Thursday, December 28, 2017

Epiphany or Candlemas Day?

[the only chalk painting I ever did]

Do you take your Christmas decorations down on Epiphany, January 6th? Or even earlier?

Do any of you keep them up until Candlemas Day, on February 2nd as some do traditionally?

We always took down our fresh Christmas tree by New Year's Day but waited until January 6th for everything else.

Not this year, this year we plan to keep them up until Candlemas Day. 

You all know why we couldn't bring ourselves to begin unpacking Christmas things in November. But not only were we heartbroken for the loss of Otis and Milo, RH had just lost a sibling and other dear family members had just learned of a health crisis.

[my mother and father, so romantic in the snow]

We didn't have the heart for it then or even early in December.

[RH and I, no snow but still romantic, right?]

It was nearly Christmas before we slowly finished.

We're going to keep Christmas around for a while, keep it around to enjoy with BreeBree and James Mason, when they come. Watch It's A Wonderful Life with them snuggled between us on the sofa.

[RH and one of his brothers and sister with Santa]

Maybe watch Elf and A Christmas Story, all of the great ones that we weren't in the mood for early.

We'll even leave our Christmas tree up because for the first time ever we didn't put up a fresh tree.

Instead we put up the sparkly tree that was in my dressing room at our old house.

There are vintage fish scale ornaments on it, Made in Poland.

And an odd French prism bought decades ago, never found another one--wish we had a dozen of them.

The tree sits on an old green metal plant stand that normally holds a diffuser and essential oils in my bedroom. The tree snaps securely in the stand and the rim holds a collection of vintage pale green and pink Shiny Brite ornaments.

This tree looks surprisingly just right against the old pine paneling of this room, a fun surprise.

There are other Christmas treasures scattered around the house, even though we shared many of our collections with family when we downsized two years ago. 

These are photos that RH took early one morning while I was still asleep. He turned on only the tree and twinkle lights and snapped these and I was charmed by them. 

We'll see if I really do keep them up until February 2nd. I think they will suit my love of winter because I always shake my head when I see others pining for Spring as soon as New Year's Day passes. Don't they remember the hot days of July and August?

But we'll see. Once I look at my blog friends' pristine January rooms, maybe I'll change my mind.

What about you? When Christmas is over is it over for you? Or do you like to let it linger?

"I sometimes think we expect too much
of Christmas Day.
We try to crowd into it the long arrears
of kindliness and humanity of the whole year.
As for me, I like to take my Christmas
a little at a time, all through the year."
David Grayson in
A Day of Pleasant Bread


  1. I think extending the season is a great idea. When I was teaching I always hurried to get my tree down and everything put away quickly while I had the week off between Christmas and New Years. Now I take the tree down after the new year and leave some snow decorations for January. I love to continue to see the white lights during the dreary days.

  2. Loved all your festive pictures... We usually takes our decorations down by New Years. For me its all about starting the year with a clean house and slate. I think its the control freak coming out in me. Lol

  3. Dewena, though I will take the nativity scene down after New Years Day, I think I'm going to leave many of the other decorations up all winter. I like the faux evergreen with real pine cones garland on the mantel, the little snowman on the hutch, and the pillows I made. They do make the cottage brighter and happier this time of year. Last year all the decorations stayed up until spring because I couldn't get to the storage sheds to stow them away due to the huge amount of snow we had. I like all your decorations with the pine walls. It's so homey and warm. How sweet of RH to take those photos for you. Your shelves with the winter dishes are delightful. I was happy to read in your last post that Bree and Mason will soon be joining you. I think that's just great! Hugs and best wishes for the new year. ~ Nancy

  4. It's been six years since we've decorated for Christmas. Next year will be different. I usually took them down New Years but sometimes the 26th.

    Can't wait until you get your babies!


  5. In our house the tradition has always been to take down the decorations after January 6th. Not only is it the Feast of the Epiphany but also my dad's birthday! I just lost two aunts of mine back to back, it makes the holidays so sad for sure...I say you should keep your decor up until you don't want to any more, no rules apply! I can't wait to 'meet' your new babies, Dewena!

  6. How wonderful to see your sweet home decked out for Christmas. I 'was' going to undecorate the day after Christmas, but a friend suggested that if it makes me happy to look at the lights etc. to let it all be for awhile longer, and that's what I'm doing.

    Enjoy your later Christmas season with your two new sweetiepies.

    Have a wonderful 2018 dear Dewena ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. I used to keep the decorations up until mid January and the string lights around the window until March. Lately, I have put less decor out and put most of it away on January 2nd. I still like the lights during the dark winter months. Can't wait to see those puppies!

