  8. You sure do know how to turn a phrase and float us into the 'past' or.... Loved the lightly colored photos...added to the step back in time. I was fortunate to spend over half the day outside today, as temps have finally well tempered a bit. And, you are correct away from the 'worries and fears' is a nice respite, even if it isn't in white linen and pearls. Spreading mulch and pulling weeds just isn't doable in such finerys.
    Grins, was sure Bogie was going to peek out from somewhere...LOL. Thanks, Sandi

  9. sometimes when you make a small exquisite post like this one...
    with its hints of soft color like an old photo ... oh my. beauty.
    and timeless in its images and thoughts... I think of you as my favorite writer. and the face of little James Mason never ever fails to delight me. xoxo

    1. I agree Tammy - ...beautifully presented, always.

  10. I love this post. Love the images in their softness. Love your wrap up line about waiting for the joy that comes in the morning. oh yes. xox

  11. I was up until 3, worrying. I am going to mow today, and try to salvage a few things from the last perennial bed I am going to give up. It's time!

  12. Perhaps because I’ve been to your cozy, welcoming home, I am able to vividly imagine you doing the chores you describe so eloquently Dewena. More likely, however, it is the effortless way in which you transport your readers to another world. A world filled with beauty, kindness, and simple pleasures. Things we all seem to be craving. I’ve often thought about the people who take little pleasure in their homes, who think of it solely as a place to hang their hats. They must be doubly frustrated right about now.

    I owe you an email, but first I need to clean my windowsills. Someone has inspired me ;).

  13. Lovely use of some photo app....

    Oh yes, we do have to try to pay attention to all-things-home. Which I hope, are comforting.

    Inbetween learning what is really going on in the world, and especially, in the Country we call home.

    Because if we ordinary people, spend too much time, avoiding Reality, this present Horror, will become permanent.

    And if that happens, even our Home, will not be able to comfort us.

    Unpleasant fact...

    But True....


  14. Oh, how I wish I had a kitchen windowsill for little bouquets and treasures! When we ever have some contracting work done in our kitchen, a small windowsill is on my wish list. And what a view you have out your window, too!

    Your home always looks so welcoming and cozy and "home-y". Even your tea towels are just lovely.

    Hope today indeed brought you some joy. xoxo

  15. Lovely post, Dewena, and your photos seem to flow along with the words! All in all, it makes me feel very safe and content, as our homes should be.

    You mentioned cleaning the window ledges. My gosh, I was thinking of doing that just the other day! Storm windows, as my parent called them back n the day, were pulled up and the screens down. Not so in either of my homes today, and I've ben very lax. On my To Do list this week!

    Always a treat to see James Mason. He is so precious! ❤️

    Jane x

  16. ME TOO! How DO windowsills get so DIRTY?! lol. So I took everything out and wiped the windowsill down and washed all the my little doo-dads and knick-knacks and pretties. I put most away for just I use that kitchen window for my "baby nursery" for rooting my new vines and plants. I love how they look there with the light streaming in. After summer, I will put back my little vases and mermaids and pretties. I did my dressing room windowsill last week. Now we will need to tackle the big front window...I say "we" on that one as Mr. Front Porch will help me clean up high on the window where i can't reach etc. Hope you have a great week my friend!! I love reading your posts.

  17. This is such a lovely post, Dewena. I liked everything about it, your words, your cherished items around your house, the sepia looking photos, and the big font that you used. It's easier to read for us that are getting older. ; ) Yes, this is an unsettling time for sure, and we have to hold onto faith and hope. I will return again this week to see your special post again, Dewena. It's comforting, reassuring, and lovely.


  18. This was such a lovely post, Dewena. I find such comfort in my home and you put it into words so beautifully.

  19. Window sills are so practical AND pretty, aren't they? And yours are sparkling clean, too, making all your displays look extra delightful, whether they are freshly picked flowers floating in foreign vessels, or supplies for suds stuffed in boxy bric-a-brac.

    I always wanted a tiled window sill filled with fresh, fragrant herbs, which could be snipped in seconds for tea, sauces, and soups, just like the one we had while living in a Toronto rental, a long time ago. Nowadays, our patio, which is just off the kitchen, is presently lined with mint, basil and lavender, between all the summer flowers, so I make do!

    Dewena, you have so perfectly expressed my own thoughts and feelings, "Sometimes a woman's life seems temporary, fragile, unsure, her night's rest disturbed by fears, real and perceived.".

    When I recall how often we have told each other that we find such solace and satisfaction in our daily, household chores, going about them, " task at a time, with faith that somewhere in time, Joy will come in the morning.", it is true, they are pure therapy! Keeping busy,
    beautifying our spaces, wiping down their surfaces, making them clear and uncluttered, for new and interesting creations, is rejuvenating, assuring and consoling.

    The pops of sweetness in your pics are adorable and fittingly illustrate how our beloved objects, natural, handmade, store bought or gifted, charmingly define our personal surroundings, giving them personal significance.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  20. I loved this post, Dewena. I have a window sill in front of my kitchen sink, I have flowers in little vases, special little treasures my boys gave me or found, little rocks, acorns and a few lego builds that they did for me. I can look out the window or look at my sill and smile. xx oo

    This post was just what I needed today. Love, Carla

  21. What a lovely post, your words and photographs were perfect.
    My good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

  22. An oh, so very beautiful posting. The life of a woman at home is made up of such things that calm and please us.
    Do you see any of your family?

  23. This is lovely. I've been worried about my plants, which are not coping well with the hot weather. I will cut off a few blossoms and bring them in for my kitchen windowsill too.

  24. Good post. I can relate to finding peace in the taking on one thing at a time during moments such as these. Have a wonderful week.


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