Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Let's Step Outside

The first thing I do each morning is open the kitchen door and let Otis outside to go potty. Milo sleeps in later than his brother. 

And this is what I see, only it is of course a morning view, not a sunset view. Our neighbor's pond. Right next door, geese and ducks sailing. 

I'm in heaven. I've been in love with this view since our son sent the following picture of our granddaughters there visiting our new home--remember, they came and blessed the house before we even moved in.

See what I mean? 

All day long, whenever I open my kitchen door, I see this pond.

From morning to sunset.

Here's the kitchen porch.

Want to bet that I haven't spent hours on Pinterest trying to get ideas for this?

Ideas to compensate for the fact that it also has to be home to RH's grills?
He's already claimed it.

Otis has claimed it too. And that blue has got to be painted out.

I know the chain link fence is ugly but I sent a multitude of praises to heaven when I saw it....a safe place for my dear little boys right outside the door! 

Here's the listing photo that shows how large Otis and Milo's new play space is:

Here's one corner of it they run to first. It has a sweet gum tree in it and a little green rabbit that I think will hop inside and appear on the table for Easter.

The house behind us in the upper right corner is our neighbor the pond belongs to. The nice neighbor who brought us a pecan pie to welcome us.

Here's a real oddity. See these rocks?

They have holes in them and they edge nine beds! And there's a stack of them in the barn.

I was like, "What were they thinking?" But you know what? They've grown on me. They kind of suit the yard and 1935 house. It was the farmhouse for all the land around us once upon a time.

These rocks edge the trees inside the dog pen too. 

And the wire fencing is around all the trees in the pen too. Maybe because this was home to five basset hounds? That's got to go.

But lest you think all these foundation plants are going to be ripped out too, 
forgetaboutit. We're not spring chickens, folks. And we're going to be focusing our efforts on adding to, not taking away. And I'm going to hide the pruning shears.

This big maple is another thing I fell in love with before moving here, shown here in the listing photo:

Here it is now and I can't wait to see it put on its green dress as we had three sugar maples at our old house that were my beloved green umbrella. To find this one here was a gift.

And we have one boxwood! I've always wanted boxwood!

The final picture is of a crape myrtle in the front yard, something else we wanted. Can't wait to see what color it will be.

So that's it, lots of potential, low budget. But my blog friend Tara says: "Regardless of your bank account, you have a brain. Figure it out."

Do you know Tara Dillard? Oh you should! I have a notebook full of ideas from reading her posts and a basket full of pages I've printed out. 

If Tara ever comes to speak in Nashville I'm going to be front row center.

For those of you who asked to see pictures of our yard I hope you enjoyed it. I love this place and look forward to each season here. Any and all ideas you have would be appreciated. Flower Lady Lorraine, sure wish I could get even one rose bush here to thrive as yours do!


  1. Your house is charming, Dewena, and what a glorious sunset! Love the pinks and blues swirling around it. I really like the kitchen porch. There's lots you can do with that. The dogs sure have a lot of area to roam around, that's nice. I've always liked the maple trees.

    Yes, when we step outside we can find so many interesting things, if only we look for them. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Oh, this was wonderful! Just as if you were walking me around. Could the fence around the trees be to keep deer away? Or some other critter that might chew the bark? It will be fun to see what pops up in the spring. I love your maple. I miss our old maple. Thanks again for the tour, and I look forward to more pictures!

  3. I loved this tour of your massive yard! What beautiful views you have. You sound so happy once again when you talk about your new home. :-)

  4. What a breathtaking view, Deweena!! Heaven on earth. I love those rock borders!! You have LOTS of wonderful elements to work with. I look forward to seeing it as spring rolls in and summer comes! SOOOOO beautiful!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  5. Oh, Dewena, I am SO happy that you get to see that pretty pond in all its shiny glory, reflecting all the sweet sky's stories at different times of the day. It is almost as if this cottage was patiently waiting for you and R.H. to arrive, for it is equipped with so many features that were on your wish list like the huge backyard and protective fence for Otis and Milo, your beloved sugar maple, crape myrtle, boxwood, and so much more. I don't know what you and your hubby have planned for this outdoor oasis, but what I do know is, it will be your very own personal paradise!

    Happy March!

    Love you lots!
    Poppy xoxo

  6. Otis standing there surveying his domain. I love that!
    and the sunrise over the shared pond. your very own golden pond.
    to have that view from your window... in all times and all seasons. what bliss!
    I agree with our poppy. that farm cottage was just waiting for you.
    and now it's becoming spring. the time of new beginnings.
    it just had to be. and it is!
    love you so much. and so happy for you and RH and little Otis and Milo! XOXOXO♥

  7. It is so nice to stroll around your yard. I love maple trees, too! And that little porch is so sweet. I vote you put some flagstone down outside of it and put the grill there;) But, you'll figure it out! I've always thought how lovely it would be to live near a lake, or on the water somewhere.

  8. I like the rocks!! I think they fit the age of the home and add a little (more) charm. As far as the fence goes, I agree, if it provides safety that's all that matters...and truly...what fence?? All I see is that gorgeous pond! ;)

  9. A pond, a large sugar maple, a fenced in yard...you hit the jackpot Dewena, and I couldn't be happier for you.

    Your yard will shine all year round, but especially in the Spring and Fall. Everything was made especially for you!


  10. Dear Dewena ~ Thanks for the tour! That is such a nice place and that pond of your neighbors is wonderful! You do have a lot of potential there and will have so much fun putting your own stamp on the place.