  8. what cozy warmth these pictures portray.
    and don't you love pictures of our youth and our parents' day? they were romantic always. just something about them.
    most of them are posed near cars or just near each other. there is something about them. I always think the people in any of them are so beautiful and handsome. and they really are!
    I have taken the bigger tree down and realize that it will be too large for next year. the small one on the table will be enough I think. green and with pine cones and berries. I set it inside a wreath. I love the green at Christmas. but I love your white tree. and every year that I have had one I used to just love it too. there's something magical and enchanting... white with the lights.
    almost tiny Bree and Mason time! just be SAFE in your travels darling sister mine. xoxo

  9. Your Christmas decor is so lovely, Dewena. Perfectly understandable why you got it up late, or that you even felt like doing so in the first place. I put mine up around December 1st so I was ready to take it down on the 26th. It's all packed away now and I'm liking the clean, uncluttered look. I know it's each to their own though. In fact, I just wrote about it on my blog! When will you be getting your new puppies?

  10. I can understand why you waited to decorate, Dewena, and how it was just right for you to put up the silver tree...I would do much the same. Keep that sweet tree up, and cuddle those pups as you said!

    We get a live tree, and I love to have it up until after NYE. I rarely get the house completely decorated until about a week before Christmas, and then it's a whirlwind of activity. Now I can sit near it and dream. I'm taking pics of how I decorated this year so that I can do it up the same next year. It was minimal and I liked it. Then I want to donate some things. This is going to be my year to clear out all of the material things I own, and hopefully, clear out my head!

    Happy New year to you and yours!

    Jane x

  11. I took our tree down today, much sooner than usual, because we'll be traveling and I don't want to come back to a dried out pile of needles on the floor. But it's kind of sad. The house looks a wee bit bare. However, there are two pots of poinsettias flourishing, one white and one red, and twinkle lights along the mantel, and plenty of Christmas cookies left to nibble on, so I think I'll be okay.
    Enjoy your decorations as long as you can. So happy you have your new companions.

  12. On Epiphany, the 6 of January. Always.

  13. You home shines the magic of Christmas, Dewena. I love that in spite of a very hard year, you and RH slowly worked toward Christmas Joy. So sorry he was sick at Christmas, but I absolutely "get" the sweetness of being just the two of you... who would have ever imagined? ;) Time is getting closer for your two new "babies"! Enjoy your magic! I'll be taking things down after the kiddos go home (arrived Wednesday night, woke up sick yesterday, still fevers this morning... dampens the fun, but not the love). blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  14. I took our tree down already cause we got it so early and it was getting dry, and the decorations down also, but Christmas still lingers on in my heart. I understand how you would want to keep Christmas alive for awhile since the loss of your sweet doggies. Those vintage green and pink balls under the tree are so pretty, and the French glass ornament is very unique. I love the picture of your mother and father in the snow and the one of you and husband as well. Such treasures. I know what you mean about those that can't wait until Spring. I am savoring the Winter as long as I can.

    Happy New Year, Dewena. I hope this year brings you much peace and joy. You are one of my first blog friends, and thank you for sharing this journey along the way with me.

    love, ~Sheri

  15. I enjoy Christmas so much, I hate to rush it through. We have always followed the tradition of keeping the tree up until Epiphany. January can be such a cold, barren month, why not keep the lights going a bit longer? In Denver, the city keeps the tradition of leaving decorations up through the annual Stock Show in January, which runs into the latter half of the month. I've always like that. Happy New Year to you, Dewena!

  16. The Christ season lingers for me; decorations taken down on Epiphany and I've never celebrated Candlemas. Dewena, I am sorry for your troubles; seems everyone I know has had a death nearby. I'm dreaming of that day when death has no sting. Have a blessed New Year with a safe and happy 2018.

  17. Your decor is so wonderful! I would leave it all up into February just to keep winter cheerful. How sweet of your hubby to take pics of everything. He must be a romantic at heart.

    Can't wait to meet Brea and Mason!

    Btw, I looked on eBay just to see if those teardrop glass ornaments are around and found some that were pretty close, but they're coming all the way from Egypt???

    Have a happy new year, sweet lady!

