Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ads That Sold -- Thermador


I never thought I would be cooking with gas,
and I never thought I would be using
Thermador appliances.

But I am, if only temporarily.

Refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave
and convection oven are all Thermador.

But it is the 6-burner gas range that has been my...
my nemesis.

I have burned 80% of all I've cooked
on these burners.

After all, below is the stove I've been used to...

Cozy, friendly, known.

But I'm learning how to tame this monster.


Unless I'm boiling water,
this is the only setting I use...

And even then I don't dare turn my back on it.

My green Le Cruset sits on top of it all the time,
it's too heavy to try to store.

I use it for pot roasts and Bolognese sauce,
but mostly I use it for soups.

Leftover chicken and broths turn into one of
many favorite chicken soup recipes,
enriched with a box of my favorite broth.

This time it was a Congee, 
an Asian porridge that is pure comfort food.

Recipes abound online but be sure to
allow plenty of time for the rice to cook
almost to a gruel.

Soups are my favorite meals and I love soup pots.
I use this smaller All-Clad soup pot too.

This large pot doesn't get as much use
now that we've moved.

But its pasta inserts came in handy for many
pasta-based meals in past years.

Good tools last forever and this Thermador
range will last long after we've moved
to the small house we're looking for.

As long as I keep it on simmer.

Next to tackle the oven.
I've only used it three times.

Those whoosh noises emitting from its depths
make me jump every time.

I'll get used to this Thermador range--
I even lit up with happiness when I spotted
the Thermador ad in this fabulous1960
House & Garden the other day.

It's kind of nice getting to use these
Thermador appliances.

But about the time I catch on,
we'll be moving to a small house,
small kitchen.

I'm already studying ideas for small kitchens.

But where will I store all these big soup pots?


  1. Living in reverse. Only ever cooked on gas, new house is electric. After a year, finally not burning everything.

    Our new home, 1 story, ca. 1900 American farmhouse, is too big. Love it, but will create a life of choices, about moving if needed.

    Hope you find the exact house you want.


  2. I have a gas stove and am used to it, preferring it over electric, but that range of yours sounds like it has a life of its own!

  3. I've never had a gas stove, but I sure would love to try it. This post about soups is comforting today, as we woke to fog and drizzle. I may have to get my cookbooks out and find a soup recipe for supper.

    Good luck with your house hunting, Dewena.

  4. LOL!
    I was the opposite! I usually had a gas stove. the first time I cooked on an electric ... when I turned it to 'low' it kept boiling! nobody told me it didn't cool down immediately like the gas flame did when I turned it down low!
    I too love soups. and I can't wait for the summer to be over so I can enjoy them. right now it's just too hot.
    I've been eating food that you don't cook! even at that my A/C runs non stop! goodness. wonder what it would do if I BAKED something!!! :)

  5. I think I would love that stove! I never realized there would be such a difference between gas and electric. I've always had gas. At least as an adult on my own. It just seems like there's more control with it, but if you have to always keep yours very low, it must be one powerful stove!

  6. I was afraid to try a gas stove, but a chef friend talked me into it and now I love it. It does take a little getting used to, but I feel like I can control the heat better, and when it's off . . . it's OFF. Hang in there, you have some pretty pots to practice with!

  7. It's a beautiful appliance, Dewena, and I'm certain that once one learns to maneuver its many functions, masterpiece after masterpiece is sure to be baked, boiled, steamed and sauteed! But, until then, 'simmer' sounds like the ideal setting to get those scrumptious meals on the table safely! Case in point: your Congee!


  8. I love cooking with gas. Once you get use to it you will love it. Just takes some time to get use too. I love soups too. I even make soup in the summer months when it is not as popular. Have a great new week.

  9. I prefer gas too, for th control and the instant on and off it allows. I wouldn't get rid of those pots. They are sure to get good use on damp winter days.

  10. I grew up with gas and cooked with it in my first house. Here, it's electric. Funny, I really do prefer the electric stove. I know that everyone says gas is the way to go, but then again, I am no great cook! Enjoy your appliances while you have them!

  11. I'll take that Thermador off your hands, Dewena!! And you can always find place to store the items you love - high shelving over doorways in hallways perhaps, for those items you use less often?

  12. :-) I do hear ya about stoves/ovens. I grew up with gas. Now I have electric. I prefer gas, especially with all the preserving I do. You are right, you eventually get use to things.
    I am excited to see what you come up with for the small kitchen.

  13. I love cooking on a gas stove - it's so easy to control the heat! Most houses here in IL have gas ranges; electric is rare - and supposedly harder to cook on than gas. I remember when I was growing up, we had an electric stove and my mom hated it. She couldn't wait until we got a new gas range. Anyway, your Thermador range sure is gorgeous! I think you will soon learn to love it. :-)

  14. I'm sorry, Dewena...What was the question? I was so distracted by your lovely, spinach-green Le Creuset and your granite countertops that I wandered off for a minute.

    I have been cooking on gas for 24 years. I used to be afraid of the flame, but now we are great friends. If I was a range with 6 burners, I'd be feeling a little aggressive myself--just growl a little at it each time you enter the kitchen and show it who's boss.

    As for the soup pots: when in doubt...put a plant in it.

  15. I hear that a lot of people love gas, but not this girl! I wouldn't go near it. I love my electric stove. Have you been looking at any houses yet? I'm so excited for you, and hoping you share the ones you see.

  16. Dewena, I've had gas stoves for a long time, and you just get used to them. I'm sure you will too. I love that green pot, it's so functional and pretty. The Congee dish looks so delicious. Isn't that 1960 Home and Garden Magazine delightful? I think you're going to love your smaller house. So much easier to clean.

    It's nice to see you're settling in your new space, Dewena.

    love, ~Sheri

  17. I never cooked on anything other than gas and love it. I have a professional stove too, when you cook turn down the temp down by 25 degrees when using the oven. professional stoves are MUCH more powerful than regular stove. It it call for high start with medium...The only problem I have is not being able to turn the stove down to a true simmer...which is a hassle in cooking for me. just too much power. Good Luck!

  18. I know you'll appreciate smaller and easier to use! heehee! It's nice to enjoy both worlds though! Hugs!

  19. I've always had gas stoves, except for once, and I did not have great success with that electric stove! I guess it's all what we get used to. A couple of years ago, we replaced our cooktop - which was a Thermador -- with a Viking. We had so many problems with the Viking, that we sent it back and replaced it with another Thermador. I'm much happier now! I think you should hold onto the big pots, even if you have to store them in the garage!

  20. I just love Le Cruset and your green pot looks perfect.

    All the best Jan