    If I can grow roses down here in hot, humid, 'sand land', you certainly can grow them up there. Check out what roses will grow in your zone, I know there are plenty for you to enjoy. Just start with one or two and before you know it, you'll have a collection. :-)

    The rocks are a nice touch for bordering beds. I like rocks too. You can get some type of vines for the chainlink, or plant a hedge of some sort.

    I follow Tara. She's a wealth of information and photos.

    I'm so happy you have this place. Enjoy.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  11. Foundation plants, indeed. You have a great start, Dewena. As you probably know, we've started from scratch with all our planting here and it is a TON of work. You're very fortunate to have so much already growing. And I love that pond! xo

  12. You're smart to stick with Tara and Rainey for suggestions...not me. While I have plenty of suggestions, not sure any of them would work. A neighbor who brings pie...my new BFF! As to chain link fences...a friend told me NO and I said YES. She, a former realtor, said it would lower the real estate value of where ever I lived and I said, "Like that bothers me?" The same fence that went UP can always come DOWN...knowwhatimean?! The little porch...sweet but I would enlarge so I could plunk a couple of chairs down, with a little table, and lax and unlax. I don't grow roses, have tried and failed. Maybe I tried too hard because everything else I've planted is going gang busters. I SO want a pond with my next place.

  13. How beautiful to see that sunrise over the pond. Very pretty. Glad you are loving your home and that pretty view. Your home is sweet and cozy.

  14. Dewena, I love it! I subscribed to Tara, too, thank you so much!

  15. That is an awesome view! Just drenches you with gratefulness every time you look at it, I'm sure! I love boxwoods for clipping little branches out and putting them in a vase as "filler" with other flowers. They last a long time like that and look so different and pretty. Have fun in that gorgeous yard!

  16. That yard is perfect for your pups, isn't it? Probably we can all relate to low-budget, especially the time and energy budgets! One of my concessions to age and other limits was No More Roses in my garden. I have so many beautiful things in my life now, and in my past... I'm getting used to and enjoying Less is More.

  17. I am in love with your new property as well!! I planted a crepe myrtle years ago at an old home but we are far too north for it to do anything....I tried in a sheltered location but no good. Oh well. Can't wait to see your gardens in spring!

  18. We make concessions for the ones we love...concessions in the form of chain link fences and barbecue grilles. From my french doors leading out to the back garden, I overlook the grill with its faded gray cover to the birch tree beyond it. The salmon that comes from that grill is worth the eyesore.

    My favorite line in this post is your line "I'm in heaven." I had trouble picturing you in Florida. This place just seems to suit.

    Yes to more photos from your garden in spring!

  19. Dewena, I just love your home! That view is absolutely breathtaking! I would just sit out there all day taking it all in. The yard is gorgeous and I think with all of the improvements you two will make, it will make it even more so! Those rocks are perfect...keep those!! Crepe Myrtles are one of my favorites...always so colorful and vibrant!! Thank you so much for sharing the photos of TN...I miss it so!! We were talking about it at a function last night! Much love to you sweet friend!!

  20. I also love you new home and such great outdoor space. I don't know if I would of noticed the fence is you hadn't mentioned it. I think the rocks are kind of like their belonged to the house. I love boxwood and like to use clipping to make holiday wreaths in winter. Crepe Myrtle is a great shrub. My PIL lived in Tn, Columbia. Whenever we visited we always scurried to different locations...

  21. Hello,
    Thank you for the tour. I love, the big yard. That will be fun.
    I like the rocks.
    My very favorite, is your view. :-)

  22. I think you have a great home and property, Dewena. Don't fret the fence, we have it on two sides of our backyard. I've planted all sorts of bushes and even some mulberries that grow 15 feet if you don't trim them. It helps obscure a bit, but most of all, I know my dogs are safe. And the greenery around your house...great insulation and helps with any sort of leakage or water damage.

    I love your rock borders...they do the job. A manicured border without rocks or stone or whatever is hard to keep neat.

    Enough from me. Love your new home and i'm sure the inhabitants (as in you and your sweet husband) will draw family who will love it, too!

    Jane xxx

  23. Dewena,
    I love your new home! So much charm and an amazing yard. You will have fun making it your own. I want boxwood too...love that stuff!I see so much potential and I can't wait to see what you do! Above all, enjoy! xo

  24. I love sunrises too! Your setting is beautiful. No wonder you're so happy - your new nest looks perfect.

  25. Oh Dewena you have an outdoor heaven there! :)

  26. These is so much to love in your new home, Dewena. And how very nice to start your day looking at all that beauty. I'm happy for you.

  27. I've so enjoyed looking at all of your photographs.
    Lovely to see your two grand-daughters.
    What views, what space.

    Simply enjoy every moment - I think you will!

    All the best Jan

  28. Hi Dewena! Happy to meet you today... love the view from your kitchen window, how amazing is it to see the glorious skies like that in the morning! And the pond too, oh it will be so wonderful. You have a lot of potential to work with, and come spring it will be so exciting to see what blooms too! Those rocks are definitely unique, wonder if there is a story behind them? Hugs to you today :)

  29. I'm in love with your new/old house, too :-)

  30. Thanks for Stopping over at my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Love the way you named your blog. Awesome.

  31. Love the place. So nice looking. I kind of like the rock borders....great job.

  32. I have pond-envy! I've always said that someday, I'd to live somewhere with a water view. Doesn't have to be big, but there's something about looking at water that I find so soothing. Your sunrise pictures are beautiful! Enjoy your new home - inside and out!