Saturday, May 23, 2015

May View from Dewena's Window

I go into my dressing room and pull the blinds up.

I look up the green hill to where our firstborn
lives with his sweet wife.
When they moved in he would hang Christmas lights
from the deck for me to see and fly Old Glory.
Now, without the Black Angus that once kept
the grass cropped,
nature has taken over and I only catch a glimpse
of his rooftop in winter.

I begin my prayer for the day with this firstborn
and his family.

I look to see what is in bloom today;
it changes throughout the seasons.

And then I pray for our other three children
and their families.

I look at the wall enclosing the white crabapple,
two varieties of wild azaleas we bought
in the mountains of North Carolina.
These have already bloomed,
their beauty so fleeting,
as are the tulips and daffodils that bloom first.

I think of my husband who built the bed
across the creek from my window
and planted it all
just so I could have something beautiful to look at
when I pull the blinds in the morning
and when I do my ironing.

I pray for him.

I notice that the yellow rose continues to struggle
among the larger pink bushes,
but there are always a few blooms.

I pray for my 90 year old mother,
matriarch of our family.

I pray for my sisters and their families.

I look to the left,
towards the road leading to the barn,
and notice that the white mountain azalea
is still blooming.

She's past her peak, her beauty fading,
never very noticeable anyway,
but she's there and will be back next May,
God willing.

I pray for myself and
give thanks for another May morning.


  1. What a beautiful post, Dewena. And what a wonderful view of the flowers from your window. I didn't realize your son just lives up the street. Your husband did a great job on the flower bed. Your mother is 90 years old, that's amazing!

    You know how much I love flowers, so your post was extra special to me today. Happy Memorial Day weekend, my friend. The pictures and your words......I loved it all.


  2. God must surely love your prayers if a mere mortal like me does :)

  3. My sweet friend,

    You are blessed to have a loving, caring family, a beautiful home and garden, and friends who adore you. The bounties of Mother Nature are many, some appear and disappear as fast as the blink of an eye, while others linger a little longer, for it is their fate. All creations of God, each and every living thing is precious, and prayers for safety, love, and peace, for all, are naturally welcomed and appreciated, and your own, as quiet as they may be, I'm certain are heard.

    Thank you for sharing your pretty scenes around Valley View. What a delightful dream they are!

    Wishing you a Happy Memorial weekend,


  4. A beautiful way to begin the day, Dewena. Family is a treasure. Your views are lovely.

  5. I found you from Sheri's blog and wanted to pop on over and say hi. I have to say, I'm glad I did because I certainly enjoyed the visit. What a wonderful post and I agree that prayer is the best way to start each day. I'm so glad to have met you and Happy Memorial Day... :)

  6. I feel like that verse about the azalea could easily be a metaphor about life, especially the life of a former beauty (or not) whose time in the sun has passed,

    Lovely view Dewena, but the view into your heart is even lovelier.

  7. How beautiful. And the garden is not bad either :-)

  8. Gorgeous views from your window! Love your beautiful flowers!

  9. What a lovely view, and what a beautiful way to start each day.

  10. Such a beautiful post, Dewena. Beautiful words to go with beautiful views.

  11. ...if prayers could be seen...the sky from your window would be filled to the are the lives for whom you pray...blessings laney

    1. Laney, thank you for such a beautiful comment. I tried to find you to meet you but couldn't find a way to. If you happen to come back and read this please know that I was so happy to have you visit.

  12. Absolutely beautiful. I know I've said it, but you have such a way with words. I pray for you too, my friend.


  13. I have a lot to catch up on, Miz Dewena! I have missed several of your posts! This one was such a lovely one. I loved looking at your beautiful flowers while you talked about your praying regimen. Just loved it.