Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Big Letdown

It's the big letdown after a happy family event.

They've all gone home.

The party's over.

We waited in anticipation.

It was a happy time together.

There was dancing.

Lots of good conversation.

Walks together at Valley View.

Tractor rides.

And then they left.

They did leave flowers.
One of the many lovely arrangements my daughter
did for the big event came home to me.

They help because it's either the big letdown,
or I'm sick with a lousy sinus infection.

As Ronald Blythe wrote in Word from Wormingford,
my head feels "like an old flock bed with a 
sewer running through it."
There's so much I need to do in these autumn days.
Could it be that I'm really just lazy?
Whatever, the party's over but I still have these flowers.

"My feet feel mired and my head feels hazy.

I hope I'm tired but I fear I'm lazy."
Jane Merchant

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