Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mrs. Daffodil

Mrs. Daffodil, by Gladys Taber, was the perfect
comfort book to read this week while I've been
so worried about Milo.

The daffodils in bloom in our dooryard garden
lifted my spirits too.

Gladys Taber's readers are familiar with
the author's portrait on the jackets of her books
where she pulls a beloved cocker spaniel
to her Botticelli tummy for the camera lens
or folds a hand under a double chin,
as if in profound thought.

I do the same thing myself.
Last night before bed I asked R.H. to take 
a photo of our Milo and me.

He has continued not wanting to eat or drink
and I called the doctor because he was trembling.
He had us put honey under his lips and discontinue
the antibiotic that suppresses appetite.
We were able to get him to eat baby food meat sticks,
the only thing we've been able to get down him.

This morning we tried something our d-i-l advised,
cooking chicken livers and giving him that with the broth.


And he has perked back up!
If he doesn't continue getting better,
we will be back at the veterinarian Monday.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support
this past week. 

And here's a closeup of Otis, his brother,
taken last fall. 
He's been so good this week while Milo's been sick.

Again, thank you so much for thinking of Milo.
I'll start catching up with everyone soon
but I hope you're all having a good weekend.


  1. oh dewena...
    such little darlings.
    still keeping prayerful vigil and healing light on little milo.
    so glad he perked up. may it continue!
    love to all of you. and for your strength. i hope you can rest some.
    thank you for letting us know more.
    i have never read mrs daffodil. i'm such a gladys fan i can't believe it... but i never have! i'm going to look for a copy.
    thank you dear heart. just for being there. xoxoxo♥

    1. Thank you, dear Tammy, I'm so thankful for prayers for Milo. I thought we had it made last night with him eating and drinking but this morning it was back to him turning his nose up to everything except for baby food meat sticks. Of course he's always been picky. It's his not drinking water that worries me. We've resorted to using a syringe for that. As long as I can get some down him that way. We're boiling chicken today to see if that tempts him.

  2. I must read more of Gladys Taber. I found one book in our library and loved it. Such a down to earth writer.

    So glad Milo is doing better. We worry so much about our little loves.

  3. someone suggested this author to me recently. thank-you for reminding me to look her up! hope everyone will be well soon!

    1. Thank you, Janet, and Gladys Taber is a wonderful author for when I need a simple, kind book by a wise countrywoman.

  4. You might try adding a bit of rice to the chicken livers and liquid. Hope Milo is better soon. it is hard when our beloved pets are ill.


    1. Thank you, Bonnie. But little Milo is so picky, will not touch rice, or peanut butter, or green beans, all things that his brother loves. Yesterday he loved chicken livers, today he won't touch them.

  5. Oh, I'm so very sorry Dewena, but thank goodness he's feeling better. I agree that you might consider adding rice to his food. Since it seems to have happened suddenly, perhaps it was some form of poison to his system and the worst is over? I hope so.

    Love to you both!

    1. Hi Doreen, Milo's the first dog we've ever had who wouldn't touch rice. Chicken and rice is always the first thing we fix a sick dog when he starts eating again, but Milo turns away in disgust.

  6. YAY!!! Sweet Milo is on the mend!! How amazing that your d-i-l knew of this magical mix of non-medical nutrition to get our little trooper back in the swing of things. SO happy! Let's hope he won't need another visit to the vet.:))

    Dewena, what a beautiful portrait of you and your fur baby. So glad R.H. captured that for you and us.

    Happy weekend, my friend.

    Sending love,

    1. Thank you, Poppy dear. Daughters-in-law are pretty wise! I should have listened to her at first since she has 5 dogs and 4 cats (maybe more!). However, today it is on to trying something new as he won't eat the liver anymore. Trying boiled chicken today.

      Love back to you,

  7. I'm glad Milo took some of the liver broth. Such a sweet photo of him on your shoulder. Keeping the two of you in my prayers. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers, Tanna!

  8. I'm so glad you have a picture, with Milo. Doing what Gladys did, is always good.

    I have all her books, other than the ones about her pets. Never have seen this fiction one. I'm so happy that it has been a comfort to you...

    Yes, I remember giving liver to our cat, when she was... no longer eating... but the liver broth, sounds like an even better idea. so much easier for the pet to consume.

    Best wishes...

    Just take care of things around home... Don't worry about getting around to blogs. Unless, doing so, is a help to you.

    many, many gentle hugs,

    1. Tessa, yes, can't go wrong doing what Gladys did!

      Thank you about the blog stuff. For days I couldn't even bear to be on it or FB. Nor did I have the time! Then yesterday I felt the need to be among you all again for the inspiration and beauty. Hopefully I'll catch up with FB soon, as soon as this little dachshund gets better.

      Hugs back, Tessa,

  9. Ah poor pup...glad he's perking up with the chicken livers. I'd give boiled chicken and rice for a few days at least.

    Dewena I saw your comment on FLB about adding my new blog to your blog roll and a box popping up...I came over and clicked on it and it seems to be ok now as it takes you to the blog site.

    Lovely shots of her book and your flowers! :)

    1. Deb, Milo won't touch a grain of rice for his life! Nor peanut butter, or green beans, all of which his brother loves.

      So glad the link to your new blog is working right on my blogroll now!

  10. Dewena,
    I remember when you drove to get these two darling brothers and how joyful your heart was, they mean the world to you and of course worry has filled your mind. So savvy to turn to good reading material. I just know that Milo is going to gain strength and begin to regain his appetite. So glad you are on to something that he enjoys eating.
    Sending love and get well wishes,

    1. Hello Jemma! How nice of you to remember the story of these two little dachshunds! It was during our Christmas blog tour, wasn't it? Those were busy days and this past week has been too with our lives here wrapped up in caring for Milo, as well as the other 3 dogs, 1 cat, 3 hens.

      Sending love back to you, dear Jemma,

  11. I told you of an "old" Brit writer, who wrote charming books, about his restoring an old home and garden. In hopes that these books, could raise your spirits, at this trying time, like Glady's books do.

    He was Beverley Nichols... and this click-able link will take you to a site devoted to him, and his books.

    Hoping that Milo continues to get better....


    1. I'm so glad you're a Beverley Nichols fan too, Tessa! I have many of his books and they stay out in my bedroom for me to read over and over.

      In fact there are 3 Nichols listings in my labels here and 4 in my old blog. My favorite post on his books is here:

      But I didn't know about a website devoted to him and will go there soon. He is also on my Pinterest board of admired men called In My Life I've Loved Them All. Here:

      As you can see, I am indeed a Beverley Nichols groupie!

      I think we turned a corner last night with Milo, he is drinking water on his own now and eating the chicken I cooked. So wonderful to see life in those eyes again!

  12. Is Milo feeling better? My mother, who knows more about dogs, always says that if a dog is well enough to wag his tail, she's not worried. I hope Milo is wagging like mad :-)

  13. So sorry to hear that Milo is not feeling well! I hope he feels better soon.

  14. I'm so glad to have read in your more recent post that Milo is doing better!

  15. Poor puppy! Glad he's doing some better! What a lovely book!