Friday, July 21, 2017

Who Lives Here?

You're wandering along the street in an historic neighborhood in Nashville at sunset time.

Wouldn't this house make you wonder if a storybook family lived here, not real people at all?

The answer to that question is Yes!
Yes to both possible answers!

But they are real enough.
I should know because the owners of this storybook house are the son and daughter-in-law of my sister. 

They are cat and dog lovers, 

go to work at responsible jobs--Sean at a non-profit that helps veterans find jobs, Christy at one of those mobile app places that gives me brain fever just trying to understand it. They come home and design their special gardens and interiors, entertain at the drop of a hat...

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. 
This couple is as real as can be.

But they also are two of the most fun people you'd ever hope to know.

I should know. I follow them on Facebook!

Wouldn't you love to see more of this cottage?

Maybe Sean and Christy will invite us back  at Christmas?


  1. Dewena, I truly love the picture of the house and what's cuter than a cat perched on a window sill. Your nephew and his wife look like such a fun couple. That's the way to live...enjoy it all. Blessings, hope you are doing well. xoxo, Susie

  2. Nashville....I live in Old Hickory just outside Nashville. I pass homes all the time, the ones that no one lives in and I wonder the story. Nice to meet your nephew and his wife.

  3. Oh- I hope they DO invite us for a tour at Christmas. They look like a lovely, FUN kinda people!
    Hope you have a great weekend, Dewena. xo Diana

  4. How charming! I would love to peek inside and it's great to see people having fun. There's so much sadness reported all the time, I'd much prefer to see whimsy and smiles. :)

  5. Fantastic!
    Great photo's!

    Do you know Christmas is just over five months away!
    Where is the year going?

    Enjoy your weekend

    All the best Jan

  6. How cute and fun it their home. What a great place to live. I hope you do take us back at Christmas time I bet it is spectacular.

  7. The lighting in that first picture is wonderful, and I'm thinking you didn't do any editing? It really contributes to the mysterious yet whimsical feel of their adorable home, and yes, please convince them to let us take a peak inside. :)


    1. Sean didn't do any editing, used no filter. But I did lighten it up just a tad so we could see more details.

      It was one spectacular sunset, Doreen. The sky was on fire that night.

  8. real faces to match the face of that beautiful cottage.
    real faces that also look like movie stars I might add.
    my gosh they're both just beautiful Dewena!
    your family all have some very GOOD genes.

    and there is something about that sunset light that makes it magical to me. not just the sky but when everything glows everywhere as if it's all a stage set and lit from within.
    it's not seen that often here where I am.
    it's very special. and it's a gift whenever I see it!

    the little cottage is now intriguing to me even more.
    and to know that a beautiful young and interesting couple call it their home is wonderful.
    and best of all they're animal lovers! :D
    so thank you. I impatiently wait for Christmas.
    tell them no pressure of course. LOLOL!!!

  9. That is a stunning sunset on the roof picture; they sound like really fun, nice people. I know you love them and it was great for them to let you show them and their abode to the world.

  10. This lovely couple is certainly real - real smiles, real sweetness, real fun. Their storybook house, at sunset, however, certainly doesn't feel real at all, but instead, straight out of a movie set, where we hope the camera will take us inside, to be further enchanted and mesmerized. Perhaps their kitty could give us a tour at Christmas!

    How comfy and cozy this house must be, Dewena, whatever the season. May your nephew and his wife enjoy it always and thanks for sharing it with us!


  11. Yes, it looks like a charming cottage and an enchanting garden. I am noticing the lovely brick around the window, I love that. This is a fun picture of your sister's son and wife all dressed up. Yes, I'd love to see this house at Christmas time. Please do show us, Dewena.

    I hope you are doing well this summer.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. I love this charming cottage - and yes, I would love to see more of it, if they're willing to share! What a beautiful, fun-loving couple.

  13. I often wonder about the people that live in homes I see. I love storybook cottages, especially the thatched roof cottages in England. The brick colonials in my neighborhood here in Chicago, and even the run down homes that people can't afford to fix up in town near our lakehouse. Every picture tells a story but sometimes the facade of a home doesn't.

    The sweet cottage, which reminds me of a chalet, that your sister's children live in certainly reflects their fun personalities. I love your photos and hearing about their lives. And yes! Let's see more!

    Jane x

  14. What a fabulous cottage!!! Great photos!!!

  15. What a lovely cottage! Looks like a great place to live full of love and adventure :-) Have a wonderful week!


  16. Oh my that cat looks like one of my sisters cats!! He could be a twin! :)

  17. Good Afternoon Dewena,
    I can see that they are a special couple and their cottage is wonderful. I'd love to have a cat like this one and have it sit in my window!

  18. Hi, Oh, I want to visit too. What a lovely home and couple.

  19. The house is adorable, and the couple sounds equally charming. You've teased us, and yes, let's see more!

  20. What a beautiful home! I would love to see it decorated for the holidays! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  21. I love this house. I'd rather come back at Halloween :-)

  22. Love. Love. Love. this little cottage! I'm ready for another visit anytime! blessings ~ tanna


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