Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Rescue Chicken

It all started with a rescue chicken…

We've had some new additions to the family here at Valley View.

Our grandson was called 2 weeks ago to rescue an abandoned chicken.

He brought her/him/it to Valley View.

He was one bedraggled pitiful chicken and R.H. named him Chicklett.

He and our son Gurn built a chicken coop for Chicklett.

And thinking that Chicklett would be lonely,
R.H. asked our sweet egg lady down the street if she could spare us a chicken.

And so a beautiful Plymouth Barred Rock came home to roost with Chicklett.

R.H. called her Gray Girl and she's a sweetheart.

Sadly, the next morning R.H. found that Chicklett had gone on to Glory.

Poor Gray Girl was lonely.

She followed us around clucking for attention.

We went back to our egg lady, begging for another hen, maybe two.

A sop bucket of vegetable and fruit remains brought the ladies running.

We chose another Plymouth Barred Rock to keep Gray Girl company.

And a beautiful Black Sex Link hen, intrigued by the name.

We named her Cher for her beautiful black feathers
and well, because she's kind of sexy and struts around proudly.

What to name the other hen?
If only she was a rooster we could name him Sonny.

Instead we named her Sunny.

They give us 3 beautiful brown eggs a day.

But we'll still be buying more eggs from our nice egg lady
because we use a lot of eggs, and that's no bull.

Couldn't resist that, folks!

I got to pet this baby bull and that was one soft mouth.

I fell in love!

That's our sweet egg lady above and a more industrious young woman
would be hard to find.
She and her husband are raising a barnyard full of the cleanest 
and best-tempered animals and raising the nicest two young children too.

So we will, hopefully, stick to only 3 hens and keep visiting our egg lady weekly.

After all, I have to go back and pet that baby bull again.

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