Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Gladys Taber

Today I look through Stillmeadow Album
in honor of Gladys Taber's birthday.
To see her house in Connecticut,
the rooms she lived in,
the gardens she walked through,
as always, brings her closer.

I have watched our violets spread year after year,
planted because Gladys loved them so much.

"There is the sky, now in April like a soft blue pearl,
and there is the moon, a silver shaving in her field of stars,
and the air, breathing of violets."
Stillmeadow Seasons

"Dusk falls sweetly and softly in April,"
Gladys claims,
and as dusk falls this evening,
April 12th,
I will think of Gladys Taber 
and the joy her many books have brought me.
I will especially think of her sitting at the desk
where she wrote them.
To me, and countless others over the years,
this desk belonged to a good friend.

Happy Birthday, Gladys Taber!