Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Calling a Girlfriend, 1953

We're running terribly late tonight, darling.
Robert's meeting went on and on.
Well, yes, our shopping in the City ran a tiny bit long too.

Why, I'm thrilled you liked my new blue Spring coat.
I finished hemming it minutes before leaving the house.

And darling, I adored that divine shade of purple
of your new coat--perfect with your red hair!

And you were wearing that gabardine skirt and cashmere
sweater under it that you know I love,
but was that sweet silk blouse new?

I have an idea, why don't you two come for a cocktail
here before meeting at the club for dinner?

Yes, I remember, a pink gin for you.
And whiskey sours for the boys, the pets.

I have a bit of that seafood dip you like
and some shrimp on ice.

And you haven't seen the living room since we 
finished redecorating, have you?

I did it in American Beauty red and mint green.
You must tell me what you think about it.

And I finished the Nelia Gardner White book you lent me.

See you in an hour then?


Pickwick Cafe Sea Food Dip,
Montgomery, Alabama
from The Cocktail-Supper Cookbook

2 tablespoons tarragon vinegar
1/2 pint mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon Tabasco
1 teaspoon anchovy paste
1/2 pint chili sauce

Add vinegar to mayonnaise slowly, beating until smooth.
Add Tabasco.
Combine anchovy with a little mayonnaise mixture.
Add remaining ingredients.
Whip in a blender if handy.

There you are, dear friends, the words I meant to include on this post before accidentally publishing it without them! 

Thank you for your sweet words in the comments but I just could not leave it unfinished and finally got my tea table set as if the two girlfriends and their husbands would be there. 

All vintage pictures were from the fabulous Ladies' Home Journal issues, 
February 1953, and 1951.  

I love my old Ladies' Home Journals!

I love the 1950s!

And I love talking to a girlfriend!

Tell me, girlfriends, how do you like the 1953 living room?

If today was March of 1953, 
would you like it?

The tea table pictures were from my resident cameraman, R.H., and he bought me the roses!


  1. Hi Dewena :)

    What a lovely post! I wonder if there's portal when I can sneak back and time and be in that beautiful era.

    By the way, I've been the same way that you mentioned in your last post. I just want to eat and read and have absolutely no inspiration right now. I'm hoping something ill kick me in the pants soon.


  2. I LOVE these pictures! no words needed!
    i especially like the room... the red draperies. the desk. the carpet. colors. the furniture... the lamp! the view from the windows... oh my. i love it.
    and the first and last picture... my favorite.
    and i'm rather glad we're all in a little slump! it doesn't make me feel so alone.
    it's always good to have company! LOL. xoxo♥

  3. Well, once upon a time I accidentally published a post. And it was about my marriage and its disintegration. I was mortified when I found out hours later that many had already read it. Yet, it became an important part of my life. I learned just how special readers can be. And it was the beginning of another life. Here I am in large part because of "the accidental post."

  4. Dewena,
    I was enchanted with this post just by the vintage pictures. It didn't have to have words for me, the pictures were all I needed. :~) Love this era, a much simpler time.

    Have a nice week.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. You blog friends rock! Thanks for your support during this goof of mine,

  6. NOT a goof at all, girlfriend!! Instead, a PERFECT PRELUDE, to what's sure to be an amazing post once those signature words are added! So, thanks for this treat of a trailer to a much anticipated feature presentation!

    Until then...awaiting your call!


  7. simply the pics, evoke an era.

    it does us good sometimes, to think up a "story," to go with pictures. without the blogger having had to tell-us-the-story. keeps the ol' brain cells firing.

    hugs, Tessa~

  8. Love the pictures! Fun post, even if it was unintentional.

  9. What's that saying...a picture is worth a thousand words? There's not always a need for them, but I have to admit, it's always a treat to read your words of eloquence so I do indeed hope you finish this post 😊

  10. I was enjoying the photos...ladies were real ladies back then, weren't they?

  11. I was wishing for that blue coat in the second picture!! Well, we will work our imaginations until you give us words... blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  12. Hi, I am visiting you from Rue's blog. Nice to meet you! I loved the post about your green velvet dress and I have The Everlasting Meal as well!

  13. Dewena,
    Such beautiful ladies and attire from another place in time-seems so soothing to all of our souls. No need to be concerned-I am in a bit of a blogging fog myself...

  14. I loved the pictures. They are all I needed.

  15. the 50's...

    graduated high school in 1954.

    graduated college in 1958.

    was married in November of 1958.

    and there was "the 50's" for me.


  16. Re: a comment you make in my blog... mentioning the film, "Julie and Julia"...

    remember all the fantastic food, in it? my long time psychiatrist's son, did that food. for the film. really. he is a chef, who does photo shoot and film food.


  17. LOLOL!!!! OH!
    so glad to be invited to the party!
    you do not disappoint girlfriend! EVER!
    little switzerland dsm. perfectly done. ♥

  18. Firstly, why should a girl ever take her own blog pics again, when her talented cameraman hubby does such a fine job AND provides the pretty props?! How sweet of your shutterbug to buy you that beautiful bouquet!

    Okay, I did not exist in 1953, but if I did, and was dressed in such stylish outfits, (that strapless LBD is stunning!), I would definitely be having cocktails, (make mine a piña colada, please), in that living room, complete with your mix of munchies!

    So glad you called, girlfriend; let's chat again, soon!

    Happy weekend and big hugs!


  19. Dewena, with or without words, this post is great! I love this! It is exactly reminiscent of my best friend and I, who can talk for an hour, and then get together later in the day, and still have more to say! I think the living room would fit right in now - many of those styles and colors are back in vogue. RH is the man! The roses are lovely, and the dip sounds fantastic!

  20. Loved it! And yes, you know I would adore that living room ;)

    RH is very sweet to give you the roses and take pictures for you.

    Have a lovely rest of your weekend, Dewena.


  21. That was a lot of fun! Fun to know how the other half lived...while I lived the country life out on the farm...

  22. The 50's look so glamorous in your post, and YAY to RH for the roses. I want the shrimp and dip right now! I'm not sure our small town grocery carries anchovy paste, and I bet it is major to the taste of the dip.

    I would enjoy those potato chips as well. I try not to buy them because I LOVE them so much, but I never miss a chance to eat as much as I can if someone else puts them out to munch.

  23. What a fun post! Loved the photos, they did have a sense of style back then.

  24. I'll take some shrimp and cocktails while lounging in that lovely, sophisticated living room tyvm.