Monday, June 9, 2014

My 1977 Kitchen

After the previous post of my 1974 kitchen,
I decided to include the few pictures of the area
dated in 1977.

Here is the dining end of the kitchen
where the chandelier hangs in the same
spot that was Mama's dining room.
The table is set with Spode's Billingsley Rose
that I passed on to a daughter-in-law who loves pink.

Here is a picture of the dishwasher.
I know, you think I'll be showing a photo
of my sock drawer next.

The shelf to the right holds years and years
of Gourmet Magazine. 
Still in the 1970s, folks. 
If there was an inch of space available,
I found something to put on it.

Next is my cookbook area and most of these
cookbooks are still used.

That's my painting above. 
I only painted when I was pregnant.

Here's another painting of mine above the fireplace
in the den that was next to the kitchen.
Obviously this picture was not taken in winter.
The birch logs wouldn't have been there then.
There was a fire on the hearth both when we lived here
and when my parents and my sisters and I lived here.

Every Saturday night when I was growing up in this house
meant that Daddy cooked burgers in the fireplace in cold weather and we watched Bonanza.
In nice weather he grilled them outside on this patio.
Mama always made French fries to go with the burgers.
And we were allowed one Coca-Cola each that night,
the small green bottles it used to come in.

Ah, memories!

In the next post I'll show the few pictures I have
of the remodel we did in the kitchen in 1978,
one year before we sold it and moved.

I miss that house.
It would have been paid for so long ago!

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