Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Clematis and Rue

In a desire to make life less complicated,
I'm using my phone to take more pictures.

Remember, R.H. has been my cameraman most of the time.
He gets better quality but I know what I want in the frame.

And the poor man is often pooped after a day at work.
The last thing he needs is a list of things I want photographed.

I clipped one spray of clematis.
It was all I could reach without a ladder.
I don't climb ladders anymore.

Oscar Wilde wrote this about clematis:

"In a month there will be purple stars on the clematis,
and year after year the green night of its leaves
will hold its purple stars."

That's lovely but his The Picture of Dorian Gray
sounds far too depressing for me to enjoy.

I also clipped a few sprigs of rue,
an astringent herb
that reminds me of a book I love,
Elizabeth Goudge's Pilgrim's Inn
the middle book in Goudge's trilogy
of the Eliot family.

In Pilgrim's Inn, the Eliot family moves to an old inn
called The Herb of Grace, referring to rue,
Herb of Grace O' Sunday is its old fashioned name.

Doesn't this herb remind us of Rue

Here's another vase I arranged in my bedroom,
some pretty pink astilbe.

And Nora is perfect with the pink astilbe,
don't you think?

I'm seeking a less complicated world.
Taking pictures with my phone is one change.
There will be more.

Everything doesn't have to be perfect, does it?


  1. No, we may seek perfection, but we will never find it. The world is just not a perfect place. You may already know this, but if I'm not mistaken, Rue is poisonous, so watch any pets around it.

  2. Dewena,
    Nora looks so sweet next to the pink astilbe. Your phone pictures turned out nicely, and I really like the color of the clematis. I've never heard of the herb rue, but I do appreciate our Rue from An Old-Fashioned World.

    Yes, a less complicated world sounds good to me, Dewena. :~)

    love, ~Sheri

  3. I dont have one but i love clematis!

  4. I used to have an astilbe in a shade garden...loved the feathery plumes. I know that RH takes great photos but I can just hear the clematis saying "MY beauty is unsurpassed no matter what is taking my photo...phone or camera! " :)

  5. Nora looks cute. Beautiful pics...

  6. i've always found simplicity is perfection!
    that is ... if one needs perfection.
    and this post is simply lovely. i like your pictures.
    and nora... well. precious perfect moment. xo♥

  7. Simplicity, in everything.... Yessss!!!!

    and these phone cams are so amazing these days.

    Of course, everything doesn't have to be purrrrrrfect! Isn't this a Movement in Pretty Blog Land now???? No more need to only blog perfection!!!!


  8. You know how I feel about being perfect. It is so not me. I love clematis and I take all of my photos with my phone. It makes life so much easier. xo Laura

  9. Beautiful vine. I love the family photo of Nora. xoxo Su

  10. Perfection, for me, is in the process! Whether it be cooking one's favourite weekend breakfast, working out an enigmatic problem, or taking pretty photos, it's the actual sequence of steps needed to accomplish the activity, that finally makes it rewarding, especially if done at one's own pace, granting time for spontaneity, imagination, and fun.

    The beautiful styling of fresh flowers and herbs, complemented by your personal treasures, make this photo shoot a most special first edition in your anticipated signature series! Darling Nora almost looks as if she's picked that delicate pink bouquet of astilbe, herself!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo essay with us; I look forward to 'reading' the next charming chapter.

    Love to you,

  11. Your beautiful touches are perfect! Love the clematis and the rue and that beautiful plate.

  12. Right there with you in that less complicated world. This is why I write the way I do on my blog (incomplete sentences, improper punctuation). Blame it on a lifetime of proofreading. :)
    Moments ...one of the keys ...which I learned through my dad's battle w/Alzheimer's years ago. Live the moments, and live them as simply as you can,
    Nora looks beautiful, with or without the pink. Love.

  13. I have taken all my blog pictures with my phone. Sometimes I read blogs where the author is apologizing for the photo because she took it with her phone, and I wonder if I should try and up the quality . . . but really, I can't be bothered lugging a camera around. (I do use PicMonkey to adjust exposure, etc.)
    I love Elizabeth Goudge, and read that trilogy this past year. So good.

  14. Me too Dewena! I use my phone a lot! So much easier and saves some time! Enjoyed scrolling through your photos. I love clematis, my parents enjoy growing it in their yard. And Nora! What an angel! I have been thinking of you all week as I now have one very sick dog. I've been up with her at at night all week but last night was the worse, every half-hour or hour on the hour we had to go out. Turns out she has an overgrowth of clostridia bacteria in her intestines, with colitis.... still waiting on the pancreatitis test because apparently it can cause this....I'm so tired a good wind could knock me over! Hope all is well with you and yours (including your sweet pups!)

  15. Your cell phone takes some pretty terrific pictures! I use my cell phone for some of my blog photos, too. We've got to just do what works! Speaking of perfection, your flower arrangements definitely qualify! And sweet Nora looks just perfect next to the astilbe.

  16. Whenever I use my phone, my pictures are wonky. :(

    Perfectly imperfect works for me.

  17. Dewena, I love clematis and have recently seen white clematis, which I never knew existed. One of the positives about being back in the south..I could never get it grow in Texas! And yes, I just love Rue and her blog...she has become such a sweet friend!! :-)

  18. Dewena... don't you know that there's perfection in imperfection? ;)

    Lovely pictures, cell phone or not, and beautiful words. Thank you for being so kind to me.


  19. You and Rue (the blogger) are so alike in your love of old-fashioned things. I love that about both of you. Yes, Nora looks perfectly matched with that lovely pink astilbe. (((Big Hugs)))

  20. Little Nora is a perfect little angel and the pale pink astilbe is lovely. I really like the photo of the clematis, rue and the framed stain glass. What a pretty little vigette in your home! By the way, it's best not to climb latters.....I learned that lessonn the hard way, lol....Linda