Saturday, February 3, 2018

We're Here!

Hello, so nice to finally meet you! I'm BreeBree and I'm 5 years old and chocolate and cream.

Hi there, I'm James Mason, 7 years old and black and tan.

One month ago today, BreeBree and I went on a long ride. I admit, it was a little scary. Who were these strange people who had adopted us?

We missed our fur friends and the cute puppies who came every so often, and we missed our nice people who raised Extraordinary Dachshunds--that's us!

At first BreeBree and I were a little confused but our new Mom and Dad acted so happy to have us that we thought we'd give them a chance. Right away we claimed a big red sofa as our new safe place.

Dad even fixed us a step so we could jump on and off safely. 

James Mason, I think my favorite time on the red sofa is when Mom and Dad both snuggle with us on it after supper. They tell us how much they love us and how cute we are, and we get tummy rubs and then we take a nap while Mom and Dad watch TV. 

Dad has the remote then so the shows are pretty boring, lots of football games--and I wish he wouldn't yell during them--and movies with men like Charles Bronson and John Wayne. 

You think those shows are boring, BreeBree? What's boring is during the day when Mom turns on HGTV. I mean, who is this Chip guy who thinks he's so funny?

I ask you, what makes him so special? He's not as good looking as I am, is he?

Mom and I like Fixer Upper, James Mason! And we love Joanna! She has beautiful eyes like me.

Besides, James Mason, you don't watch it anyway. You're too busy messing up all the pillows on the sofa that Mom fixes pretty every morning. What a mess!

Mom, I promise you, he did it, not me!

Hey girl, I'll admit to that if you'll admit to needing pee pads in the house. Geesh!

Can I help it if I was used to a doggy door at our old home? Give me time, Mom, I'll catch on soon to asking to go outside like James Mason does.

But it's so much fun outside, BreeBree, especially when that white stuff is all over the ground.

         See me fly!

Brrr, that's just too cold, James Mason!

What can I say? I'm an inside girl.
Inside is where my favorite nest is.

And all the toys that nice lady sent us are inside, so I guess I like inside too, BreeBree.

We haven't thanked Miss Kris yet for the pretty toys, James Mason. They came in the most beautiful bag!

Who cares what the bag looked like? It's the toys inside the bag that matter.

Packaging is everything, James Mason, and the bag was gorgeous. Thank you so much, Miss Kris of Junk Chic Cottage! And please tell Peggy thank you too and that I love basset hounds! Can we plan a play date sometime?

And don't forget to thank Gurn and Christine for our new babies too, BreeBree. They're pretty cool. I'll take the one in the green shirt.

Okay with me, James Mason, being that I usually get both of them anyway. Want to tell the nice people what you actually prefer to play with instead of cute toys?

BreeBree! You promised you wouldn't tell Mom who chews up her magazines!

Mom knows you do it. When she's working in her office, I'm the one lying right beside her. Your nest is the empty one and Lord knows what you're up to.

You know what, BreeBree? I don't think Mom minds, Dad neither. They're so happy we're here that we can get away with most anything.

You're right, James Mason. They sure act like they're happy we're here. The only time they get real quiet and their voices sound funny is when we all walk to the garden where those two white pumpkins are and two signs say 'Otis' and 'Milo.'

I notice that too, but we always get extra kisses afterwards so I think they're okay. People are just funny that way, BreeBree.

Well, bye-bye everyone. Mom's told us what nice people you are. Thank you for joining us on our one month anniversary at our new home with our new family.

Y'all come see us again, will you? I'll turn Chip and Joanna off and we'll watch a John Wayne movie, okay?


  1. They are adorable! Very lucky you found each other.

  2. Oh, Dewena...I am in love with Mason and Bree! They are both so beautiful. I can see that they are already helping mend your broken heart. xoxo

  3. Awww! So glad to meet the new pups!

  4. Oh, Dewena, they're so, so cute. How blessed they are to have a wonderful home with you, and you to have them! Have fun with the settling in:)

  5. OH, Dewena. By the time I finished reading about your two babies I was crying like a baby! I'm so happy for you and your husband for adding these two darling dogs to your home. They are adorable! WE had thought that after Sadie we would never get another, but seeing these two so happy may have changed my mind. Hugs to you and your fur babies.

