Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More of Our Lovely Weekend

After sharing these photos with family on FB,
I just had to include them here on Dewena's Window.

Here is another beautiful photo that Defee
took of the adorable bride & groom,
Alex & Melissa.

And in no particular order are photos 
taken at the rehearsal dinner.

Just had to insert here that the rehearsal dinner and the wedding were held
at a beautiful farm belonging to the bride's aunt and uncle,
and for the rehearsal dinner there were food trucks that were so much fun.
Isn't this a cool picture that R.H. took of one of the trucks?

Whew! I know I've left out someone--like Defee for Pete's sake, but it's really not my fault!
R.H. was in charge of the camera.

Here's my last one, our little grandchick, 
who was a flower girl the next day at the wedding.
Two guesses as to who is with her…

That's right, her Mimi.

And it's my blog so here's another one.

Want to bet that hug made my heart sing?

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