Monday, August 22, 2016

The Grocery Cart Mysteries

Any other Louise Penny mystery fans out there?

This is the time of year we await her latest Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novel.

My copy of A Great Reckoning: A Novel was pre-ordered and is due to arrive on August 30. That means I'll be pretty much incommunicado from then until I finish it. 

[April 2016 when I'm still on a no dessert diet.]

Here's hoping all my favorite characters will still be alive--and not arrested--in the new novel, including and most of all, Armand himself. Don't tell R.H. but Armand does make my heart go pitter-patter.

[Memorial Day weekend.]

But one other character from the hidden village of Three Pines most intrigues me, that is a bookshop owner named Myrna. I hope her whole story will be told in a future Penny book.

[Late July, pre-doctor appointment grocery cart.]

Myrna is wise and intuitive but most likely as flawed as most of us are. Myrna feels that "if she could just get a good look at a person's bookcases and their grocery cart, she'd pretty much know who they were."

[Same grocery cart as above;
what item did I break before this 
grocery trip? And what "school supply
can I absolutely not run out of?]

Would Myrna have you figured out if she saw yours? Your bookcases and your grocery cart?

My bookcases might be fairly easy for Myrna to sum up since I winnowed my books down to my bare bones essential self when we moved from Tennessee to Florida this spring. Let's save bookcases for another post and focus on grocery carts now.

[August; after hearing lab report at
doctor's appointment.]

Can you put on your detective hat, look at four of my grocery carts since we moved here, and tell me what you know about me?

[Same grocery cart as above, but some
ingredients might mean a TN son is coming
to see us--just saying.]

And what about you? What would your grocery cart tell us about you? 

[These did not get put in my grocery cart
even though I lusted after them.
Can you tell me why?]

I'll start you off by telling you one thing that is always in my grocery cart here in the sunny state of Florida--my pale yellow Sunbrella! I don't leave home without it.

[Saturday's loot from Atlantic Beach
Farmer's Market. There's homemade sun-dried tomato/basil pasta there and rosemary olive bread. Small coconut-pineapple loaf for R.H.
Blistering hot day, 
very grateful for my Sunbrella.]

Are you as sharp as Myrna? Can you solve the grocery cart mysteries?


  1. A great post, Dewena. Yes, I'm a fan of Armand Gamache, too, and have pre-ordered the book. Unfortunately school begins (for teachers) just before then, so I'm going to have to be a little patient and carve out as much time as possible to get that book devoured.
    As to the grocery cart - you're not lactose intolerant, you write regularly in notebooks, you wear reading glasses, you cook vegetables from scratch, and you eat healthily.

  2. I don't read Louise Penny, sorry - I've heard she's a wonderful author but I'm not a fan of mysteries. I do love peeking into other people's grocery carts though or seeing what the person in front of me is putting on the conveyer belt...and I also love looking at people's bookcases, too! I do think both can tell you a lot about the person. Funny thing is - I was in the grocery store on Sunday and there was a mom and dad with 5 kids in front of me. Their entire purchase was nothing but "junk"...Pop Tarts, sugary cereal, frozen pizzas, canned soups, chips, etc. Made me sad. Let's see...your carts tell me you like to cook and with quality ingredients, you like to write...maybe a list keeper? broke your reading glasses, and you're upping your veggie intake after that doctor's appointment!

  3. Sit looks like you are making wise and delicious choices now yummy! I haven't read Louise Penny and missed a great opportunity to see her a few years ago when her book was chosen as the One Book Bradford selection and she came to town. Each year one book is chosen for the town to read and the library plans activities to match. I don't know how I missed out that year. I will have to catch up. The mysteries sound like you've really enjoyed them.

  4. You have a lot of healthy foods in your cart / little 'junk' and did not buy the magazines because they are all so expensive now but much thinner and not worth the money?

  5. ohmygosh.
    your grocery carts make me wish I had a personal chef.
    I too enjoy peeking into other people's carts as I wait in the check out line.
    mine never looks that healthy. though I do love fresh fruit.
    YOURS tells me you love to cook. and you're a healthy eater!
    the ice cream... oh YES. my favorite. there's no hope for me.
    and once again I must start reading Louise Penny from the beginning. I just finished an autobiography of Agatha Christie ... so I'm in a cozy mystery mood! XO
    with the cottage still on the horizon... would the magazines make you too unhappy?
    that's where a teaspoon of the haagen dass comes in! LOL!

  6. I am a huge fan of mysteries...about all I glad to hear about this series that I did not know about? Your cart looks like you are on a healthier cart would show I am gluten and dairy free, ugh!. It would also show I make everything from scratch....I'd pass on the magazines too, way to expensive...

  7. Yes to Louise Penny's books...wonderful reads, great characters! As times goes by, I eat more and more poorly. When cold weather sets in, the slow cooker will be, once again, my meal salvation.
    Yes to being happy where we are and not where we aren't. Or, yes to being content with the changes God has allowed. I have to say, Dewena, it's damned hard some days but if God has gotten tired of hearing me say..."ABBA!", He hasn't said.