  6. Nice to meet you, Bree and Mason. They are precious, Dewena. I'm so glad you got some Dachshunds to share your life with. They seem to love the snow and cuddling inside on the red sofa. Enjoy your new family, they will bring you so much joy. I want to get a Dachshund someday too. I used to have one named Cinnamon, and she was my favorite dog. She looked a little like Bree. : )

    Happy February.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. They're so beautiful! You must be happy that they've arrived. Our little Tilde just loves to snuggle on the couch under a special red fleecy blanket. She's a red and cream shorthair with those melting big eyes. Enjoy your new family!

  8. While I ALWAYS adore your posts, I think this is my all time favorite Dewena. Of course, I'm the nerd that sends holiday cards from Charlie and celebrates birthdays complete with cakes and balloons. ;).

    You look so happy and glowing, and if your pups didn't have fur I'm pretty sure they'd be glowing too.


  9. Hello Bree and Mason. So nice to meet you. You both are so pretty and handsome. I am so happy you are settling into your new home. Glad you like your toys from Peggy. She say hello and big hugs to you.

  10. This is an adorable post!!
    And so are Bree and Mason (names also!) !!

  11. I'm dazed and in love. literally in love.
    like Doreen. this is a favorite for sure.
    and I had to laugh seeing your magazine for dessert!
    but those little faces. ohgoodgrief. I cannot get enough of them.
    thank you MOM! for this post!
    and thinking of you and dad sitting there with football and John Wayne. LOL. I could even put up with not having the remote if I had those adorable little furries! XOXO♥

  12. I love that your heart is healing, Dewena, and your guy. Mason and Bree are precious gifts, and that works both ways! I love the way you wrote your post, it really told the story of how we adapt to new pets, and likewise.

    I knew at the name 'Kris', who it was and who sent the gifts. She is the sweetest. She suffered the loss of two pups, and she has been a champion behind my Milo and his cancer. Love to her.

    I'm happy signing off. You will always have soft spot and a little hurt when you think of your precious dogs no longer with you. But you have plenty of room in your heat to love more.

    Jane x

  13. Oh, Dewena! I am so happy for you! AND, Mason and Bree! What a perfect fit. Surrounded by lots of love those two will flourish. And, bring lots of joy. Love the photo of Mason "flying" in the snow! Thank you so much for sharing this joyful post. blessings ~ tanna

  14. Deweena, they are beautiful! I know the empty place in your heart is full again, and I know they will be very happy with you!

  15. See me fly ....I just BUST out laughing at that photo! :)

  16. Welcome, welcome! What fun it looks like at your new house. So much love and gifts from friends. Just perfect!!

  17. Oh, my goodness, Dewena, what a precious, precious post! Has it already been a month? Wow! They are adorable and would steal anyone's heart. Give them a hug from Ally, our Basset Hound. So if they're weiner dogs, is Ally a sausage? ;-)

  18. Hi, Dewena, what wonderful news. I love the See me Fly photo, ha, too cute.
    Sending hugs to you and pats for your sweethearts.

  19. Dewena,
    I am so happy for you!!! And them! Your new little furryloves are so adorable! They look like they have settled right in, so comfy and cozy on "their" red couch!!! This post makes my day!!!! xx

  20. Oh, Dewena, this post made me cry with happiness!!! I'm so glad your sweet new furbabies are in their forever home and bringing you joy and laughter! There's really nothing like our furbabies to make us smile on even the gloomiest day!! They are just precious, welcome sweet babies!!! xoxo

  21. Firstly, you look RADIANT! Look at that happy smile!:))

    I am thrilled that Bree and Mason have adapted so well to their new home in such a short time. Of course, you and RH made this transition so easy and effortless for them, providing them with all their necessities, from their cozy nests to snuggling on the sofa with you, and a custom made step, to boot!

