Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ever Feel Like Eating Grass?

Our Mr. & Mrs. Smith do.

But do you ever feel like this?

"I feel like a sick dog that wants to go out and eat nothing but grass--only I would prefer asparagus, green peas, green string beans (small kind--no strings), green spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
in Bring Me a Unicorn

Spring does this to me, does it you?

I crave asparagus...

I crave Florida green beans
(with new potatoes)...

Most of all I crave broccoli,
and broccoli salad too...

Let's throw in some scallions, bell peppers,
and jalapenos with the broccoli florets.
Then add some dried cranberries, crisp bacon,
juicy little tomatoes,
and while we're at it saute pecans
with a little sea salt. 
Don't forget to stir a little dressing into it
of mayo, drizzle of olive oil, a little champagne wine 
vinegar, salt and pepper.

This recipe is from a favorite cookbook,
Nathalie Dupree's Matter of Taste.

What else did we have?

A simple recipe from my trusty
Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook,
that I made long ago as a newlywed.
A hamburger pie topped with mashed potatoes
cooked in a black iron skillet.

Man cannot live by greens alone,
at least my man can't.

Here's something else green we can make a meal on.

Do you love guacamole as much as we do?

I'm craving greens lately almost as much
as Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

How about you?

Anyone already have salad makings
growing in your garden yet?

Almost forgot to add this recent pic of me with my sister Teresa when we took a day of sister time.

We wore blue, not green.
And we talked and talked and talked.
Aren't sisters wonderful?


  1. Hi Dewena,
    Lovely photo of you and your sister!....I'm craving all those wonderful green things too!! There's been plenty of delicious asparagus at our local food coop and it is so good!! Cannot wait for fresh green beans and sweet peas!! Guacomole is a year round staple for me and I have been known to eat an entire avocado in mere seconds!...I love anything green! Enjoy your greens!!!

  2. Lovely picture of you two! I should be eating greens for sure so I can fit into some dresses for upcoming weddings/showers! Although I have to say green veggies are in year-round rotation here as I love them. That broccoli salad sounds so delicious! Wish I could eat guacamole but it doesn't like me. Have a happy week Dewena! xo Deborah

  3. Your menu looks wonderful! I am craving greens now. I just wish it would get greener outside so I could start growing some. ;) And yes, sisters are wonderful! I keep trying to tell my warring teenagers that, but someday they will realize it on their own, I suppose. I spent the weekend at a wedding with my own sisters. We talked, we laughed, we danced like crazies and then the next day we reminisced about the night only sisters could! ;) Glad you had fun, too!!

  4. Now I am craving everything you just posted! lol I should be eating a lot more greens than I am eating now-that's for sure! I am so envious of people that have sisters. I always wanted one but got a wonderful brother instead. Since he passed away four years ago not a day goes by that I don't miss him. Grab every moment with your sister than you can get! xo Diana

  5. ps....are you on the left or the right? I don't think I have ever seen a picture of you before. You are both beautiful, bright looking ladies! xo Diana

    1. Teresa is on the right, shorter and younger and the beauty! When she was a teenager I thought she could have been a Mia Farrow twin, when Mia had long hair.

  6. What a sight to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith right in your own yard. I love the geese, but their honking call is loud, always telling each other that someone's coming. Dewena, avocados used to make me so sick when I was pregnant with Nel, but now I have them almost every day. Your salad looks so Yummy. What a darling picture of you and your sister. It's nice to see our blog friend's faces once in awhile. You have a nice smile and sweet eyes.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. I couldn't eat them when I was pregnant, either Sheri! Or if I did, I really paid for it for hours. Isn't that strange.

  7. I had the most amazing broccoli salad Saturday night at a pot luck, but I bet yours is just as good. I wanted to get their recipe, now I don't have to :).

    Your guacamole looks great. Nice and chunky, just the way I like it. I could eat that every day!

    You and your sister look very much alike. Two beauties with lovely smiles and even lovelier spirits.


