Sunday, July 15, 2018

Minding Monday

Did my Parts 1-4 wear you out? I don't blame you if they did, they pretty much wrung me out too.

Or was the past week a hard one for you? Did you laugh and cry, wash dishes and get them dirty again, weed the garden and they're back again, did you get your feelings hurt and/or hurt someone else's feelings, vow to get to bed early and then not be able to sleep until dawn? 

Did you forget to pay a bill on time, forget to hang your favorite shirt up to air dry and into the dryer it went, forget to get a prescription filled, forget to turn the sprinkler off?

Do you feel fragmented and flustered? Or do you feel like everything is in control and you're patting yourself on the back? Beware of that one, my friend!

Okay, my words need to end because not only did I have too many pictures in my previous posts, Part 1-4, I had far too many words also. 

Here's my gift to you, words I've turned to for years--except when I didn't. They're not Scripture, you can't beat that, but they help me as I'm contemplating Monday morning and the week that lies ahead. I hope they'll help you.

People with great projects afoot habitually look further and more clearly into the future than people who are mired in day-to-day concerns....They do not easily grow sad or old; they are seldom intimidated by the alarms and confusions of the present because they have something greater of their own, some sense of their large and coherent motion in time, to compare the present with.

Robert Grudin
Time and the Art of Living

Do you have a great project afoot?


  1. I am able to comment today, but not sure how long that will be hahaha. Sometimes I can, but most of the time, can't. I really liked your post today Dewena cause we all get frazzled from time to time, and we all deal with issues differently that come in our path. I think you're right about having projects to keep us busy with. And I wanted to tell you that I did see your journey in all the moves, even though I couldn't comment. And I'm so glad that all these adventures, even if they were only learning adventures, led you the welcoming place you call home.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Dewena, your comment brought a tear to my eye....thank you. Your words always flow like silk. Yes, those were little icicles on the plants and bark. It showed how very cold it was that day, and it was already February. But Jan and Feb are actually our coldest months. Thank you for stopping by, dear friend. : )

  2. I loved your posts about your homes! Not too many words at all. I'm making a note of the beautiful words by Robert Grudin. I love it when I come across a quote the echoes what I've been thinking of late. It's as though the universe is giving me a nudge. Thank you for you comments on my blog of late! I "somehow" managed to unknowingly turn on comment moderation, and couldn't understand why I wasn't receiving comments! Then I found them. I am forever baffling myself with my lack of tech knowledge.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your 4 post series. Not too many words for me.

    This post was a good one too. Much to contemplate.

    My big project is painting the living room, starting with the west wall. I'm waiting for the 'gumption' to 'get up and do it'.

    Summer's heat and humidity are draining, and doing things without my dear husband just aren't as much fun at all.

    I will do it though and it will be quite the accomplishment. ;-)

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and your very touching comment. It encouraged me.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. the marine and I just had lunch. I brought more than half of mine home! it will feed me for three days! what are restaurants thinking these days??? !!!
    and no. alas my energy level is such that just keeping myself going and the inner work I like to do... the mindfulness and such is enough. I just spent the last hour trying to fix the netgear blocking me from the internet. whatever worked happened and here I am! like Karen above... I baffle myself with my lack of tech knowledge! lol
    it keeps me entertained I guess. I used to fight that kind of thing. now I just go with it. and I have no idea what I did. but it's working again! :) and... btw...
    I loved your last posts of that Florida 'adventure.' xoxo

  5. Dewena I love your four part post series. I did not think it was too long or too many pictures. It was your story and you told it beautifully. I would just say thank you for sharing with us.
    Hope the new week is going to get better for you. Hey I have had those days where I do the dumbest things too. I just think when we have so much going on in life our minds just shut somethings out. I have left the sprinkler on and forgot things I was going to do too. Just human nature.

  6. They weren't too many words at all!! Somehow I know that everyone is going to say the same thing. Keep writing - I'm an eager reader and know I'm not the only one. That's because you have something worthwhile to say, God bless you! We're all on journeys. The older we get the longer our story becomes, and a life well lived is encouragement to others.

    I don't have any "great projects" afoot - just a braided rug that developed a hump in the middle twice before I realized I could see how it's laced properly on you tube! When I retired I cut all my cotton skirts and dresses into strips, braided them, and that was in 2002!! Now I hope I have time to finish it - my stories are too full of procrastination!

    Thank you for the wonderful quote. Your posts are eagerly awaited!

  7. There can never be too many words written as beautifully as yours...

    My project is getting the whole house ready to be in a photo shoot for the magazine Country Sampler

  8. I found your posts interesting. I think that we all need a great project to keep us going. I think that I am ready to adopt a children's library in Mexico. But on the day to day level, I'm tackling the cobwebs that I couldn't see before.

  9. Hello,
    Oh, I loved all your posts. Your true heart of the matter. What we really deal with in life. Thank you for sharing.
    I too did something dump. I was filling the basement sink with some bleach water to wash out some vases. I was called up stairs, forgot all about the sink!! Yep, a mess. Thankfully not too bad and my son felt so bad for me, he helped me clean it up.

