Monday, September 22, 2014

"Ode to the End of Summer"

"Summer, adieu.
Adieu, gregarious season.
Good-by, 'revoir, farewell…"

Phyllis McGiney
"Ode to the End of Summer"
in Times Three

I celebrated the end of summer by putting away the summer bedding in the pictures here, linens that were so welcome last Spring and now, on this day with the windows open to a chilly breeze blowing through, seemed as faded and tired as most of the flowers outside. 

Even the embroidered peacock on a vintage sheet I bought at a flea market in the '70s has lost its charm. Time for him to hibernate. 

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the bed all dressed for Autumn--and finish Phyllis McGinley's poem. I'm sure she would have been thrilled to know that her poetry was illustrating my sheets. She most likely would not have liked my weird assortment of patterns in my bedroom but this is one room where I indulge my love of Cozy Farmhouse decor. And I haven't bought matching sheets in over 30 years, ever since I purchased matching everything for the bed and was stuck with it for years. 

Do I sound as uninspired tonight as I think I do? It's been a long day. R.H. and I have done fall housecleaning all day. Okay, I admit that I mostly did basic stuff while my husband vacuumed walls--he pointed out how dusty they were with a flashlight--mopped floors, mopped under the beds, cleaned his bathroom from top to bottom including washing the walls, cleaned baseboards, vacuumed and aired all 8 dog beds outside, AND grilled chicken outside for our supper. And other stuff that I can't remember.

Is he a keeper or what?

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