  8. With the arrival of spring and all its greenery, it is no surprise that you would be craving the season's star veggies, Dewena! Asparagus is one I miss, as it's hard to track down here on the island.

    I have a hunch that your broccoli salad is requested on many occasions; it looks delicious! Your hamburger pie and mashed potato medley must make R.H. fall in love with you all over again, every time you serve it! Black iron skillets make everything taste so scrumptious, don't they? They seem to lock in all the flavours, just like cast iron roasting pans.

    You and Teresa are beaming with joy! What a beautiful picture of the two of you. So glad you are able to spend more time together, both quality and quantity!

    P.S.: Are Mr. and Mrs. Smith frequent visitors to your pond? They're a handsome couple!

  9. oh YUM! I love the foody pictures and ideas.
    and you and teresa could be twins! a beautiful picture of you both!

  10. I'm not blessed with a sister, but I do have girlfriends that I can spend hours with, just talking and laughing, sometimes crying. Those women mean a lot to me. We love guacamole, and broccoli salad, too. I'll have to try your recipe, although I'd have to leave out the bacon -- I don't eat pork. (I know, I know. . .don't say it!) Hugs, Nancy

  11. Yum all your recipes look so good. You and your sister are such beautiful women. Glad you had that time with your sister.

  12. Oh, I love Anne Morrow Lindbergh! What a great comparison she had with a sick dog! I remember in college eating enough pizza and burgers, until one day, I sat on my dorm room bed and opened a can of green beans and ate them straight from the can! Hey, that may be a good story idea! Thanks for the inspiration - as always! And enjoy those green veggies!

  13. I'm so happy that I love veggies, Dewena...all of them, and my girls do, too. They are healthy and versatile and I crave them just like you. You also know how to make your recipes sound very enticing. Yum!

    You and your sister are beauties. If I had the gorgeous hair you both do I would stop being a bottle blonde in a heartbeat. And those smiles---all your own!

    Jane xxx

  14. I love veggies!! I will choose veggies over fruit. ;-)

    Yes, sisters are the best! I was so happy to have mine during the time we shared at the hospital with my dad.

    I have to say, you and your sister are so very pretty.

  15. Oh, yum! Vegetables are my preferred food - I like them more than fruit. I have some salad greens growing in my garden and they will be ready for a small salad very soon. Over the weekend, I went out and picked tender dandelion leaves and herbs from my garden for a fresh tasting salad.
    Your broccoli salad sounds filling and delicious!
    How lovely to see you and your sister, both beauties, together.

  16. Sister time is cute you both are! Love the pretty makeup you both wear, it's very complimentary. We are having slices of avocado on our sandwiches. Love FL fresh produce too! Hugs!

  17. Wow, what a fabulous menu, Dewena, now I'm starving!! I just planted a few things in the garden last night, and today's rain will help get them started! I can't wait to be able to go out and pick my dinner - soon!

  18. Your broccoli salad and guacamole have my mouth watering. That potato topped hamburger casserole sounds like one I made also as a newlywed, a long time ago. :-)

    Lovely picture of you and your sister.

    Happy Spring to you ~ FlowerLady

  19. Yes to all of your questions. So far, chives are the only salad greens growing in my garden.

  20. I crave green things in the summer. Maybe it's the heat? Your green things look quite appealing!

  21. Yes, sisters are even more wonderful than asparagus and green beans... but I do love vegetables, and I get them more often than I get my own sisters into my kitchen. I am often thankful that in California we have such ready access to quality vegetables, because they are my favorite food.

    But hamburger pie is nice, too!

  22. Love the quote -- it reminds me that I want to re-read all of AML's diaries and letters again. Have you read the most recent one, Against Wind and Tide? It's a treasure for women like us, having lived through the child rearing/husband rearing! years.

  23. I'm officially starving now LOL! I don't trust guacamole haters ;)

    You and your sister are beautiful and I think it's wonderful that you're so close.


  24. Two beautiful sisters! Springs greens are a wonderful thing. I could literally live on guacamole.

  25. I love guacamole!!!

    That is a super photograph of you and your sister.

    All the best Jan


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