  10. It's late, for me, and I'll return to read 1-4 but thank you for the quote. I'm still getting moved in, dozens of boxes unpacked, said good-bye to Sharon in Dec, Max is Home going in the next few days. Change is the only constant and I'm weary of it; I believe I'd like some stagnation. Not a lot, just enough to catch my breath. My great plan is starting a new blog; same name but with information and on a different site. Having lived as many decades as I have, there's a lot to "brain dump" before it's my time to leave.
    Your posts about home, the dogs, life in general are a balm in Gilead and always welcome. In a world gone cold your posts are cozy comfort.

  11. No way did your words and photos about your homes wear me out! I loved them! Your writing is mesmerizing and delightful.

    And yes to all those questions about the past week except for forgetting to pay a bill! ;-)

    Oh, we always have projects around here. I have a running to-do list on my fridge. Do I get a lot of those projects accomplished?


  12. I so enjoyed all 4 posts. Your emotions were felt by me tenfold. I am so, so happy that you and RH are now settled and in your element.

    I wish I were better at commitment. Maybe it is a fear of failure. I'm very hard to pin down for invites, get togethers, and a simple coffee or drink with a friend. I know many don't realize that I'm actually shy---maybe I'm able to 'come out' in my writing. Yes, I have projects, but that are loosely planned.

    A recent post of yours inspired me to order from Amazon The Scent of Water. Haven't started it yet. Back in my early twenties my mother loaned me Garden of Lies. I was hooked, but never got around to reading more of Gouge. So excited to get into this book (I loved the quote you shared in your post).

    Jane x

  13. Ha! Well, I have SO many great projects afoot, that I always neglecting the "day to day concerns" that I should be attending to, the little steps I need to take toward accomplishing these great projects!

    I guess I don't really know what Mr. Grudin is talking about ;-) But I liking reading your blog, which doesn't seem to me to have too many words.

  14. Your posts are funny, wise and practical!
    I am so glad you are back sharing your thoughts with us.
    And after reading all the comments, I’m definitely not alone!
    Bless you!

  15. Oh, I enjoyed your breezy conversational post -- it made me smile and nod my head. I have yet to come with my cup of tea and settle in for a proper read of your 4-part series on home. Looking forward to it.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Dewena! Brenda xox

  16. Dewena, I have been here for some time, sorry. I scanned thru your previous posts. Glad for your good reports. Home is where the heart is....isn't that how you feel. I used to think of moving to Florida to retire...but then most of my family is here...can't leave great grands to love on and watch grow...and honey you know how quickly that time goes by. I like the paragraph of the Art of living. So true. Blessings to you, stay cool, xoxo, Susie

  17. I enjoy reading about your home and glad you are where you want to be now. I have many things I need to tackle or get done, but I just don't have the desire at the moment. I never used to be this way. At the moment I am just not wanting to finish what I have even started.
    Happy Weekend

  18. I really enjoyed your posts, I am sorry that you had to live through it all, but it had a very happy ending, so that was a nice note to end on. And thank you for the words. I had one of those weeks, too much on my plate, I suppose. Nice to settle into a project or two, it's my solace and I suppose my blog is my big picture view...some days! ;)

  19. its always a good thing when we find where we belong, this is my first visit here and I will go now and read some of your past posts, I have joined to follow along on your journey, one day at a time, thats all we can do,

  20. YOU, my dear Dewena, could NEVER write TOO many words, never. In fact, I believe your readers always wish for more!

    Your posts, many times, seem to be in tune with what's going on in my world, and this particular post is no exception. Had some time to nap after completing a never-ending list of chores, but was too wired from doing them! I'm usually 'fragmented and flustered', so it's a miracle anything gets done. Pat myself on the back? Rarely; must be the Type A in me, I guess.

    I've read this quote before, not sure if it was here, at the Window, but I remember it well, as it has inspired me to always make time for creativity, whether that's cooking a fabulous meal, baking something delicious, writing, taking pictures, singing, or simply researching something I've been intrigued by for a while and finally found some time to do so.

    Hope you are immersed in a beloved project these days, as I know you have many!

    Miss you!

  21. Dewena, you could have been a fly on the wall in my house this week.....were you? Yes, the past week was a hard one - a close friend has been very sick, and that worry hung over everything I did this week. Yet there was joy as well, such as spending a part of the day on Friday with my son in New York City, and having some REALLY good talks with him. I always intend to go to bed early, and never do (like right now). I forgot plenty of things, some of which I probably haven't realized yet! And I'd most definitely put myself in the fragmented and flustered category! As for projects, I've got a list: In the process of revamping my blog; trying to make a photo book of my recent vacation, and the biggie -- I want to paint a guest room and paint all the furniture in it. Saving that one for fall, though. This post was perfect! Hope this is a good week for all!

  22. I thought the pink flowers in your picture were lovely.

    That is a brilliant quote from Robert Grudin, thanks for including it here.

    All the best Jan

    P.S. I did reply to your recent question on the low carb diabetic blog, see here

  23. I think that is so true. Being mindful is one thing but getting stuck on the small things day after day has us forgetting the life that is before us. Thank you.

  24. OH MY pretty much hit on my week....and yes, I have projects in the making. It helps me sane.


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