Monday, June 9, 2014

My 1978 Kitchen

Here we are, the last 3 pictures of my 1970s kitchen.
How I wish they were better photos,
but who knew there would be a blogging world someday.

The remodel consisted of removing the old countertops
and installing black Formica. 
Here you see a portion of it under our daughter's 
birthday cake. 
I was thrilled with that Formica.

The birthday cake sits on the newly built peninsula,
not an island.
I don't think there were kitchen islands in 1978.
Look behind our son and his fabulous Lego creation
to see the open shelves where my shiny aluminum sits.

Unbelievably, we did not take one photo of a major
addition during this remodel,
a large built-in wall cabinet we designed with
cubbyholes to hold my extensive glass
juicer collection.
It was a beauty, with beveled edges.
I spent the 1990s giving away the juicers as gifts.

Here is the last picture from 1978.
We moved a smaller table into the kitchen
and turned the adjoining room into a dining room.

Oh, and the wall hanging behind Christy and Gurn?
I pieced it from samplers that my Brownie troop girls
made for the Bicentennial celebration of 1976.
Still have it, just not on a wall.
The Coca-Cola lamp is what R.H. had made for me
by a stainless glass artist,
exactly to the original specifications.
It hangs over my office desk now.

There you are, our 1970s kitchen.

Thank you, Mama and Daddy,
for letting us buy your wonderful house.

We have many happy memories of our years there.

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