  18. Definitely until Epiphany. And twinkle lights through Candlemas or even later. It's so dark and gloomy here in Michigan that I love to have the lights up. I am glad you will be enjoying Christmas a little longer. It seems so sad to me when everyone starts packing it all up the day after! Love to you, Deborah

  19. Im in no hurry to pack it all away...will let it linger some more. We are usually late, at least til the 6th. Even though we will put the little Christmas tree away, I leave out alot of things that will now be "winter" decor instead of "Christmas decorations", LOL--a few snowmen, some greenery, poinsettias, sparkly/crystally things and reindeer and glisteny branches/flower arrangements, I leave that all up each year til Valentines day, then it's pretty much spring here and the tulips and daffodills are up.. and I get out the spring decor. Happy happy new year, my friend!

  20. I love your family holiday photos and the ones of your mother and father and you and RH are so glamorous; you all look like movie stars!

    Your white Christmas tree is perfect in your cottage, as are all the decorations you decided to keep for this space. I need to go through mine, too, as we always end up using the same ones. I have taken pics of this year's styling, as suggested by Liberty, in order to save time next year, since we really like how things turned out this Christmas, although I enjoy creating something new when the spirit strikes!

    Your chalk painting is so pretty and festive! I love holly leaves and berries all winter, and anything natural, as it brings the outdoors in.

    Christmas is always up until Epiphany, and sometimes later, depending on my mood and energy. My style is always playful and cheery with a sprinkling of whimsy, which I find cozy and comforting amid winter's sometimes dreary days.

    Happy New Year, my sweet friend! All the very best in health and happiness!

    Love to you,

  21. Hello Dear Friend,
    We like to make Christmas linger. It is too much of a rush, I do not even get to enjoy the tree or decorations. We will take down our real tree the 13th of January. The rest we will enjoy thru February.

    Sending love and hugs,

  22. Oh it's been way too long since I've been here. I changed blogs and my old blog has all the blogrolls on it. Anyway, loved all the pics. Your pastel painting is very pretty. I normally take down the tree the day after Christmas and since I only put three table top trees around this year it was fairly easy to clear it all out and get organized again - the day after Christmas. hope your new year is great.

  23. I hope that 2018 brings only happiness and kindness, dear Dewena. And why not enjoy the decorations well into the new year? they are lovely.

  24. I usually take everything down on New Years Day or right afterwards.

    BUT some of my decorations are snowmen-related so I usually leave them out for awhile.

    This year everything got put away but two soft snowmen in a corner / I guess that every year depends on my mood :) And if your mood is to leave things out then do so! Happy New Year :)

  25. I look back with some longing for the days of the Waltons when the tree was brought in and decorated on Christmas Eve, and kept up through Epiphany. I have Catholic friends who still do that. They get it a little sooner than the 24th, though. Part of me would love to do that. I really would, but the other part of me feels the season of Christmas when Thanksgiving is over. I love the whole month of December. Some years I have taken down the tree and decorations right after Christmas, but this year I let myself linger in the beauty until New Year's Eve. I wanted the house fresh and ready for the new year. For me, that seems just right, but I love that there are other ways and timetables. Your blog, your words always make me think.

  26. I wasn't aware of the tradition of leaving the tree up till Candlemas, but I do like that idea! I have often in the past left the Christmas lights up around my kitchen window to keep out the darkness until springtime - or until they burn out from constant use!

    This year I haven't had to make any of those decisions, but I'm looking forward to being home next year and comforting myself there in whatever is going on. But I shouldn't get ahead of things! Happy New Year, and Happy January! Your celebrations sound perfect for Right Now. God bless you!

  27. I so like your pastel painting. Candle mas day, I have never celebrated it, but I think I will start. A day of renewal. I like that.
    Mom would go out with us and chop a tree down and usually a cedar a couple days before Christmas. We would decorate it with paper chains we made in school. So much fun. She would take it down if it lasted on January 6. I leave mine up until then.
    I am wishing you Good Health and Much Happiness in 2018. Betsy

  28. Really nice to see all of your festive pictures.
    We usually take our decorations down just after New Year.

    My good wishes to you for 2018.

    All the best Jan

  29. Dewena,
    Happy New Year! We usually take our decorations down the day or two after New Years. I do leave a snowman out and use twinkly lights and candles pretty much through the winter just to add a little cozy warmth and glow. It gets dark so early here....I've definitely also had Christmases that I was less enthusiastic about due to loss of pet or loved ones. You have certainly had some losses to deal with so your delayed Christmas decorating is understandable. These things are always so difficult around the holidays.I love your little christmas tree! I think I am going to buy a new one for next year that is smaller. I might be more inclined to leave it up longer if it wasn't taking up so much room. I really love the idea of having a little bit of Christmas every day throughout the year! We do try to cram it all into one day and expectations are often higher than what is actually achievable. Wishing you a happy, healthy 2018! xx


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