Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Window

Of all the windows in our house, we may spend more time looking out the window
 over the kitchen sink than any other, getting dishpan hands.

This year the vintage Shiny Brite orange ornaments went on the chandelier
that hangs over the sink.

And this morning a professional cameraman took these pictures of it,
so I did nothing to alter the pictures here
except to claim them for Dewena's Window.

Why mess with an expert's work?

The cameraman who came to breakfast and captured the pictures above
for Dewena's Window is our son Defee,
a producer of television shows.

Thank you, Defee; come to Nashville for breakfast anytime!

The next photo is one I took the other day before decorating the little chandelier.
Wish I could have had him here for this shot too as I kept messing with editing,
trying to enhance the picture so the true orange would show up.

I lost my head bidding on these ornaments seven years ago
as I'd never seen vintage orange ones before.
I cried when I broke one last year decorating the twig tree shown on my former blog.

Here is the link to that post here.
I'm keeping Autumn decorating simple this year, so no twig tree.
I'll try to show you some more peeks into our Autumn decorating in the coming weeks.

And Halloween is coming up soon, time to decorate a little for that.

Look who has started decorating for Halloween at her house...

Defee and Wallace's little Nora!

Oh, to be a child again like our granddaughter and enjoy the big day at the end of this month!

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