Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lost in Paris?

This girl does not want to get lost on the
Boulevards of Paris,
not this shy girl.

This shy girl wants all of her girlfriends to come along.

Tomorrow I'll be asking my sisters if they're 
ready to sail to France with me,
but today I want them to meet two dear girlfriends
who simply must go with us.

[by Van Dongen]

[by A. E. Marty]

These pages would go on forever if I introduced 
all of my wonderful readers to my sisters,
but I do hope you'll all come along
as we celebrate my birthday month in Paris.

And these two friends?
I could go on for pages about them too,
but this quote says it all….

Well, not quite all.
Our friendship was born that way but it went on
through the happy times and the worried times,
through scared times and mad times,
through blogging and not blogging times,
through talking each other's ears off
and through those silent times when we could only
pull the covers over our head.

I'm blessed to have you for friends.

Now anyone who doesn't know these ladies,
go introduce yourself!

I've been listening to French music today…

And I've pulled out 6 movies about France to watch
at night as I dream about traveling there with the ladies.

Tonight it has to be Amelie, don't you think?


  1. A shy girl in Paris... gotta love it!
    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, and your sisters will be thrilled.
    Hope you'll share stories and pics.

  2. My dear Southern Belle,

    What a gorgeous child you were! That field behind you must have looked like it went on forever, and sensing that you were a bright star, full of wonder, even then, I'm sure you were aching to explore it, to simply run through its tall grasses, the cool breeze against your rosy cheeks, if only to get to the other side!

    But this month, you are crossing the Atlantic, and I am meeting you in the city of lights, the most romantic city in the world - a dream come true! I can just see Tam, on a mission, trying to find examples of simplicity and serenity in the French capital, where the Parisians will address her as, 'Madame Minimaliste', or 'Emme Emme', for short! While Tam's teaching 'lagom' to the locals, you and I will steal some time searching for the perfect profiteroles, petits fours, and pain d'├ępices (a cake or quick bread made with rye flour, honey and spices), in an effort to relieve our aching sweet tooth with the finest French pastries!

    Ah, yes, I can just see it now...some quality girlfriend time, before the rest of the gals join us, as we plan the next day's adventures, sipping cocktails on a rooftop terrace in the radiant, dreamy, Paris.

    Are we ready for our hors d'oeuvres, maintenant?


  3. What a great way to get yourself in a French mood. I have been reading and enjoying Tammy's blog for some time now but am not acquainted with Poppy. I'll need to stop over for a visit.

  4. Well there's NO WAY i can top what PrettyPoppy wrote......LOL! i will just second what she said! Ha! Any other May birthday ladies out there?

  5. oh
    ohoh! oh la la! i am gobsmacked! now there's a lovely french word for you!
    your picture... tiny shy girl. i love her. and i love the taller shy girl she grew up to be.
    and that quote of c.s. lewis. that is IT.
    non non mon amies! i want to be eating profiteroles and petit fours as well!!!
    HANG ALL DIETS ... we're in paris!
    and tonight i shall watch amelie as well! i own it too!
    much love to all here... but especially dsm. XOXOXO♥
    and ... i agree with beach gypsy... poppy ALWAYS says it so beautifully! ♥

  6. Dewena,
    You know, Nel's favorite movie is Amelie. I sat down and watched it one night and it was so intriguing, so different, and I really liked it. Oh, I look forward to coming along with you to Paris, and we will celebrate our birthday together this month. Isn't May the best month? Dewena, these illustrated pictures are just delightful.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. Funny, I have been thinking of going to Paris. Our book club just finished a book, The Perfume Collector, which is set in Paris, one of my favorite bloggers wrote about her and her husband's trip to Paris in April for their 40th wedding anniversary, and now you and your Paris trip; I'm ready to book a flight!

  8. I always love how you take us back in time, Dewena, when real women wore hats, and all that jazz. I can't wait for you to share your Paris adventure with us! I know Poppy well; just hopped over to meet Tammy.

  9. How wonderful Dewena! Am I to understand you're going to Paris with your sisters?! What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Are you a Taurus or Gemini?

    Amelie is a movie I haven't seen in a very long time, but I do remember it was charming.

  10. I tried watching Amelie once, but I couldn't get into it. Have you seen Midnight in Paris? It's the kind of movie I could watch over and over again and I have. I love anything with time travel to the past. I'm sure you're shocked ;)