  8. Ahhhhh...Your cart says you're a cook who watches what she eats and knows quality.

    Looking at someone's cart can be deceiving...mine looks a LOT different when I'm shopping just for the 2 of us than not. As for my bookcases, I usually don't save too many books although I have a few. I guess you could tell I'm a nester if you saw mine as half of them are Alexandra Stoddard lol.

    I rarely buy magazines. Way too expensive and not much substance. Did you pass because of that or because you are not in your forever home yet?

  9. The magazines are super cute on the cover but not so much on the inside anymore and they are getting so expensive. With pinterest you can look at all the cottage goodies for free. Sometimes though I like to have the magazines in hand to flip through. So sad they are getting so expensive. Looks good in your cart very healthy.

  10. You obviously broke your reading glasses-something I can't live without!! You have gone from eating what you want to healthy eating. You love to write, so like me you stock up on notebooks. You may have given up mags due to cost and substance....
    I haven't read any Louise Penny books but it is on my library list now! I love my mysteries.

  11. I have not read Louise Penny books though they are on my reading list! Did you say Rosemary Olive bread??? Oh my, it's been a while since I had a nice piece of bread....sigh....doing weight watcher's right now. But that sure sounds wonderful! Your grocery cart is full of healthy choices! Mine is too these days! Take care!

  12. Very interesting. Whenever I run into someone at the Piggly Wiggly, which is every single time I go, I'm always wondering if they're checking out my cart to see how much wine I have in there! I also don't like anyone to see my toilet paper. I know, weird, right?

  13. I've been meaning to eat up a few of these books...I LOVE mysteries. Should I start at the beginning?

    I am very nosy by nature so I'm always looking in carts and at what people are buying, and then I make up my own version of their lifestyles!! Ha! I would say you keep on the healthy track and enjoy cooking from scratch which must also mean you like to cook. You are definitely organized and a meal planner. The magazine thing, time between cooking and reading?

    Love this post, Dewena. You are a delight!


  14. I am lusting after those magazines too ♥

  15. Looks to me like you eat very healthy...and that you might just have to watch your sugar. Oh....and you love to cook! But you hate the gas range you are currently using. How did I do? 😊

  16. I can see that you definitely cook from scratch, and that is the best! You wear reading glasses, and like me, you've got them off and on as you go up and down the aisles in the grocery store. I enjoy Louise Penney too but will wait to read the upcoming book while on holiday in November.

  17. What I can tell is that you cook real food! Lots of nice, colorful vegetables. I wish, I wish I liked the LP books. I used to read her blog and she seems like a wonderful person, but I just don't like the stories. I've read two or three and said, no more. And yes, you could tell a lot about me from my cart and my book shelves!

  18. I think the caption do not leave home without your Sunbrella does spring to mind!

    Lovely to see healthy whole fresh foods shopping cart!

    Enjoy your new book 30 August is just around the corner!

    All the best Jan

  19. I agree with everyone above! Lol lots of good colorful vegetables there and this was a fun post!! I am so shocked at the magazines!!---pick some up and they are 9.99 and some 12.99!! I remember when you could buy a nice hardback book for that!

  20. Your grocery cart is filled with good foods, Dewena, and just a few goodies, which we all splurge on at times. Cottage Home Style is such a charming magazine. I'll be sure to pick the latest one up. :)

    Have a restful weekend, sweet friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  21. I love the variety of your grocery cart, Dewena - ready to cater to any sudden cravings that may come on!

    Hmm...perhaps you didn't purchase the very pretty decorating magazines because, like me, a)they've simply become to expensive and b)they've been replaced by just as pretty blogs!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend,


  22. What fun! I love to look in grocery carts and yours are filled with some of my favorite things. I have to skip figuring out what is missing now though because I am SO excited to talk about Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. I told my hubby if anything ever happens to him, I'm going after Gamache! haha! I love him...and his lovely wife of course! Can't wait for the newest book to come out. I better get in the library queue. Enjoy your day! The BEST groceries come from the farmer's mkt! Hugs, Diane

  23. love the pics and your post - my grocery cart - well it is usually my husband's who does the shopping but i help with the lists. Mine if I was doing the shopping would show a lot of different pasta shapes - some Starlight Mints - and yogurt, grapes, flax seen, bran, wheat germ and probably altoids. Oh yeah Multigrain Cheerios, bird seed for the birds, cat food, laundry detergent and the newest scented room spray. Probably a few veggies also but not that much meat -chicken mostly that can be done many ways.

  24. Wonderful grocery cart filled with healthy goodness. My cart always has lots of lettuce, veggies, sparkling water, whole grains and plenty of Dove chocolate!
    Happy first of September:)

  25. Guessing you are on a low fat, sugar free diet, but every now and then, you might indulge (who wouldn't?!!). You can't live without spiral notebooks to jot down thoughts that come to mind; or for journaling; you broke the reading glasses. The magazines didn't come home with you because you have a stack of unread magazines at home to catch up on first. Really enjoyed this post, Dewena, but I always enjoy your posts!

  26. HA! I come back for a visit to blogland to find that you are gone! Hope to 'see you' soon. xo Diana

  27. Having just read your new post above, I hope you are having a wonderful break ... take care

    All the best Jan


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