Monday, March 23, 2015


I'll be away from blog for a while as our dear little Milo was very sick yesterday and is having tests run and IV given today.

Thank you to anyone for prayers and thoughts for our sweet little boy.

3/25/15: Thank you so much for your sweet comments in support of our little Milo. He is doing better today. We're still not certain what caused all his vomiting and dehydration but labs look good. Now it's mainly a matter of coaxing him to eat anything and drink water but I'm hoping that will get back to normal soon. Meanwhile we're doing a whole lot of snuggling. 

3/27/15: Milo has 2 more days on antibiotic so I'm hoping there will still be more improvement. He remains lethargic and has to be coaxed to eat and drink. So far the only thing he'll willingly eat is baby food where we hide his medication. He's been on Blue dog food ever since we adopted him with no problem before this, and his brother Otis is on it with no problem. After the first two days of him refusing to eat almost nothing of the prescription canned food from his veterinarian's office, I've tried rice with ground grass-fed sirloin that he'll only pick at, and the baby food. 

See you all soon,


  1. Hoping sweet little Milo will be well soon. We, all too well, know the love of and for a dog!!


  2. Oh, I hope everything is all right! Our precious little fur babies.

  3. Sending good thoughts your way and praying for your sweet little Milo. Those little fur babies can completely capture our hearts, and it is heartbreaking when they are ill.

  4. oh what a dear!

    so sorry he is sick.

    best wishes for his swift recovery.


    gentle hugs,

  5. Dewena, so sorry to hear this! I hope it's nothing serious.

    Prayers and positive thoughts being sent to your darling fur baby, and big hugs to you!


  6. you know exactly how i feel.
    my heart is in my throat.
    wrapping him in the white light of love and healing prayer.
    and you as well. so much love. dsm. so much. xo♥

  7. Dewena,
    Sending many warm, loving thoughts and prayers for Milo.

  8. Prayers for Milo and of course, for you, too! I understand how you feel. It's a stressful time.

    Jan ♥

  9. Oh how terrible, Dewena! I really hope everything is okay. I'm praying now that it is.


  10. the best news we could hear! xo♥

  11. Yay!!! The power of prayer is is motion!

    BIG hugs to your and your baby!


  12. Great news, Dewena! A cyber hug for little Milo.

  13. Dewena, I'm so glad Milo is feeling better. Is that a dachshund??? He;s soooo cute. I had one when I was a little girl, and her name was Cinnamon. She was the best dog I had. Give Milo a hug from Sheri, and I hope he's back to his old self soon.

    love, ~Sheri

  14. I am so sorry Milo has been sick. How in the world did you fall off my blog reading list? I just put you back on my sidebar. When I found your old link it had a red X beside it. Hopefully, we are good now. So nice to see a post from you! xo Diana

  15. Warm wishes for a speedy recovery! Milo looks so sweet.

  16. Dewena, so sorry to hear that Milo has been very ill! We recently went through a similar experience with our dog. Her labs were fine but she was positive for a bacterial overgrowth in her gut. We had recently changed dog foods at the advice of our vet and then I began to see notices that the new dog food had been recalled.Sending plenty of positive thoughts and prayers that Milo has a speedy recovery! It's so hard when our pets get sick. Keep us posted.

  17. Hi, Dewena, I am new to your blog, so please forgive me for prying, but does Milo eat Beneful dog food? One of our dogs got terribly ill from it and whenever I see another dog sick in a similar way I wonder.

  18. Sorry, I just now read your most recent update. My vet said that Blue dog food is problematic for some dogs. Here is a link that has people's experience with that dog food.