    I noticed the gate, too, (very smart!)to protect them from wandering off into unknown territory. You two have thought of everything, Dewena, so that all you need to do now is snuggle, cuddle and cocoon the winter days away with your cutie patooties!

    Keep smiling, sweet friend!


  22. Oh, this is so sweet Dewena! I love your two new sweetie pies, they are certainly so cute and adorable. I know they will be very happy at your home, and enjoy all the love and care you can give them! You look wonderful and so happy! So glad for you. xo Deborah

  23. Sweet Bree and Mason loving their new home...With all the love they are getting their adjustment should go quite fast! See me fly is right! Guilding across the snow wiht such great energy! What a great family you have!

  24. Welcome, welcome to the new pups! They are absolutely adorable and I'm looking forward to all their new adventures here on the blog! congratulations on the new arrivals, may they bring you much joy!!!

  25. This is just THE CUTEST post! They are adorable and such a wonderful additions to your family. Thank you for the introduction!

  26. I'm sorry I'm just getting to this post. Been a busy month. I'm SOOO glad you got some fur babies to love!

  27. Hi there Dewena, so glad you stopped by and I have to thank you for the sweet words you left me, they do bring comfort. I can tell you know exactly what I am going through. One of the worst weeks of my life that is for sure. Everyone says with time it will get better, so I am not only holding on to that, but that I believe we will see our sweet pets one day in Heaven--I cant imagine a loving God would give us the capacity to love the animals so much, and them to love us back---only to seperate us cruelly from each other in Heaven. Thats my comfort right now. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your sweet comment. It helps that people care.

  28. Aren't dogs the best. Your two are adorable and it looks like they are fitting right in. I don't know what I'd do without my sidekicks here on our farm. Enjoy them. Its been said people who have dogs live a happier and healthier life.

  29. They are SO sweet! It won't take long for the household to find the pace suited to both dogs and humans. It gives me pleasure to care of God's creatures.

  30. One of my favorite Dewena posts. So much joy and love in each word, not to mention super cute. Bree and Mason are real beauties, and the smile on your face says it all. Congratulations to all! Hugs.

  31. Oh Dewena,
    How much I dearly love this post and catching up with you and sweet, sweet Mason and Bree! You are positively radiant and the pups are beautiful. Congratulations to the entire family!

  32. How wonderful, Dewena, good for you! I always say, if you're gonna take a dog - take two. They like company as much as anyone.

  33. Pooches & Plants in the living room, of course !!

    Pooches firmly in charge.

    John Wayne, merely walking away, better than anything new movie stars can do. Seriously, watch him walk out of a scene. STOLEN !!

    Pic with flying dog over snow, the bomb. XOT

  34. Bree and Mason are so lucky to have landed in such a loving home! Dogs bring such joy, and now you have a double dose! Enjoy those precious fur babies!

  35. Awwww.... I'm so happy for you and them. I read the heartbreaking news about Otis and Milo when it happened, but didn't have the words to express how heart broken I was for you. I'm sure these two will certainly make it much easier to deal with the pain. There's nothing like a puppy to brighten the days.

    Give them both kisses from me and know that my heart is with you my friend, even when I'm silent.

    much love,

  36. Sweet beautiful little dogs. Gorgeous eyes they have. Wonderful picture of you with each one.

  37. Oh Dewena, I'm so happy for you and them.
    This was such a wonderful post to read and look at - just love how you've done it.
    Enjoy each others company, I know you will.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  38. What a fun conversation! It was hilarious! Great picture of you with both dogs too :) Hugs to you today!

  39. Hope you had a real nice holiday-- just stopped in to say howdy!How are those sweet babies doing?

  40. Just wanted to say hello and also to let you know I do enjoy reading and looking at 'Across the Way'

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  41. Hi Dewena, apologies for being MIA, but I wanted to stop by to say hello! I am sure by now, Bree and Mason are happily adjusted to life in their new loving home! How lucky they are to have been taken in by you! Hope all is well!


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