Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Glimpse of Lilac

A glimpse out the window on a rainy day
and there is lilac.

Can you see it?

Never having had a lilac,
we didn't know.

So that's what this bush was,
a lilac
that Gladys Taber believed
was loveliest of all.

All shrubbery here having been pruned
for the house to go on the market,
probably at the wrong time of year,
there were only three clusters this April.

I cut one sprig for the house.
And it was enough happiness for one woman.

You might not be able to stand me if I had armfuls.

"There is enough beauty in lilac for a lifetime." 
Gladys Taber

A Bountiful Easter to all of you--

from Dewena and RH


  1. I have multiple lilac shrubs on my property, and planted a few more when I moved in....that's how much I LOVE lilacs!! Gladys Taber was right! I love bringing their sweet scented blossoms into the house, I put them in a pitcher right next to the kitchen sink so I can enjoy their fragrance up close. By the way, Mrs. Meyers has a limited edition scent this year....Lilac (and also a Peony scent) - I bet you would love it! Of course I got them both, I love their cleaning products!

  2. Dewena, I love lilacs also. I have two bushes that I got starts from my mother's old yard in town. When my mother moved into the little red house on the corner, there were three lilac bushes and some irises . We never ever had a yard with flowers. Too many stomping running kid feet, for anything to grow. There were eleven of us kids. So for mom to have lilacs and irises, she was in heaven and they became her all time favorites. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. SO happy for you that you have lilacs! I didn't think they grew that far south, but I was sure wrong! There is nothing like the smell. It is the state flower of NH.

  4. oh! that takes me straight back to my gram in upstate NY.
    she loved them so. only hers were the huge common lilac.
    yours looks like it might be a persian lilac. smaller blooms but just as beautiful and fragrant if not even more so and definitely more heat tolerant! they're what we have here too.
    it's cloudy and promising rain. I sure hope so!
    have a wonderfully lilac scented and blessed easter darling bean. XOXO♥

  5. It's lovely! One is better than none. Happy Easter weekend!

  6. There were many lilacs when we lived in Northern New Mexico. I had never been around them before. Unfortunately, that was when I learned that I couldn't breathe when they were blooming!

  7. There is nothing like a lilac to perfume a room. I had a French lilac once but in the haste of landscaping I let my husband pull it up and throw it away. Worst decision ever! Now I have a small one growing in a pot. I hope it blooms this year.

  8. That is absolutely gorgeous!! Maybe it will bloom again...I know nothing about lilacs except that they are pretty! :-) Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Easter! Love and hugs sweet friend!!

  9. I can smell your lilac from here, Dewena. It looks so pretty in your vase.

    Happy Easter to you and family, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. Growing up, our neighbor had a lilac bush and she would give me bunches to bring home to my mom. So many sweet memories wrapped up in that smell. Enjoy them and Happy Easter to you in your new home, Dewena. :)

  11. What an unexpected blessing.
    I do love lilacs as well and their sweet sweet smell.

  12. Oh, Dewena, the sweet surprises that keep sprouting in your cozy cottage never cease to amaze me! Even through a blurry, rain stained window, that dab of pretty purple between shades of dewy green, must have made your heart skip a beat, knowing that if your hunch was right, every spring you'd be gifted with sweetly scented lilacs!

    I've tried growing them in the past, only managing to be greeted by a few small handfuls, but they were just enough to bring me back to my childhood memories of them in Canada. They don't thrive in this Cretan climate!

    The Greek name for Lilacs is 'Easters', as they bloom around this most joyous time.

    Enjoy them, my friend!

    Wishing you and your family a beautiful and blessed Easter!


  13. Such a sweet heavenly scent... and so beautiful! I can't wait til next year; I know it will be FULL of blooms!! Happy Easter, dear Dewena! blessings ~ tanna

  14. Love lilacs! They remind me of my mother, who was from Rochester NY, where there is an annual Lilac Festival (May 12-21 this year). To prune lilacs, it needs to be immediately after the blooms fade, otherwise the following year's blooms are sacrificed, as the next season's flowers bud almost immediately. Happy Easter, Dewena.

  15. Your sweet cottage is bringing forth many beautiful gifts Dewena!

    Lilac is so lovely and smells like, well, lilac! ;). What can be better?


  16. Yes, Lilac should only be pruned right after they that you did get to see a few blooms and look forward to next years lush blooms...they smell divine don't they!

  17. I've never had a lilac before, but adore them! Happy Easter to you.

  18. I have a white one and want a purple one. The scent is heavenly. Happy Easter

  19. Love love love lilacs and hope to have a bush or two in the new house.
    They smell devine and look so pretty. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

  20. As far as I know, I've never seen or smelled a lilac in real life. I have heard they smell wonderful and from photos I can see they are beautiful.

    Have a love Easter dear Dewena ~ FlowerLady

  21. Aren't lilacs wonderful! The blossoms last such a short time, so enjoy them. We have one huge lilac bush in our backyard and right now it has pretty green leaves and flower buds...with the warmer weather this weekend and sunshine, they will be bursting into bloom very soon. Happy Easter to you and your hubby!

  22. My favorite flower of all. An intoxicating scent, to be sure. xo

  23. Lilacs are just so beautiful ...

    My good wishes to you and RH
    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend

    All the best Jan

  24. Oh, I love, love lilacs!! We have a lilac bush but I can't see it from my window. I, too, cut some flowers but they don't last long when cut. They are just lovely! Mackinaw Island, here in northern Michigan, has an annual lilac festival. Some of the homes around here have huge bushes, almost like trees.
    Have a Happy Easter Dewena! xo Deborah

  25. Gorgeous, Dewena! I've been thinking that I'll plant a few lilac bushes for over thirty years! Ha...they'd be wondrous by now! My husband has fond memories of growing up with lilacs in their garden, and he was afraid of all the bees. I have a great area in the back of our yard and he would never, never be back that far since his love for the outdoors involves that large body of water we call the lake!!

    Sending love and Easter blessing, my dear friend!

    Jane x

  26. Happy Easter my friend. I do love lilacs.
    xx oo


  28. It's the one thing in our yard that smells beautiful!

  29. Happy Easter Monday Dewena!
    How fortunate you are to have a Lilac. One of my very favorite flowering Trees. Growing up in Idaho we were blessed with them too and their sweet fragrance is one of the finest of all.
    Not to mention their beauty:)

  30. Love the Gladys Taber quote. We are blessed to have a neighbor with lilac bushes that must be 25 years old. They reach over our high fence and produce a wall of beautiful flowers each spring. The fragrance is heavenly!

  31. How lovely to have lilacs in your new home. Where we frequently walk, a lilac bush hangs over the public pathway and I clip a cluster or two. The tree sends up shoots and starters that the city clears away mid-summer, so last year we dug up a couple of starters and brought them home. They will bloom in a few years, I hope. I have another couple of lilac bushes that are tightly budded now and I'm just biding my time until they bloom. Such beautifully scented blooms.
    Enjoy your very own lilacs.

  32. How serendipitous that Gladys Taber loved lilacs and you have some at your new cottage! It was meant to be, my friend. Gorgeous photos too :)

    love to you,

  33. I adore lilacs! When we moved to this house, there was a bush on the property line with the house next door. We thought it was ours, but our neighbor pruned it, and it never bloomed again :( We didn't have another spot to plant one, but I would love it. The scent is intoxicating!


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