Friday, September 26, 2014

Where's My Fashion Style?

There's probably a reason I never, absolutely never, blog about fashion.

I don't blog about nuclear physics, either.

But I do know that when I see Autumn styles, I want this…

I want plaids, woolens, nubby textiles, rich Autumn colors.

So I go to Goodwill and add to the jackets in my closet,
never able to resist them but never really knowing how to use them either.

I turned to Pinterest today for help.
How could I use this 1960s Fashion Bug jacket I found at Goodwill?

Could I somehow make it look like this outfit? 

I doubt it.

What about this red plaid jacket with black velvet collar?

Would this inspire me?

Do you think I could pull off that look? I wish!

I love this short jacket I found at Goodwill a few years ago…

Maybe this look?

I have a black purse fairly similar to that, well almost.
I could buy a red plaid scarf.

There's this old Pendleton jacket I snapped up at GW…

How about copying this look?

Hmm, black leather purse again.
I have some red flannel sweatpants,
and I could borrow R.H.'s black rubber boots.

But no, here's the look I'd prefer…

Might need to actually buy some boots for that one
and maybe order new legs, etc. too?

Here's the prevalent look when I searched for 
Autumn plaid jackets on Pinterest…


Hey, I used to have skinny legs like that,

when I was 13.

Or was I just 12 there, posing at Myrtle Beach
with my Uncle Leon?
Even then he had better calves than I did.

Wait! I've found it, my Fashion Style!

She probably has the attitude necessary to pull it off.

I guess attitude goes a long way in fashion

and these ladies have plenty of it.

I love the ladies on the Advanced Style blog.

Wish I could get them to tell me how to use my Goodwill jackets.

(Oh, no, not that, ladies!)

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